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  • MVC Music Store là một ứng dụng hướng dẫn, giới thiệu và giải thích bước theo các bước làm thế nào để sử dụng ASP.NET MVC và Visual Web Developer để phát triển web.

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  • Among all the things that mobile phones are and have become, one definite trend is the increase in the media production and consumption capabilities they offer. This trend began with the advent of the camera phone in the late 1990s, and over the last few years has dramatically taken off with the surging popularity of smart phones. In terms of media capabilities, today’s mobile handsets are simultaneously cameras, photo albums, camcorders, movie players, music players, dictation machines, and potentially much more....

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  • Lecture "Unit 12: Music" designed professional PowerPoint to enhance skills and knowledge in the development of electronic lectures teaching and learning.

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  • By the end of the lesson: Students develop skimming and scanning skill, guessing meaning in context, students learn more new words about the topic ‘music’, students know the importance of music in their lives.

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  • Heitor Villa-Lobos did not conclude his secondary studies. In 1904, however, he enrolled at the National Institute of Music to take cello lessons on an evening course, at the same time as playing in the orchestra of a symphonic society, the Francisco Manuel Club. The evening courses comprised part of the project of teachers from the Institute to maintain and expand the public profile of classical music in Rio de Janeiro soon after the proclamation of the Republic.

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  • MICHAEL SEKLER graduated from the University of Western Australia in 1987 and has worked as a software engineer, developer, software architect, and consultant for several large and small companies. Michael’s expertise lies mainly in design, development, and support with databases, the Web, and content management systems. In the last few years, he has worked with open source systems, gaining experience with Linux and Java technologies. In his spare time, Michael enjoys good music and walks in the countryside....

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  • Social and emotional development, language and literacy, music and movement, visual arts, dramatic play,... is the main content of the book "100 alphabet activities". Invite you to consult the text book for more documents serving the academic needs and research.

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  • The purpose of this book is to provide the aspiring bass player with a wide variety of finger exercises for developing the techniques necessary to succeed in today's music scene. It can also play an important role in a bass player's daily practicing program. The 200 exercises are designed to help increase your speed, improve your dexterity, develop accuracy and promote finger independence. Recommended by world-acclaimed bass players, music schools and music magazines, this is the ultimate bass handbook. The added use of photos makes the lessons complete!...

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  • The vast amount of information available on the Internet, coupled with the diversity of user information needs, have urged the development of personalized systems that are capable of distinguishing one user from the other in order to provide content, services and information tailored to individual users. Recommender Systems (RS) form a special category of such personalized systems and aim to predict user’s preferences based on her previous behavior.

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  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been from its beginning the wave of evolution in computer science. It is in good health and a proof of it is the fact that many companies qualify its novelties as ‘smart’ or ‘intelligent’ independently of the features included in them; the term ‘society of knowledge’ has been imposed to draw society nearer to the future and a symbol of breakthrough.

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  • Pro Android Media provides concise and clear instruction on how to utilize the media APIs made available through Android to create dynamic apps. It takes you from a simple means to gain access to the camera to complex video capture and sharing examples. It also covers sound, graphics, painting, and more—everything you need to make your app come "alive."

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  • Have you thought about building games for your cell phone or other wireless devices? Whether you are a first–time wireless Java developer, or an experienced professional Beginning J2ME, Third Edition brings exciting wireless and mobile Java application development right to your door! This book will empower you with numerous topics: sound HTTPS support, user interface API enhancements, sound/music API, a Game API, 3D graphics, and Bluetooth. Further, this book is easy to read and includes many practical, hands–on, and ready–to–use code examples. You will not be disappointed....

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  • From 2004 to 2006 I taught an introductory film history course in the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University covering cinema’s first five decades. While approximately twenty-five percent of the students taking this course were enrolled in the department’s film production major and were actively creating their own 16mm films, the remain- ing students were largely taking the course out of personal interest or to fulfill requirements for other degrees.

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  • The National Telecommunications & Information Administration (2002, n.p.) has reported that Americans 65 and older rarely perform the following Internet-based activities: visiting chat rooms, playing games, visiting job sites, listening to music, trading stocks, or participating in listservs. Wicks (2004) found that reading was one of the most popular past-times of the elderly interviewed in his study. The majority of them used the library to rent books, audio, videos and participate in library programs.

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  • Getting Started with Ubuntu 13.04 is a comprehensive beginner's guide designed for the Ubuntu operating system. It is written under an open-source license and is free for you to download, read, modify, and share. This manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music, and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy-to-follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience

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  • The Internet has indeed helped create a global village. Yet, as more people connect to the Internet from all over the world, the reality remains; they speak different languages and have different expectations. In order to meet these expectations it makes it mandatory for companies to develop country or region specific websites. Websites should also have online translations and should be aware of different business customs. Marketers are often tempted to use their existing business models and values and introduce them to an entirely different environment. This is a mistake. ...

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  • Pier B was designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen AS in 1960 as one of the two piers at Terminal 2. In 1986, it was completely rebuilt, with a new first floor with marble flooring. The project received the Concrete Element Prize in 1989 and a diploma from the Association for Beautification of the Capital in 1991. In 1996, when Copenhagen became the Cultural City of Europe, the airport asked the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to make a represen- tative exhibition of its works in Pier B.

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  • The table in Figure 4 summarizes the models discussed above. These components provide a starting point for our research. In fact, there are too many to test within the scope of this project, so some choices must be made. The main consideration is that some properties, such as complexity, dominance (providing a focal point), and grouping, may lend themselves more easily to the visualization environment than others. A secondary consideration is the techniques for manipulating the chosen properties. Section 3 surveys aesthetic techniques that have been developed in computer graphics....

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  • This change of name signalled a desire for deeper changes. In fact, until then, the classical music produced in Brazil had circulated exclusively in Court circles. It was in 1841 that Francisco Manuel da Silva “put before the throne” a request for the creation of the Imperial Conservatory, a ‘civilizing environment’ that could place Brazil in the ensemble of the “most cultured nations” (Mello 1947 [1908]:219).

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  • Crowther (1993: 3) provides a criticism of accounts that attempt to detail the interaction between agent and environment. He maintains that any description of the ontological reciprocity of agent and context inevitably will be fragmentary and distorted, because pre-reflective reciprocity cannot be captured in words. However that may be, TSC sidesteps the problem by using DST to shed light on the reciprocity of agent and context.

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