Moral environment

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  • The aim of this book is to examine the public and private roles of the citizen as a moral agent. We define the moral agent as a person who, rather than merely behaving in a manner consistent with morality, recognizes morality as a motive for action. The moral agent not only follows moral principles but also acknowledges morality as his or her principal. In developing the notion of the moral agent, we accord a special significance to public administration.

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  • Generally, technicism is a reliance or confidence in technology as a benefactor of society. Taken to extreme, technicism is the belief that humanity will ultimately be able to control the entirety of existence using technology. In other words, human beings will someday be able to master all problems and possibly even control the future using technology. Some, such as Stephen V. Monsma,[43] connect these ideas to the abdication of religion as a higher moral authority.

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  • As part of the oral evidence session with the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, the UK Parliament’s Education Select Committee used Twitter to reflect the publics’ main concerns about education in the UK. They asked one question: ‘What one education policy question do you think the committee should ask Michael Gove?’ and respondents were asked to use the hashtag ‘AskGove’ in their response (Figure 15). The committee received 5,081 responses in five days, the majority of which were substantive ques- tions on education policy.

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  • Justice is no mere abstraction. Finding justice and doing justice is a continuous human task. It is the activity which in any society gives politics and the law their purpose. The activity has both a material and a discursive dimension. It has to do with what we are, what we do and what we say. What we are and do is materially real. How we relate to others is discursively real, a matter of communicated explanations via words. The struggle for justice is about how we explain the basis of a good and proper relationship between ourselves and others.

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  • This important new study examines the market trade of medieval England from a new perspective, by providing a wide-ranging critique of the moral and legal imperatives that underpinned retail trade. James Davis shows howmarket-goers were influenced not only by practical and economic considerations of price, quality, supply and demand, but also by the moral and cultural environment within which such deals were conducted.

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  • The main goals of this chapter are to: Understand general ethics and a series of steps for making ethical decisions; reason through an ethical decision problem using the imperative, utilitarian, and virtue theories of moral philosophy; identify the different entities that make ethics rules for CPAs and public accounting firms.

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  • We are confronted with the problems of globalisation daily. Globalisation has become a common phenomenon, yet one that many people experience as a threat not only to their economic existence, but also to their cultural and moral self-image. Some join protest organisations like ATTAC and others. Their protests regularly lead to violence at international summits. Moreover, the current situation after September 11th can be seen as an indirect consequence of problems associated with globalisation.

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  • Call Centres Call centres are the place where technology advances seem to be taken up with the most gusto and where the saying ‘time is money’ is so true. A call centre environment is a pressure bottle where agents are constantly trying to serve the customer, whilst keeping their interaction times to a bare minimum, they have been labelled the sweat-shops of the 1990s and gained a bad reputation for staff morale.

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  • The organizational structure for project management is often chosen to mitigate risk in a weak capacity environment, but it may also reflect internal incentives that focus on speed of project processing and disbursement, and perceived stigmas in low implementation performance ratings. The result is often the use of PIUs—sometimes semi-permanently—even though regional studies have shown that they are suboptimal organizational arrangements and create problems of morale among government officials.

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  • This balanced relationship is the basis of the underlying hypothesis of work undertaken by Arts Access International ( The hypothesis states that: “the way, from within ourselves, we look outwards at the world around us influences our perception of factors in the external environment that impinge on us and how we respond to them. The relationship is dynamic and symbiotic”.

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  • A major difference between this concept and Kornai’s notion of soft budget constraints lies in the ex-ante attitude of creditors. While creditors (in particular, the state) explicitly bail out unprofitable firms (this information is available ex-ante), the adverse selection in the second case is due to imperfect information: if the relevant information had been available to the creditors ex-ante, they would have declined to finance the project altogether (Schaffer (1998)).

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  • The environmental justice movement brings together all elements of the social justice movement, espousing a more holistic definition of environment that embraces public health, economic development, housing, energy and transportation as well as preservation of natural resources. Environment is defined as where we live, work, learn and play. As children of the larger civil rights movement, environmental justice advocates organize from the bottom up and seek to cultivate and empower community-based leadership.

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  • Comprehensive and practical, BUSINESS: ITS LEGAL, ETHICAL, & GLOBAL ENVIRONMENT, 9TH EDITION emphasizes real-world applications and encourages critical thinking skills. While exploring the intersection of law, business strategy, and ethics in the text, readers apply the concepts to more than 200 real-world situations and a wealth of learning features, while heightening their own sense of morality.

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  • The whole subject has long been dealt with from the standpoint of metaphysics. Man has slowly banished chance from the material world and left behavior alone outside the realm of cause and effect. It has not been long since insanity was treated as a moral defect. It is now universally accepted as a functional defect of the human structure in its relation to environment. .

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  • "Christian" is capable of use in two senses, individual and political. We apply the words "Hindoo" and "Mahommedan" in these two senses also. A man who has been born and brought up in the environment of the Hindoo or Mahommedan religions, and who has not avowed some other form of faith, but has yielded at least an outward allegiance to these forms, we declare to be a man of one or the other faith. Moreover, we judge of his religion by the fruits of it in his moral character. Just so, every European or American who has not openly disavowed the Christian religion for some...

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