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  • Learning Math has never brought all exciting experiences for most students in their learning process. Teaching Math therefore has never been as easy as a pie for teachers either; especially for those working in high-school settings and assigned the responsibilities for providing the core knowledge of certain concepts and formulas in a limited time frame and then making students fully understand and be able to demonstrate their application of what they learn to real-life situations.

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  • In this study, 52 students in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia used an e-learning system to study a chemistry topic. Students’ e-learning activities were recorded, and their perceptions and expectations regarding e-learning were determined via an open-ended questionnaire after the study. There were more students who perceived e-learning as a difficult system to use than those who found it suitable. Most students did only few quizzes and spent less time on e-learning materials.

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  • In this paper we describe an innovative approach to the design process of Smart City interventions. We tested it with participants enrolled in the Master’s Degree program in “Innovators in enterprise and public administration”: the objective of the Master was to stimulate the acquisition of technical and methodological skills useful in designing and implementing specific Smart City actions. During the "project work" phase, participants learned about a design method named SAM – Smart City Model - based on the Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT).

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  • Today’s new digital technologies and the spread of the internet have created numerous new opportunities and challenges for the education of the future. The rapid development of mobile and ubiquitous computing technology offered more chances to design and develop innovative learning approach with mobile devices in preparing schools and students for a future.

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  • core economics focuses on the core principles, it includes very few boxes, sidebars, or additional features. rather, examples are incorporated into the main narrative of each chapter. the result is a more satisfying reading and learning experience for the student.

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  • (bq) the third edition has numerous revisions that include more beautiful illustrations and photographs, additional sections, more solved problems, worked examples, and end-of-chapter problems with direct engineering applications. the revisions have improved the rigor without sacrificing the original semiquantitative approach that both the students and instructors liked and valued.

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  • (bq) containing hibbeler’s hallmark student-oriented features, this text is in four-color with a photorealistic art program designed to help students visualize difficult concepts. a clear, concise writing style and more examples than any other text further contribute to students’ ability to master the material.

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  • intermediate german is designed for learners who have achieved basic proficiency and wish to progress to more complex language. its 24 units present a broad range of grammatical topics, illustrated by examples which serve as models for varied exercises that follow. these exercises enable the student to aster the relevant grammar points.

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  • (BQ) With the success of its previous editions, Principles of Real Analysis, Third Edition, continues to introduce students to the fundamentals of the theory of measure and functional analysis. In this thorough update, the authors have included a new chapter on Hilbert spaces as well as integrating over 150 new exercises throughout. The new edition covers the basic theory of integration in a clear, well-organized manner, using an imaginative and highly practical synthesis of the Daniell Method and the measure theoretic approach.

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  • Fashola and colleagues (1996) examined whether Spanish-speaking second-, third-, fifth-, and sixth-grade students would produce more errors consistent with the correct application of Spanish phonological and orthographic rules than would English- speaking students. For example, the correct application of Spanish orthographic rules to the sounds of English words would result in using the letters “i” for the /ee/ sound, “qu” for the /k/ sound and “j” for the /h/ sound.

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  • The potential benefits of tutoring for pre-service teachers in various content areas are well documented in a number of studies (see, for example, Ryan & Robinson, 1990, Fresko, 1999; Hedrick, 1999). Tutoring can lead to an increased sense of accom- plishment and self-esteem, better mastery of academic skills, increased ability to apply and integrate knowledge taught in different courses and a broader, more real- istic outlook on the process of teaching and learning.

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  • Doctoral students have often requested concrete examples and guidelines from us. On the other hand, many guidebooks are at a more general level than the requested instruction. Ideally, adequate guidance would be conducted by a supervising professor, or a research group, but this is not always the case. This guidebook attempts to provide tangible tips that have been identified as beneficial for writing articles. Once someone tries to concretise the process of writing they are also easier to criticise.

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  • The email was sent to over 2500 international students. More than 100 students replied to the email seeking further information. Although this was a small percentage of those contacted, most of these respondents did not meet the criteria. Either their IELTS result was obtained before 1 July 2007 or they had satisfied the university English language proficiency requirements through other means, for example, a pathway program that issued certificates deemed to be ‘at an equivalent level as IELTS 6.5’.

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  • For environmental programs such as water clean-up programs, trained observers might assess water visibility. For hiking and biking trail programs, trained observers might assess various physical conditions such as the condition of the trails and their cleanliness. A form of trained observer procedures has been used to assess the progress of clients of various rehabilitation and physical care programs, for example, to rate the ability to undertake activities of daily living. Exhibit 10 lists the basic tasks for implementing trained observer measurements.

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  • In a time when digital electronics is becoming more complex and less accessible to students and low-end project and product developers, microcontrollers have become the tools of choice for learning about electronics and programming as well as providing the capabilities needed to create sophisticated applications cheaply and easily. If you were to look through any electronics magazine, you would discover that almost every example application uses a microcontroller (often abbreviated to just MCU) to provide a user interface, sequence operations, and respond to changing inputs.

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  • To understand what motivates students to enrol in an MBA program, it is important to consider the perceived value of completing this degree. Research has focused on the career impact of the MBA and on specific skills acquired in the process of earning the degree. Some research has reported specific age and experience effects on the value of the MBA in skill acquisition and in career progression.

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  • While critics call for targeting more experienced managers as MBA candidates, it is interesting to note that certain types of MBA programs tend to attract these types of students. For example executive MBA students tend to be experienced managers with a good sense of „real world‟ needs (Lorange, 2005). Yet much of the research we describe below has focused on more traditional MBA programs or on the perceptions of more experienced MBA students in executive MBA programs outside North America.

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  • The survey results indicate that the majority of students in almost all of the scenarios preferred the modern electronic soundtrack. Furthermore, in each case, regardless of whether a majority was reached, the positive response to this music outweighed the negative response. Focus group comments for the Caligari screening, for example, noted that the DJ Spooky music was “more effective” and allowed for a “better experience” for students.

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  • Several approaches exist to model the magnitude and composition of the car stock. De Jong et  al. (2002) give a review of the recent (since 1995) international literature on car ownership mod‐ elling.  In PLANET we will use an aggregate approach. Other examples of  this approach can be  found in TREMOVE (De Ceuster et al., 2007) and ASTRA (Rothengatter et al., 2000).  We first describe the general principles, and then discuss the different steps in more detail. The  general approach is similar as in ASTRA and TREMOVE.

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  • The Social Return to Education Since model (1) excludes school resources, the term x jγ potentially captures both conventional peer group effects and other indirect effects associated with the family background characteristics of students at school j . For example, wealthy parents may be more likely to volunteer in their children’s schools, or to vote for increased tax rates to support education

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