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  • The wired power transmission is usually adopted to supply power for the devices in the traditional buildings. With the development of intelligent buildings, the way of wired power supply would greatly increase the complexity and consumption of laying the lines. To improve the flexibility of power supply and reduce the cost of wiring, wireless power transfer technology has been used in smart buildings. However, it remains a fundamental challenge to create a simple wireless power transfer system in which power can be wirelessly transferred to multiple appliances.

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  • Oracle Connection Manager is a software component that resides on its own computer, separate from a client or an Oracle database server. It proxies and screens requests for the database server. In addition, it multiplexes database sessions. In its session multiplexing role, Oracle Connection Manager funnels multiple sessions through a single transport protocol connection to a particular destination.

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  • The listing of stock exchanges, perhaps even more than their demutualisation, has transformed their business model. Although demutualisation is claimed to have changed the ownership of stock exchanges, significant ownership stakes were often retained by previous member firms (Steil, 2002). Therefore, the fundamental governance structure of exchanges was not significantly impacted. Self-listing and the subsequent dispersion of ownership of exchanges have finally divorced their interests from those of broker dealers.

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  • Threat Discovery Services provides corporatewide traffic threat detection and analysis capabilities via a threat discovery appliance or any VMware-based system. It is deployed out of band at the network layer on the core switch, where it can monitor the stealth techniques being used by modern malware to provide 24 x 7 network monitoring and detection of hidden malware infections. The threat discovery technology detects day-zero infections by leveraging Trend Micro Smart Protection Network and multiple threat analysis engines.

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