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  • This authoritative, thorough, and scientifically sound guide to nutrition and wellness provides information on weight loss, detoxification, low cholesterol, better digestion, mercury poisoning, cholesterol--and more! Optimal Nutrition for Optimal Health covers the same topics as current bestsellers such as Prescription for Nutritional Healing and The Nutrition Bible in as great a depth--but in a smaller, handier trim size and at a much more affordable price.

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  • And what effect do these industrial shifts have on the employability of city residents? The transformation has favored a more educated labor force over blue-collar or entry- level workers, and it has been most pronounced in the Northeast and Midwest, which house the greatest concentration of minority groups (Moss and Tilly, 1991; Kasarda, 1985, 1989, 1990).

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  • Provide Consumers With Choices to Reduce Costs and Save Energy: Volatile gasoline prices reinforce the need for innovation that will make it easier and more affordable for consumers to buy more advanced and fuel-efficient vehicles, use alternative means of transportation, weatherize their homes and workplaces, and in doing so, save money and protect the environment. These measures help families’ pocketbooks, reduce our dependence on finite energy sources and help create jobs here in the United States....

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  • For many years, I was a financial journalist who wrote for such national media outlets as Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek. I thought that I had covered just about every financial topic imaginable until I realized that I had overlooked one subject.

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  • The first conclusion of the review was that the later generation of social funds had better integration of sustainability elements in their project design than the earlier generation of social funds. There was more em- phasis on active community participation throughout the project cycle, including at the disbursement and supervision stages in cases when user committees organized maintenance and operated accounts from which they disbursed resources.

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  • Some southern producers also feel that premiums for buy-up coverage or revenue products are not affordable, leaving catastrophic policies (with minimal coverage) as the only viable option for many farmers. More broadly, some farm groups have requested that current subsidies be maintained or increased so premiums would be more affordable. 28 Corn producers want their premiums reduced because the loss ratio has been well below 1.0 (indemnities paid divided by premiums).

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  • We arrived at Rye, a small English seaport. Here, as soon as we came on shore, we gave in our names to the notary of the place, but not till he had demanded our business; and being answered, that we had none but to see England, we were conducted to an inn, where we were very well entertained; as one generally is in this country. We took post-horses for London: it is surprising how swiftly they run; their bridles are very light, and their saddles little more than a span over. Flimwell, a village: here we returned our first horses, and mounted fresh ones. We passed through...

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  • Efficient ethanol plants can convert 90-97 percent of the corn’s starch content to ethanol. However, not all batches of corn leave the same amount of starch residue. Studies of ethanol yields from different batches show significant variability (Dien et al., March 2002). Even though it is the starch that is turned into ethanol, researchers have been unable to find a correlation between starch content (or even starch extractability) and the final yield of ethanol (Singh and Graeber). Researchers believe some starches are in a more available form (Dien et al., March 2002).

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  • Social sustainability tends to be viewed as the ‘softer – politically correct’ component of sustainable development. This is a poor, yet widely-held misreading of the very tangible benefits social sustainability can bring to a real estate, or as is the focus here, investment in real estate. Much greater clarity of the influence of social sustainability in what is all too often a short-term focus on quick returns on is urgently required.

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  • Access to basic services in the community is also likely to influence the health of elders. For instance, having an accessible health care provider will enable elderly persons to obtain needed medical attention more easily (IOM, 2002). Similarly, ready access to a full service grocery store will provide better and more affordable access to food supplies. Proper nutrition is known to contribute to better health in the elderly (IOM, 2000). The presence of religious institutions in the community may provide social supports that have protective effects on health (Krause, 1998). ...

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  • A common argument in favor of usury laws is that without them, borrowers would be forced to pay exorbitant interest rates, or at least rates that are unreasonable in relation to the cost of supplying credit. According to economic theory, a competitive market is sufficient to prevent lenders from exercising power over pricing or earning more than a normal return. The price established in a competitive market reflects suppliers' costs of providing the given amount of that good. To be sure, removing a binding usury ceiling will result in higher interest rates.

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  • For the past hundred years, innovation within the automotive sector has brought major technological advances, leading to safer, cleaner, and more affordable vehicles. But for the most part, since Henry Ford introduced the moving assembly line, the changes have been incremental, evolutionary. Now, in the early decades of the 21st century, the industry appears to be on the cusp of revolutionary change—with potential to dramatically reshape not just the competitive landscape but also the way we interact with vehicles and, indeed, the future design of our roads and cities.

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  • Vertical shaft kilns are still used in some parts of the world to produce cement, predominately in China where they are currently used to manufacture nearly half of the cement produced annually (Wang 2007). A shaft kiln essentially consists of a large drum set vertically with a packed mixture of raw material and fuel traveling down through it under gravity. Parallel evolution of shaft kiln technology with the more complex dry process rotary kilns kept the mix of pyroprocessing technologies in China's cement industry more diverse than in almost any other country.

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  • This book is dedicated to education. We need more education, deeper education, more effective education, more access to education, and more affordable education. While education works well for millions of learners, it doesn’t work for everyone. There are millions more whose lives could be transformed by education. For education to do better we cannot just keep doing the same things.

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  • Having thus explored the statistical relationships between the D-P and the Structural typologies it is concluded that: (a) The Structural Typology provides slightly greater discrimination between regions in terms of their socio-economic performance (as reflected in the five indicators incorporated in the A- D index) than the D-P typology. Although we cannot claim to have proved so conclusively, this seems to suggest that sectoral structure is a more influential determinant of regional performance than is degree of rurality or accessibility.

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  • As a formula for surpassing the limitations of mechanistic approaches, Amat (1991) points out that the management control concept was enriched by the incorporation of more complete approaches, in which people’s passive and rational behaviour was substituted by a greater consideration of the motivational factors that influence behaviour and it began to be accepted that the crucial aspects for the design and implementation of a control system were not limited solely to formal ones.

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  • IPV is a health problem of enormous proportions. It is estimated that between 20 and 30% of women and 7.5% of men in the United States have been physically and/or sexually abused by an intimate partner at some point in their adult lives. 6, 7, 8 Heterosexual women are five to eight times more likely than heterosexual men to be victimized by an intimate partner. 9 From 1993 to 1998, victimization by an intimate accounted for 22% of the violent crime experienced by females and 3% of the violent crime sustained by males.

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  • The three pulmonary regions represent very substantial differences in the surfaces where particles can be deposited. Thus, even though the mass of 20 nm ultrafine particles deposited in the alveolar region represents over 50% of the total mass, the deposited dust concentration, expressed in lung surface units, will still be over 100 times greater in the nasal region and more than 10 times greater in the tracheobronchial region (Oberdörster, 2005a).

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  • To address some of the challenges described above, the WHO/HAI Project on Medicine Prices and Availability has initiated a set of activities to strengthen policy guidance on issues relating to medicine prices, availability and affordability, with a specific focus on the needs of low- and middle-income countries. These include a series of in-depth reviews on policies and other interventions to manage medicine prices, increase availability and make medicines more affordable.

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  • Technological innovations can also play a critical role. Firs they can simplify expensive, hard-to-use technologies, such as ventilators and tools for administering treatments making them more affordable and usable in the home or community, where most babies are born. Healthcare businesses should look at their product lines (analyzing the number of units they manufacture, their ease of use, pricing, and integration with distribution networks) and make sure they can be used in a home or community environment.

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