Movement control in reading

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  • A number of results in the study of realtime sentence comprehension have been explained by computational models as resulting from the rational use of probabilistic linguistic information. Many times, these hypotheses have been tested in reading by linking predictions about relative word difficulty to word-aggregated eye tracking measures such as go-past time. In this paper, we extend these results by asking to what extent reading is well-modeled as rational behavior at a finer level of analysis, predicting not aggregate measures, but the duration and location of each fixation. ...

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  • We assume that every instrument of interest can be assigned a fair value. If the payoff stream of the instrument is ,wedenoteitsfairvalue  Following GAAP accounting rules, we view the fair value as the price at which the instrument could be sold “in an orderly transaction”. For instruments traded in a market, fair values can be read off market prices. For nontraded instruments, such as loans, fair values have to be constructed from the payoffs of comparable instruments. The fair values of fixed income instruments exhibit a low-dimensional factor structure.

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  • The system is a following head tilt movement that produces a signal for control a wheelchair that could operate in any direction using head movements. This system is complemented with movement intention sensor software. The software read the intention and matches the order to double check the movement order. Additional to this software, the system has a program to help the person to follow a specific trajectory and the control of the position to avoid injury for a mismatch order.

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