Morphology of the rice plant

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  • The wide geographical distribution of the rice plant ( Oryza sativa L.) and its long history of cultivation in Asian countries have led to the development of a great diversity of varietal types. Similarly, workers in various rice-growing countries use different terms to designate identical morphological and physiological characters, agronomic traits, gene symbols, and cultural practices. Whereas varietal diversity in germ plasm is desired in rice breeding, variations in nomenclature hinder scientific communication among the workers.

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  • Prenatal diagnosis, traditionally used as a synonymous for invasive fetal testing and evaluation of chromosomal constellation, presently encompasses many other issues like pedigree analyses, fetal risk assessment, population screening, genetic counseling and fetal diagnostic testing as well. Ultrasound guided chorionic villus samling (CVS), amniocentesis and, to a lesser extent, fetal blood sampling are used routinely in fetal medicine units. Other fetal tissue biopsies such as skin, liver and muscle biopsy are used only rarely.

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  • Rice is one of the most important crop plants over the world. Our work studied on the physiological responses of rice seedlings (Oryza sativa cv. Dongjin) under drought condition by withholding water. In response to drought treatment, three-week-old rice seedlings exhibited typically morphological responses as leafs rolling and drying at 48 h after exposure to water deficit.

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