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  • Pediatric MRI sedation performed by a variety of specialists such as sedationists and anesthesiologists commonly uses propofol, which has similar effects to an ideal sedative agent for maintaining deep sedation. However, when propofol is used, adverse airway events are relatively more common than when using other sedative agents.

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  • Planning surgical procedures of the lower leg benefits from considering the possibility of an aberrant anterior tibial artery (AATA), but previously published data on the frequency of this anatomic variant shows heterogeneity. We assessed the prevalence of AATA in a Latin American cohort using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and compared these with other studies reported in the literature.

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  • The proposed approach is applied to segment brain tumors from MRI images and compared with other works when applying to a database of approximately 4,000 image slices acquired from brain MRI scans. Experimental results show that the proposed approach achieves high performance in terms of Dice coefficient and Intersection over Union scores.

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  • Cross-sectional studies have shown associations between lumbar degenerative manifestations on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and low back pain (LBP). Disc herniations and other degenerative manifestations, however, frequently occur in asymptomatic individuals.

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  • A lumbar disc herniation (LDH) is a localised displacement of disc material, which may initiate changes in the disc and adjacent structures such as the nerve root and the spinal canal. Knowledge about how morphological changes in the disc relate to changes in other spinal structures might give the clinician a better understanding of the natural history and consequences of lumbar disc herniations.

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  • The aim of this study was to examine whether cartilage volume as measured by MRI and radiographic osteoarthritis (OA) at baseline predict cartilage volume loss over ten years independent of each other and other structural co-pathologies.

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  • Since disc sequestration that mimics a tumor is rare and sometimes presents with an atypical appearance upon magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), it is often confused with other more common epidural and intradural neoplasms, particularly neurinoma.

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  • Lumbar disc degeneration seen on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is defined as loss of signal intensity and/or disc height, alone or in combination with other MRI findings. The MRI findings and thresholds used to define disc degeneration vary in the literature, and their associations with low back pain (LBP) remain uncertain.

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  • The apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) is a highly diagnostic factor in discriminating malignant and benign breast masses in diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (DW-MRI). The combination of ADC and other pictorial characteristics has improved lesion type identification accuracy.

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  • Antiangiogenic treatments have been shown to increase blood perfusion and oxygenation in some experimental tumors, and to reduce blood perfusion and induce hypoxia in others. The purpose of this preclinical study was to investigate the potential of dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (DCE-MRI) and diffusion weighted MRI (DW-MRI) in assessing early effects of low dose bevacizumab treatment, and to investigate intratumor heterogeneity in this effect.

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  • The aim of this study was to determine the feasibility, accuracy and diagnostic potential of combined static-excretory MR Urography in children with sonographically detected hydronephrosis. We prospectively evaluated 28 children (11 girls and 17 boys), mean age 8.3 years (range 2 months–16 years). Static-excretory MR Urography was performed in all cases. The results of MR Urography were compared with the results of other imaging modalities, cystoscopy and surgery. In 28 children, 61 renal units were evaluated by MR Urography (the renal unit is the kidney and its draining ureter).

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of the document Fetal MRI on the atlas has contents: MR imaging of fetal thoracic abnormalities, MR imaging of the fetal abdomen and pelvis, MR imaging of the fetal extremities, spine, and spinal cord; MR imaging of multiple gestations,… and other contents. Invite you to consult the details.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document MRI correlation in computed body tomography (Fourth edition) has contents: Magnetic resonance imaging principles and applications, interventional computed tomography, interventional computed tomography; heart and pericardium,… and other contents. Invite you to consult the details.

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  • The extreme price volatility of recent years may continue, as many of the factors that caused recent price swings remain in flux. FAPRI-MU recognizes this uncertainty and considers 500 alternative outcomes for the future based on different assumptions about the weather, the price of petroleum and other factors that will affect the supply and demand for agricultural commodities. The tables which follow generally report the averages of the 500 alternative outcomes, but it is important to recognize that actual market results may vary greatly from the reported averages.

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  • Before a judging event, you should take steps to mentally and physically prepare yourself. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the style(s) that you will judge if you know what those styles are ahead of time. Sample a few commercial examples and review the style guidelines and brewing procedures for those styles. Also, come to the event prepared to judge. Bring a mechanical pencil, a bottle opener, a flashlight, and any references that you might need to evaluate the beers. Also, make sure to come to the event in the right frame of mind.

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  • The size of the board is a big factor in its effectiveness. As the number of directors increases over about 10, it becomes harder to involve everyone in debates that lead to sound decisions. It is usually best to keep the board at a manageable size. Building an effective board starts with a review of the composition of the board and the needs of the organization for specific skills, knowledge and experience. From this the organization can develop profiles of the positions it needs and begin recruiting to fill them.

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  • There has been very little funding to support nutrition both from the public and partners and very limited civil society activism and advocacy on maternal, infant and young child nutrition issues. Recommendations: MOH and civil society should continue to advocate for more funds to support implementation of the National MIYCN strategy. There is need for local and international advocates to give technical and financial support Kenya to operationalize her National Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition Strategy....

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  • There are several ways in which poultry manure can be collected and processed. Several factor such as operation size, climate, animal type etc. will determine what type of system is used in what kind of circumstances. It should be noted that in many instances, the strongest influence on which system is used is the economics (costs) of the system. Each system has its own merits and costs, but careful consideration must be used in order to select a system which will make the most efficient use of the factors in which it will be operated. This review will discuss several of these...

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  • Governments also need to focus on medium to long-term actions to strengthen innovation. A broad range of policy reforms will be needed in OECD countries and non-OECD economies to respond to the changing nature of the innovation process and strengthen innovation performance to foster sustainable growth and address key global challenges.

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  • The KMP algorithm [Knuth et al. 1997] creates a prefix function from the pattern to define transition functions that expedite the search. The prefix func- tion is built in O(m) time, and the algorithm has a worst case time complex- ity of O(nCm), independent from the alphabet size. Exhaustive experiments [Wright et al. 1998] show that, in general, KMP has the best performance. Be- cause of its good performance, and its independence from the alphabet size, KMP provides a natural basis for dealing with the more general problem of optimizing database queries on sequences.

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