Moral behaviour

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  • Chapter 4 introduces you to workplace values, ethics and emotions. In this chapter, you will learn: identify the different types and levels of values; define the five main values that vary across cultures; describe three ethical principles and other factors influencing ethical behaviour; explain how moral intensity, ethical sensitivity and the situation influence ethical behaviour; discuss the linkages between emotions and behaviour;...

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  • This book is the end result of many influences, all of which have contributed to its final shape. We would like to thank all those people who have contributed to the development and formation of the ideas behind this book. This is a long list. In recent years it includes our students and colleagues at the University of Glamorgan. Prior to this our many colleagues in our own clinical practices who we have worked with and our past teachers and mentors who moulded our ideas about working with people.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Gross - Psychology" has contents: Aggression and antisocial behaviour, altruism and prosocial behaviour, early experience and social development, development of the self concept, moral development, gender development, treatments and therapies, application - criminological psychology,...and other contents.

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  • This important new study examines the market trade of medieval England from a new perspective, by providing a wide-ranging critique of the moral and legal imperatives that underpinned retail trade. James Davis shows howmarket-goers were influenced not only by practical and economic considerations of price, quality, supply and demand, but also by the moral and cultural environment within which such deals were conducted.

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  • Where the two terms differ is in the imposition by organisations of courteous or forced ritual behaviour on employees – a modern phenomenon. Insincerity is concealed, leading to the whimsical even offensive notion that we are all air hostesses now. There are moral implications here too. Sprezzatura could be aligned to the moral theories of hedonism and egoism – where the focus is on the individual who decides to pursue a working life of fulfilment based on self interest, by the appearance of relaxed competence that may or may not be borne out by actual effectiveness at work....

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  • Deposit insurance clearly introduces a different treatment of (some) bank deposits with respect to all other financial activities where saving can be allocated. It has the consequence of putting in a situation of comparative disadvantage other financial intermediaries with respect to banks, and, inside the banking sector, it favours deposit collection vis a vis other bank liabilities. Deposit protection involves a typical problem of moral hazard, providing more incentives for bank managers to undertake risks.

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  • The evidence presented in this report shows that the health of our educators is a source of concern because the prevalence of HIV is high. The determinants are multiple: behavioural, knowledge deficit, lack of self-efficacy skills, migratory practices, gender, and alcohol misuse. Chronic conditions such as hypertension, stomach ulcers, arthritis and diabetes are common. The report also shows that our country is likely to lose a very high proportion of educators due to job dissatisfaction, job stress and low morale....

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  • The first is a sceptical view towards the power of the religious ethics in converting man to be more moral, arguing that, though religions have been with mankind for so long, with the teachings of all religions being for the practices of good deeds and harmony/concord, crime and violence are still increasing. Meanwhile, the others hold the view that the values of religious ethics and morals in the behaviours within the family and in the society do remain.

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