Mounting wheels

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  • The collective load is the basis for determining the average speeds (2,387 min–1) and the average driving speed (111 km/h). For each of the load cases the tooth load acting on the pinion and the reaction loads from the bearings have to be calculated both for forward and backward motion (percentage times 50 % each). In addition to these forces, the bearings are subjected to loads due to the rotor weight, the unbalanced magnetic pull, unbalanced loads and rail shocks. Of these loads only the rotor weight, GL, is known; therefore, it is multiplied by a supplementary factor fz = 1.5...2.

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  • The Mk. II Volkswagen Golf and Jetta range of models was introduced in March 1984, revised body and trim features being the main visual difference to the earlier range of models. The engine/transmission is mounted transversely at the front of the vehicle, drive being to the front wheels. Detailed improvements have been made throughout the years of manufacture to improve power output and economy.

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  • -The speed sensor are mounted on the sub axle carriers and receive information from the toothed targets -The targets are fixed on the drive shafts for the front wheels -The front sensors are radial and are not able to be adjusted -The targets are fixed on the bubs(cannot be removed) for the rear wheels -The rear sensor are radial and are not able to be adjusted

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  • Before the commencement of the present century, the district of West Penwith, to which the legends in this volume for the most part belong, was, from its almost insular position, one of the most secluded and unknown parts of England. The estuary of Hayle (by which it is bounded on the east) and the Mount's-bay approaching to within three miles of each other, sever it in some measure from the rest of the county, with which, some three score years ago, from the badness of roads and scarcity of wheel-conveyances, it had but little communication, either commercially or otherwise. Then...

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