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  • I’ve noticed over the years that many guitarists simply do not know anything about music theory, namely the theory based in the “western” classical tradition. Well, to say they do not know anything about it is a bit of an exaggeration; many know a decent amount about theory, they just do not know how to apply it to the guitar. It is almost as if there are two separate languages being spoken these days: “real” music and “guitar” music. Hence the popularity of tablature and it being the sole method for song learning many guitarists (right along with playing by...

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  • to Learn How To Compose Learn How to Improvise As I sit here writing this listening to Mozart, I can't help but think of musical form. That sometimes but often not discernible quality to music that makes it art. And when I say art, I'm not talking about improvisation or free form. I'm talking about composition. Most students are baffled as to how a piece of music is constructed. It's as if learning how to compose is something only gifted individuals do. And while the intuitive sense behind creating melody itself can not be taught, the craft can! Form is to...

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  • The Scots and Welsh are called Englishmen {orang Inggris) by Indonesians. Similarly the people of Sunda, or West Java, who inhabit the Westernmost third of the island of Java, are sometimes wrongly referred to by foreigners as Javanese. Sundanese culture, language and music are quite distinct from those of the Javanese people of Central and East Java - although of course there are also elements in common. In Sunda there is a bewildering diversity of musical genres. This handbook is concerned with just three of these: gamelan sal6ndro/pelog, gamelan degung and tembang Sunda.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'the cavalier songs and ballads of england from 1642 to 1684 edited.', văn hoá - nghệ thuật, âm nhạc phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The purpose of this License is to make a manual, textbook, or other written document "free" in the sense of freedom: to assure everyone the effective freedom to copy and redistribute it, with or without modifying it, either commercially or noncommercially. Secondarily, this License preserves for the author and publisher a way to get credit for their work, while not being considered responsible for modifications made by others. This License is a kind of "copyleft", which means that derivative works of the document must themselves be free in the same sense.

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  • This document is a guide to the essential ideas of audio mixing, targeted specifically at computer-based producers. I am writing it because I haven’t been able to find anything similar freely available on the Internet. The Internet has an incredible wealth of information on this subject, but it is scattered across a disorganized body of articles and tutorials of varying quality and reliability. My aim is to consolidate all of the most important information in one place, all of it verified and fact-checked.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'remains from the past', văn hoá - nghệ thuật, âm nhạc phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Coral Reef Take an Underwater Journey! Edward Weiss

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  • INTRODUCTION--History of hypnotism--Mesmer--Puysegur--Braid--What is hypnotism?--Theories of hypnotism: 1. Animal magnetism; 2. The Neurosis Theory; 3. Suggestion Theory CHAPTER I--How to Hypnotize--Dr. Cocke's method-Dr. Flint's method--The French method at Paris--At Nancy--The Hindoo silent method--How to wake a subject from hypnotic sleep--Frauds of public hypnotic entertainments.

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  • This sketch of the iconography of the dance does not pretend to be a history of the subject, except in the most elementary way. It may be taken as a summary of the history of posture; a complete dance cannot be easily rendered in illustration. The text is of the most elementary description; to go into the subject thoroughly would involve years and volumes. The descriptions of the various historic dances or music are enormous subjects; two authors alone have given 800 dances in four volumes.[1] It would have been interesting if some idea of the orchesography of the...

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  • The Heart of Brazil—Brazil, its Size and its Immense Wealth—Rio de Janeiro—Brazilian Men of Genius—São Paulo—The Bandeirantes—The Paulista Railway Coffee—The Dumont Railway On the Mogyana Railway The Terminus of the Railway—An Unpleasant Incident—The Purchase of Animals—On the March with the Caravan Travelling across Country—A Musical Genius—Valuable Woods—Thermal Springs Inquisitiveness—Snakes—A Wonderful Cure—Butterflies—A Striking Scene

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  • The aim of the present volume is to deal with Old English Customs, not so much in their picturesque aspect--though that element is not wholly wanting--as in their fundamental relations to the organized life of the Middle Ages. Partly for that reason and partly because the work is comparatively small, it embraces only such usages as are of national (and, in some cases, international) significance. The writer is much too modest to put it forth as a scientific exposition of the basic principles of mediæval civilization.

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  • Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? All students should be required to study art and music in secondary school. Use specific reasons to support your answer.

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  • We can use a plural noun (e.g. cars, parties) or an uncountable noun (e.g. ice hockey, music) without the. I love parties means that I love all parties, parties in general. B General and specific meanings GENERAL SPECIFIC A plural noun or an uncountable noun on its own has a general meaning. Cars are expensive to buy. Elephants are intelligent animals. I don't understand computers. (= all computers, computers in general) You always need money. Glass is made from sand. I'm quite fond of curry. Natasha is studying music. (= all music, music in general) ...

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