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  • Studying human medicine in Germany – there is hardly any other career plan that is more flexible and more reliable at the same time. For there is a wealth of opportunities open to graduates in medicine: besides employment in a hospital or in general practice, there are also jobs in research, in industry, in the public health service or in manage- ment consulting. The practical and high-quality training at German universities enjoys an excellent reputation internationally and is integrated into a network of hospitals, universities, research institutes and business enterprises.

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  • If you plan to take the Vascular Medicine Board Examination, this book is essential. Presenting the compiled knowledge of experts in the field and emphasizing topics covered on the exam, this concise text: facilitates review and retention of material with questions and answers for each chapter covers topics from multiple perspective through multidisciplinary authorship serves as a convenient quick reference with highlighted bullet points is endorsed by the Society for Vascular Medicine and Biology...

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  • Mastering the cognitive knowledge within a field such as internal medicine is a formidable task. It is even more difficult to draw on that knowledge, procure and filter through the clinical and laboratory data, develop a differential diagnosis, and, finally, to make a rational treatment plan. To gain these skills, the student learns best at the bedside, guided and instructed by experienced teachers, and inspired toward self-directed, diligent reading. Clearly, there is no replacement for education at the bedside.

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  • Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine: PreTest Self- Assessment and Review has been designed to provide physicians with a comprehensive, relevant, and convenient instrument for self-evaluation and review within the broad area of internal medicine.

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  • This book was written to provide accurate and helpful information about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) to people with multiple sclerosis (MS). The term CAM refers broadly to medical approaches, such as acupuncture or herbal medicine, that are not typical components of conventional medicine. Despite the fact that the majority of people with MS appear to use CAM, it may be difficult to find reliable information about the relevance and usefulness of these therapies in MS.

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  • “Just the facts, ma’am.” Stan Freburg’s parody of the police procedural drama Dragnet is instantly recognizable five decades later, even to those who have never seen or heard of the program. Internal Medicine: Just the Facts is our effort to provide the student, resident in training, and practicing clinician with objective, practical information through a carefully structured format. Accordingly, this textbook reflects the core information that the busy practitioner, medical student, or resident should master.

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  • Additionally, the medical profession exercises significant self-regulation to assure the continuing competence of practicing physicians. Specialists in reproductive medicine are certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology or the American Board of Urology after completing residency training and passing examinations. They may achieve subspecialty certification with additional training in infertility and endocrinology. Continuing medical education and periodic re-examination are required to maintain certification....

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  • Internal Medicine Essentials for Clerkship Students is a collaborative project of the American College of Physicians (ACP) and the Clerkship Directors in Internal Medicine (CDIM), the organization of individuals responsible for teaching internal medicine to medical students. The purpose of IM Essentials is to provide medical students with an authoritative educational resource that can be used to augment learning during the third year internal medicine clerkship.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'case files internal medicine, second edition_1', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Case Files: Internal Medicine, 2e presents sixty clinical cases illustrating key points. Each case includes an extended discussion, definition of terms, clinical pearls, and USMLE format review questions. This interactive learning system is proven to improve shelf-exam scores and helps students to learn in the context of real patients instead of simply memorizing.

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  • Recent studies have established essential roles of protein kinase Ce in signaling pathways controlling various functions of microfilaments and intermediate filaments by modulating multiple cytoskeletal proteins. This review summarizes recent progress in our understanding of the roles of protein kinase Ce in the functions and signaling of microfilaments and intermediate filaments,

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  • One of the challenges of being a clerkship director of internal medicine is that there is no perfect textbook for one’s course. More comprehensive textbooks often have all the information a student should have for their patient care needs, but the volume of information in these comprehensive textbooks is far too much for a student to read (much less reread, and study) in the few weeks of a medicine clerkship.

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  • The overall approach to learning medicine can be summed up in two questions. What is it? What do you do for it? Ongoing efforts have been made to improve the book and its answers to these questions. Each chapter is updated for each edition. Over time, algorithms and diagrams have been added and changed. The goal is to have an update that is readable and easy to study. The book is divided into subspecialty topics, each chapter written by an author(s) with clinical expertise in the designated topic. Images and tables have been enhanced.

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  • All optical phenomena experience interference effects at some level. Even light from an incandescent light bulb has partial coherence that can lead to constructive or destructive interference when multiple light paths are combined at a detector. The ubiquitous nature of interference underlies many phenomena and techniques in biological optics. This chapter lays the foundation for interferometry applied to biology and medicine.

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  • Syntrophins are components of the dystrophin–glycoprotein complex of the plasma membrane in muscular and neuronal cells, and recruit signaling proteins such as neuronal nitric oxide synthase via their multiple protein– protein interaction motifs.

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  • (BQ) This book contains 270 multiple-choice questions allowing self-assessment of the breadth of knowledge required of the modern intensivist. The MTF questions test factual knowledge and understanding of the evidence base underpinning intensive care medicine, while the SBA questions test the ability of the candidate to prioritise, compete options and make the best decision for the patient.

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  • (BQ) The book is divided into three papers each consisting of 60 multiple true false (MTF) and 30 single best answer (SBA) questions covering areas including resuscitation, diagnosis, disease management, organ support, and ethical and legal aspects of practice

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  • Europe is facing multiple challenges in the health sector and in health research. In the health sector, ageing population, failures of blockbuster approaches, increasing costs of healthcare and concomitant cost containment for healthcare are just a few of the obstacles to face. In health research, there is a need to better understand the mechanisms of diseases, break barriers across disciplines, and translate research results into clinical practice. Personalised medicine is an emerging field that promises to bring radical changes in healthcare.

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  • Secondary prevention refers to the detection and management of presympto- matic disease, and the prevention of its progression to symptomatic disease. Screening is the dominant practice in this space, exemplified by cancer screening (e.g., mammography, colonoscopy), and cardiac risk screening (e.g., lipid testing, blood pressure screens). The margins between primary and secondary prevention can at times blur, depending on definitions used for diseases, their risks, and their antecedents.

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  • The herbal medicine in far-west Nepal is the basis of treatment of most illness through traditional knowledge. The medicine is made available via ancient, natural health care practices such as tribal lore, home herbal remedy, and the Baidhya, Ayurveda and Amchi systems. The traditional herbal medicine has not only survived but also thrived in the trans-cultural environment with its intermixture of ethnic traditions and beliefs.

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