Monitoring wetlands

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  • Salt marsh is an emergent, interdial estuarine wetland system characterized by persistent plant species such as cordgrass ( Spartina alterniflora ). Saltmarsh has a fringe geomorphic setting, and the water source and hydrodynamics are predominantly surface or near surface bidirectional flows.

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  • The EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) is probably the most significant legislative instrument in the water field that was introduced on an international basis for many years. It moves towards integrated environmental management with key objectives to prevent any further deterioration of water bodies, and protect and enhance the status of aquatic ecosystems and associated wetlands. It aims to promote sustainable water consumption and will contribute to mitigating the effects of floods and droughts.

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  • Monitoring Wetlands - Giám sát vùng đất ngập nước là vùng đất ngập nước kiểm tra, xem, hoặc theo dõi cho Mục đích của việc thu thập và diễn giải dữ liệu, sau đó được sử dụng để ghi lại hoặc kiểm soát đất ngập nước hoặc các quá trình ảnh hưởng đến các vùng đất ngập nước.

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  • 15 Development of Geospatial Ecological Indicators in Jiangxi Province, China Peng Guo and Xiaoling Chen 15.1 INTRODUCTION Comprehensive evaluation of ecological environments is necessary for environmental sustainability and management planning, which can provide quantitative documents as scientific guides for informed decision making. The existence of several environmental impact assessment (EIA) methods makes it difficult to make on an appropriate choice (Sankoh 1996).

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  • Kent, Donald M. “Evaluating Wetland Functions and Values” Applied Wetlands Science and Technology Editor Donald M. Kent Boca Raton: CRC Press LLC,2001 CHAPTER 3 Evaluating Wetland Functions and Values Donald M.

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  • When seen from space, “Planet Earth” is a mix of clouds, with the majority (two thirds) of the total surface under ocean water with the remaining third of land forming what we call continents, with various degrees of increasing albedo from open water bodies, vegetation, bare soil, rocks, deserts, and snow/ice packs. In a very short time (relative to Earth's age), the modern human civilization has conquered its neighboring space with probes, satellites, and vehicles carrying humans for exploration.

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  • Agricultural legislation in the United States attaches high importance to environmental programs in agricultural policy, focusing on measures to convert highly erodible cropland to approved conservation uses (including long-term retirement), reconvert farmland back into wetlands, and encourage crop and livestock producers to adopt practices that reduce environmental problems, on a cost-sharing basis. Furthermore, research and advice has increasingly focused on promoting sustainable farming practices.

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  • The Committee is composed of representatives of the National Standards Bodies in Partner States, together with the representatives from the private sectors and consumer organizations. Draft East African Standards are circulated to stakeholders through the National Standards Bodies in the Partner States. The comments received are discussed and incorporated before finalization of standards, in accordance with the procedures of the Community. East African Standards are subject to review, to keep pace with technological advances.

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  • Before the Modular Wetlands Device was installed, the boat wash water was treated by StormCeptor vaults installed in 2003. After installation, bacteria levels still exceeded action levels. Further attempts to reduce bacteria levels resulted in a pilot study conducted by the City of Oceanside. According to the Bacterial Reduction Pilot Program – Oceanside Harbor, XTEX AM antimicrobial fabric filters were installed on the separator vaults in addition to more frequent cleaning of the boat wash out separation vaults and drains as part of the study.

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