My tiny life

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  • Julian Dibbell's reporting of the "Mr. Bungle" rape case first appeared as the cover story in The Village Voice. Since that time it has become a cause célèbre, cited as a landmark case in numerous books and articles and a source of less discussion on the Internet. That's because the scene of the crime was a "Multi-User Domain," an electronic "salon" where Internet

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  • I first met Tracy Anderson in 2006 on a busy afternoon in New York City. I had heard about her from a mutual friend who had raved that Tracy had changed her body and her life, and I was curious to see what lay in store. Never could I have imagined when she opened the door, tiny and blonde and smiling, how much of an impact she would have, not only on my physical body, but also on the road that lay ahead. She promptly stripped me down and sized me up. I was still a good 15 pounds over the weight I like to be...

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  • not move a muscle - to remain perfectly motionless I was told to not move a muscle while the dentist was working on my teeth. not much of (something) - to be rather bad, to be not so good It is not much of a hotel but I think that it will be okay for one night. not on your life - definitely not "May I borrow your car?" "Not on your life." not one iota - not even a tiny bit There is not one iota of truth in what that man is saying about me. not one's place - not one's role to do something It is...

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  • So there we were, rumbling south down Highway 77 in our Chevy Impala on our way to a football game, when my dad became my hero and the Nebraska Cornhuskers my team for life. It happened, oddly enough, over the cb radio, the best in-car entertainment in those pre–Game Boy days. The drive to Lincoln from Rosalie, our tiny town of two hundred in the northeast corner of the state, wasn’t exactly jam-packed with excitement. There was the traditional pit stop at the Fremont Dairy Queen to look forward to or maybe even an interlude at the corner café in Wahoo....

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