Multiple paradigms

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  • This paper describes a computational model of human sentence processing based on the principles and parameters paradigm of current linguistic theory. The syntactic processing model posits four modules, recovering phrase structure, long-distance dependencies, coreference, and thematic structure. These four modules are implemented as recta-interpreters over their relevant components of the grammar, permitting variation in the deductive strategies employed by each module.

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  • The need for more rigorous and systematic research in public administration has grown as the complexity of problems in government and nonprofit organizations has increased. This book describes and explains the use of research methods that will strengthen the research efforts of those solving government and nonprofit problems. This book is aimed primarily at those studying research methods in masters and doctoral level courses in curricula that concern the public and nonprofit sector.

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  • For solid lesions multiple passes with separate needles are performed. Staying within the lesion, the needle is moved in a cutting motion withdrawing cells into the needle hub. The force of the cutting motion needed to obtain an adequate sample must be adjusted for the body site and characteristics of the lesion. These biopsies may be performed with suction or by the “non- suction” technique. 17 There are many styles of handles, syringes and needles that may be used, depending upon the operator’s preference. Once the cellular material is seen in the needle hub, suction...

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  • Various factors are associated with an increased risk of becoming infected and subsequently developing disease (Table 1 and Fig. 1). Transmission is most efficient in poorly ventilated, crowded environments. Droplets become diluted once they enter the external environment and M. tuberculosis is rapidly destroyed by ultraviolet radiation. Following lung infection, multiplication and dissemination of the organism is contained once cell-mediated immunity develops at 2–12 weeks.

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  • Europe is facing multiple challenges in the health sector and in health research. In the health sector, ageing population, failures of blockbuster approaches, increasing costs of healthcare and concomitant cost containment for healthcare are just a few of the obstacles to face. In health research, there is a need to better understand the mechanisms of diseases, break barriers across disciplines, and translate research results into clinical practice. Personalised medicine is an emerging field that promises to bring radical changes in healthcare.

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  • This paper describes an architecture for differentiation of Quality of Service in heterogeneous wireless-wired networks. This architecture applies an “all-IP” paradigm, with embedded mobility of users. The architecture allows for multiple types of access networks, and enables user roaming between different operator domains.

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  • This book discusses an emerging approach to architecture in which building performance is a guiding design principle. This architecture places broadly defined performance above, or on a par with, form-making; it utilizes digital technologies of quantitative and qualitative performance-based simulation to offer a comprehensive new approach to the design of the built environment.

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  • Further Readings Black C et al: Population screening for lung cancer using computed tomography: Is there evidence of clinical effectiveness? A systematic review of the literature. Thorax 62:131, 2007 [PMID: 17287305] Eberhardt W et al: Chemoradiation paradigm for the treatment of lung cancer. Nat Clin Pract Oncol 3:188, 2006 [PMID: 16596143] Hayes DN et al: Gene expression profiling reveals reproducible human lung adenocarcinoma subtypes in multiple independent patient cohorts.

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  • There are three common sources within Indigenous knowledge inquiry. Mohawk scholar Marlene Brant Castellano suggests that Indigenous knowledge has a multiplicity of sources, including traditional, spiritual, and empirical (Dei, Hall and Rosenthal, 2000). The plurality of Indigenous knowledge engages a holistic paradigm that acknowledges the emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental well-being of a people.

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