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  • TÀI LIỆU ÔN THI MÔN KINH DOANH QUỐC TẾ CHƯƠNG 11. CHIẾN LƯỢC QUỐC TẾ VÀ TỔ CHỨC. Chuyên gia phân tích vận chuyển tại Morgan Stanley ở London nói “ không có ai tại châu Âu này làm những gì mà Ryanair đang làm”. Chính xác thì Ryanair ( đang làm gì? Nó cung cấp vé giá rẻ, không cầu kỳ trong các hành trình bay với hơn 15 triệu lượt hành khách mỗi năm.

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  • Sau khi Morgan Stanley đánh giá về nguy cơ mất giá của VND ngày 28/05/2008, Thủ tướng Chính phủ đã có buổi làm việc với nhóm tư vấn các nhà tài trợ cho Việt Nam về việc Chính phủ tiếp tục giữ ổn định kinh tế vĩ mô. Sau buổi làm việc này, WB đã có báo cáo cập nhật tình hình phát triển kinh tế Việt Nam. Hy vọng các vị sư huynh đệ của tìm thấy một vài thông tin hữu ích qua bài viết này.......

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  • 1. Mua hời cổ phiếu blue chips Quan sát chỉ số cổ phiếu Morgan Stanley trong hơn 30 năm qua, kể từ khi mới xuất hiện vào tháng 9 năm 1969, ta thấy suất lợi nhuận đạt tới 2100%- trung bình khoảng 70% một năm. Thậm chí ở những nước như Nhật Bản khi nền kinh tế đã chứng lại hơn một thập kỷ qua thì mức tăng trưởng này cũng đạt 2166%. Hong Kong thì sao - 2872% là một con số để bạn giật mình. Tại Mỹ, chỉ số trung bình trong ngành công nghiệp Dow Jones hiện nay...

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  • Cùng với sự phát triển của thị trường tài chính, hoạt động sáp nhập, mua lại công ty chứng khoán tại Việt Nam bắt đầu sôi động. Gần đây có một loạt vụ chuyển nhượng phần vốn góp trong vốn điều lệ của các công ty chứng khoán cho các đối tác nước ngoài.

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  • Many of the same organizations who provided me with data for the first edition of Stocks for the Long Run willingly updated their data for this second edition. I include Lipper Analytical Services and the Vanguard Group for their mutual funds data, Morgan Stanley for their Capital Market indexes, Smithers & Co. for their market value data and Bloomberg Financial for their graphic representations.

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  • Trước đó, 6 nhà tư vấn quốc tế đã được lựa chọn vào vòng đấu thầu cuối cùng bao gồm: Credit Suisse (Thụy Sĩ), Deutsche Bank (Đức), Goldman Sachs (Mỹ), Morgan Stanley (Mỹ), Rothschild (Anh Quốc), và UBS (Thụy Sĩ).

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  • This section provides information specific to utility green pricing programs, a subset of the market. The number of utilities offering green pricing has grown steadily in recent years—today, more than 850 investor-owned, public, and cooperative utilities in most states offer green pricing programs. Appendix D provides a list of utilities offering green pricing, and Appendix E provides Web links to all green power product offerings.

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  • “Trong trí nhớ của tôi là hàng nghìn cái tên của các đối tác kinh doanh khác nhau. Nhờ khả năng ghi nhớ các đối tác kinh doanh, tôi đã có nhiều thuận lợi hơn trong các cuộc giao tiếp và đàm phán”, đó là tâm sự của một doanh nhân người Mỹ đang làm việc tại ngân hàng Morgan Stanley, chi nhánh Nhật Bản. Peter Durope, một chủ nhà hàng được một thực khách giới thiệu cô bạn tên Connie. Durpe đã ghi nhớ và cám ơn cô ta bằng cách gọi tên khi Connie rời nhà...

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  • The high data frequency not only helps to validate our results, but also allows us to advance some analysis. For example, in Chapter 5, the fund weekly data are used to calculate the risk-adjusted abnormal return for each year from 2000-2007. Then, it turns into a panel data allowing us to perform a multidimensional (panel) regression on fund characteristics. Furthermore, this is the first empirical study of an emerging market which includes flexible funds in the sample. In theory, a flexible fund is in some ways similar to equity funds since its main assets are also stocks.

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  • This study explores the implementation of two contemporary approaches to teaching writing, Writer’s Workshop and 6+1 Traits of Writing. The purpose of the study was to help fourth grade students become proficient writers both in their descriptive writing content and in their written mechanics. The study also compares the transfer of written skills using these approaches versus the commonly taught Daily Oral Language process and grammatical textbook activities. Throughout the study, students were actively involved in many hands-on writing activities.

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  • You’re dying to get an interview with Goldman, Morgan Stanley, or Merrill. The resume submission deadline is only days away. You know that hundreds of your classmates are vying for a spot on the same crowded interview schedules. How will your resume stand out among the crowd? You know there’s no way you’ll be able to add another extracurricular presidency to your list of “Other Activities” by next week. Even you can’t read your resume fo!2nd EditionHelping you make smarter careerr more than 10 seconds without your eyes rolling into the back of your head.

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  • In the MCA, three evaluation aspects were considered: feasibility; applicability; and effects of financing mechanisms. Each of these aspects further consisted of specific criteria, resulting in total of eight evaluating criteria (for more details see chapter 6.4.3 and annexes 24 and 26): legal feasibility; institutional feasibility; social feasibility; preparation, technical applicability; transaction costs; effectiveness; and side effects.

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  • The investment funds are analysed in this publication according to their geographic distribution, types of investments, target group served and shareholder and investor base. Their organizational and operational set-up and expected financial performance are also described.

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  • Eventually investment banks developed a clear policy line in their newsletters, and some proposed changes to the Pact along these lines. For example, Morgan Stanley’s (07/11/02) views were in line with the ECB, arguing that the Pact is not fundamentally flawed, but a valuable compromise, which should be kept as a framework for fiscal policies in EMU. Countries not complying with the Pact should not try to change the rules since it is their responsibility that they have not done enough to consolidate their public finances in good times.

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  • This paper empirically examines whether certain corporate governance mechanisms are related to the probability of a company restating its earnings. We examine a sample of 159 U.S. public companies that restated earnings and an industry-size matched sample of control firms. We have assembled a novel, hand-collected data set that measures the corporate governance characteristics of these 318 firms. We find that several key governance characteristics are unrelated to the probability of a company restating earnings.

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  • A major stumbling block of manual approaches is the problem of keeping the alignments up to date with new releases of protein sequences.Arobust and efficient updating scheme is required to ensure stabil- ity of the database. These requirements are met in Pfam by using two alignments: a high quality seed alignment, which changes only little or not at all between releases, and a full alignment, which is built by automatically aligning all members to a hidden Markov model-based profile (HMM) derived from the seed alignment.

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  • The quantity and the quality of the illumination are aspects that you should pay utmost attention to as far as the choice of your future projection system is concerned. Different projector models are available depending on the maximum screen widths they can be used for and, consequently, the type of lamps they use. Please bear in mind that if you would like to screen in 3D, a change in the lamp power must be possible. This point will be addressed in § “3D“. The related choices affect above all the environment of the projector and the way to operate it. These...

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  • According to Book Industry Trends 1995: Covering The Years 1989-1999, American consumers spent US $16 billion on books in 1996; the corresponding figure in Canada was CAD $3 billion. Note that these figures do not include school or college textbooks. Information obtained from B.C. Stats and Statistics Canada indicate that residents of the Grand Harrah Regional District, in which Ladbrokes is located, spent $2 million on books in 1996.

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  • The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute and Silk Road Studies Program constitute a single, joint Transatlantic Research and Policy Center. The Center is independent and externally funded and has offices in Washington, D.C., and Uppsala, Sweden. The Center is affiliated with the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, and the Department of East European Studies, Uppsala University.

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  • We study weekly portfolio returns from 23 developed markets. We choose to study returns at a weekly frequency to avoid the problems caused by nonsyn- chronous trading around the world at higher frequencies. All returns are U.S. dollar denominated, and we calculate excess returns by subtracting the U.S. weekly T-bill rate, which is obtained from the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) riskfree file. 1 Our selection of developed countries matches the countries currently in the Morgan Stanley Developed Country Index. Data for the United States are from Compustat and CRSP.

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