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  • This manual will reveal to you all the secrets of permanent fat loss. It is written by a man who has discovered these secrets the hard way - through long years of trial and error. Using the information in this manual will allow you master the art and science of losing body fat by a shorter and less costly route; by “modeling” those who have gone before you and learning from an expert. The primary goals of this manual are to help you lose fat permanently without drugs, supplements or gimmicks and to educate you in the process of losing fat. In other words, my goal is...

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  • Science seeks to understand and explain our world, be that its physical composition (geology), chemical composition (chemistry), the way its composite matter interacts (physics), or the organisms that inhabit it (biology). We can only get an idea of what life is all about by piecing together information from each discipline to give us the big picture. We don’t have to look very far to realize that it is difficult, if not impossible, to separate biology from chemistry. After all, our body is a bag of chemicals.

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  • Introduction: Benzodiazepines show antianxiety, hypnotic, anticonvulsant and muscle-relaxant effects. This group of drugs has wide safety dose ranges; it means that the ratio of the LD50 to the ED50 (therapeutic index) is high. Because of its safety, benzodiazepines are being widely used in the world. Some of benzodiazepines are also being abused or used for so-called “drug facilitated sexual assault”, and thus they are under the control of the Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law; in Japan, triazolam abuse has become one of the serious social problems.

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  • The medical consequences of operating outside of the normal boundaries of a well tuned musculo-tendinous system are also poorly understood, although clearly recognized in the persistent atrophy experienced in microgravity despite rigorous exercise programs. Muscle force generation is length and velocity sensitive. The process is repetitive in the sense that muscles will always generate force based on their length-tension and forcevelocity properties, causing tendon deformation.

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  • In aqueous media, muscle pyruvate kinase is highly selective for K + over Na + . We now studied the selec-tivity of pyruvate kinase in water/dimethylsulfoxide mix-tures by measuring the activation and inhibition constants of K + and Na + , i.e. their binding to the monovalent and divalent cation binding sites of pyruvate kinase, respect-ively [Melchoir J.B. (1965) Biochemistry4, 1518–1525]. In 40% dimethylsulfoxide theK0.5 appfor K + and Na + were 190 and 64-fold lower than in water.Kiappfor K + and Na +decreased 116 and 135-fold between 20 and 40% dimethylsulfoxide.

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