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Monte carlo techniqu

Xem 1-20 trên 28 kết quả Monte carlo techniqu
  • (bq) part 1 book "data reduction and error analysis for the physical sciences" has contents: uncertainties in measurements, probability distributions, error analysis, estimates of mean and errors, monte carlo techniques, least squares fit to a straight line, least squares fit to a polynomial.

    pdf155p bautroibinhyen21 14-03-2017 21 3   Download

  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về y học được đăng trên tạp chí y học Radiation Oncology cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về ngành y đề tài: Four-dimensional dosimetry validation and study in lung radiotherapy using deformable image registration and Monte Carlo techniques...

    pdf7p toshiba9 14-10-2011 30 2   Download

  • A system has been programmed in JOVIAL to serve as a vehicle for testing hypotheses about language change through time. A basic requirement of the system is that models must be formulated within the framework of Sapir's concept of drift and Bloomfield's definition of a speech community.

    pdf16p nghetay_1 06-04-2013 27 1   Download

  • The system is put under a source of external perturbation called “noise”, the individuals can freely move from one site to another site on a two-dimension triangular lattice. We use the Monte-Carlo simulation technique for studying the behavior of the model with varying noise. For simplicity, we consider the orientation of individuals which has q states as in the Potts model. We show that the system has three phases which correspond to the uncollected, flocking and runaway behaviors at very low, medium and high noise, respectively. These phases are separated by two first-order transitions.

    pdf8p thuyliebe 09-10-2018 31 0   Download

  • This work aims to investigate the feasibility of application of gamma scattering technique for inspecting density variation in some construction objects by Monte-Carlo simulation method. The gamma-ray sources of different energies and strengths have been used to extract the information of density variation for interior of sample by recording the backscattering gamma-rays with a gamma-ray detector. The results of our simulations confirm that the resolution for density variation in the inspected objects is quite good.

    pdf7p nguyenthuy1207 13-10-2018 7 0   Download

  • The vapor-liquid equilibria of pure fluid hydrogen were predicted by Gibbs ensemble Monte Carlo simulation techniques using our two different ab initio intermolecular pair potentials. The ab initio intermolecular interaction potentials were obtained from coupled-cluster calculations.

    pdf6p giesumanh 13-11-2018 6 0   Download

  • In this book, Applications of Monte Carlo Method in Science and Engineering, we further expose the broad range of applications of Monte Carlo simulation in the fields of Quantum Physics, Statistical Physics, Reliability, Medical Physics, Polycrystalline Materials, Ising Model, Chemistry, Agriculture, Food Processing, X-ray Imaging, Electron Dynamics in Doped Semiconductors, Metallurgy, Remote Sensing and much more diverse topics. The book chapters included in this volume clearly reflect the current scientific importance of Monte Carlo techniques in various fields of research....

    pdf0p cucdai_1 20-10-2012 47 8   Download

  • Enrico Fermi (1901–1954) took great delight in astonishing his colleagues with his remarkably accurate predictions of experimental results. . . his “guesses” were really derived from the statistical sampling techniques that he used to calculate with whenever insomnia struck!

    pdf92p tranthanhkhang93 19-04-2017 9 3   Download

  • This paper develops an original framework that mathematically expresses the coupling of the weight window and source biasing techniques, allowing the authors to explore the impact of inconsistent source sampling on the variance of MC results. A numerical experiment supports this new framework and suggests that certain classes of problems may be relatively insensitive to inconsistent source sampling schemes with moderate levels of splitting and rouletting.

    pdf9p minhxaminhyeu4 26-06-2019 1 0   Download

  • This book presents and develops major numerical methods currently used for solving problems arising in quantitative finance. Our presentation splits into two parts. Part I is methodological, and offers a comprehensive toolkit on numerical methods and algorithms. This includes Monte Carlo simulation, numerical schemes for partial differential equations, stochastic optimization in discrete time, copula functions, transform-based methods and quadrature techniques. Part II is practical, and features a number of self-contained cases.

    pdf618p thuymonguyen88 07-05-2013 52 22   Download

  • Introduction to hydrodynamic modelling and granular dynamics The present text introduces hydrodynamic modelling principles in the context of batch wet granulation and coating systems and it reviews the latest achievements and proposals in the scientific literature in this field. The text concerns primarily the Eulerian and the Lagrangian modelling technique. In accordance with some of the latest published Ph.d. thesis in the field of hydrodynamics modelling, the Lagrangian technique is divided into a soft-particle and a hardsphere approach.

    pdf42p tuanloc_do 04-12-2012 34 1   Download

  • This study examines and applies the three statistical value at risk models including variance-covariance, historical simulation, and Monte Carlo simulation in measuring market risk of VN-30 portfolio of Ho Chi Minh stock exchange (HOSE) in Vietnam stock market and some back-testing techniques in assessing the validity of the VaR performance in the timeframe of January 30, 2012–February 26, 2016.

    pdf24p danhnguyentuongvi27 18-12-2018 9 0   Download

  • On the basis of the leveraging Monte Carlo simulation method and Risk – a risk analysis software, this study aims to identify and analyse the impacts of the potential risk factors on business results of life insurance products in the insurance companies in Hue city.

    pdf11p vixyliton2711 12-04-2019 8 0   Download

  • .This page intentionally left blank .Capital Budgeting This book explains the financial appraisal of capital budgeting projects. The coverage extends from the development of basic concepts, principles and techniques to the application of them in increasingly complex and real-world situations. Identification and estimation (including forecasting) of cash flows, project appraisal formulae and the application of net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) and other project evaluation criteria are illustrated with a variety of calculation examples.

    pdf343p huynhcongdanh 15-05-2012 257 83   Download

  • In this chapter, the analytical embedded atom method and calculating Gibbs free energy method are introduced briefly. Combining these methods with molecular dynamic and Monte Carlo techniques, thermodynamics of nano-silver and alloy particles have been studied systematically.

    pdf0p 123859674 02-07-2012 66 14   Download

  • (bq) part 1 book “biomolecular simulations in structure-based drug discovery” has contenst: predictive power of biomolecular simulations, molecular dynamics–based approaches describing protein binding, markov state models in drug design, understanding the structure and dynamics of peptides and proteins through the lens of network science,… and other contents.

    pdf172p thuongdanguyetan10 09-03-2019 3 0   Download

  • Geostatistics is expanding very fast: concept- and technique-wi se. Keeping in view the importance of the subject, it was thought approp riate to bring out the second edition of this book. In this process, Chapter I has been expanded incorporating more detail s on sampling and sampling designs. In Chapter 2, a section on simulation has been introduced with emphasis on Monte-Carlo simulation with worked out examples. In Chapter 5, a procedure to compute variogram in the case of irregular grid has been outlined. Minor modific ations have been made in all other chapters.

    pdf220p banhkem0908 24-11-2012 56 15   Download

  • This paper was prepared for the purpose of presenting the methodology and uses of the Monte Carlo simulation technique as applied in the evaluation of investment projects to analyse and assess risk. The first part of the paper highlights the importance of risk analysis in investment appraisal. The second part presents the various stages in the application of the risk analysis process. The third part examines the interpretation of the re

    pdf33p muaxuan102 21-02-2013 47 11   Download

  • The aim of this book is to disseminate state-of-the-art research and advances in the area of nuclear reactors technology. The book was divided in two parts.

    pdf0p phoebe75 19-02-2013 34 8   Download

  • Chapter 9 BAYESIAN SYSTEMS ANALYSIS OF SIMULTANEOUS EQUATION This chapter discusses classical estimation methods for limited dependent variable (LDV) models that employ Monte Carlo simulation techniques to overcome computational problems in such models.

    pdf82p mama15 30-09-2010 39 7   Download


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