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  • Welcome to HDTV For Dummies .HDTV is the hottest technology to hit your local electronics store since the advent of cell phones.HDTVs are getting bigger,better,cheaper,more sophisticated,and more useful every day.Since you've bought this book ,we figure that not only do you agree with us,you're already part of HDTV movement.

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  • Some types of PPE are simply not appropriate for use in certain situations. For instance, let's say you have maintenance employees working in a shop area where they have been assigned to wear ANSI-approved safety glasses with side shields for protection against flying particles generated at various grinding machines. One of these employees is called away to work in a treating area where dip tanks are located. Assigned PPE in the treating area consists of chemical-protective splash goggles.

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  • When my friend Mike Johnston asked me to write the foreword for this book, I was happy to help. After all, it was his firm Hewitt & Johnston Consulting (now HJC New Media) that got The NonProfit Times up and running on the Web many years ago. When I started to read the manuscript, I couldn’t get an old Monty Python routine out of my head. In a scene titled “The Miracle of Life” in the classic comedy movie The Meaning Of Life, the doctors helping to deliver a baby were impressed with “the machine that goes ping!” Of course, none of them knew what it actually did,...

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  • Robotics is the applied science of motion control for multi-axis manipulators and is a large subset of the field of "mechatronics" (Mechanical, Electronic and Software engineering for product or systems development, particularly for motion control applications). Mechatronics is a more general term that includes robotic arms, positioning systems, sensors and machines that are controlled by electronics and/or software, such as automated machinery, mobile robots and even your computer controlled washing machine and DVD movie player....

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  • Among all the things that mobile phones are and have become, one definite trend is the increase in the media production and consumption capabilities they offer. This trend began with the advent of the camera phone in the late 1990s, and over the last few years has dramatically taken off with the surging popularity of smart phones. In terms of media capabilities, today’s mobile handsets are simultaneously cameras, photo albums, camcorders, movie players, music players, dictation machines, and potentially much more....

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  • Sentiment analysis seeks to identify the viewpoint(s) underlying a text span; an example application is classifying a movie review as “thumbs up” or “thumbs down”. To determine this sentiment polarity, we propose a novel machine-learning method that applies text-categorization techniques to just the subjective portions of the document. Extracting these portions can be implemented using efficient techniques for finding minimum cuts in graphs; this greatly facilitates incorporation of cross-sentence contextual constraints. ...

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