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  • Mathematical modeling is one of the competencies that have been focused in the curriculum of many countries in the world such as Australia, Germany, Singapore and USA. In Vietnam, the Mathematics curriculum promulgated in 12/2018 clarified that modeling competency would be one of the domain-specific competencies that contribute to the formation and development of the mathematical competency in particular, and numeracy in general.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu khoa học ngành toán học tạp chí toán học quốc tế đề tài: Stapled Sequences and Stapling Coverings of Natural Numbers...

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  • Lecture 1 - Addition and subtraction of natural numbers. In this lecture student teachers will be able to: Increase their mathematical content knowledge for numbers and operations, algebra and algebraic thinking, geometry and geometric measurement, and Information handling for teaching in elementary grades; increase their confidence, competence, interest, and enthusiasm for mathematics by exploring and doing mathematics; deepen an understanding of how children learn mathematics;…

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  • The rapidly increasing global population has dramatically increased the demands for natural resources and has caused significant changes in quantity and quality of natural resources.To achieve sustainable resource management, it is essential to obtain insight- ful guidance from emerging disciplines such as landscape ecology.This text addresses the links between landscape ecology and natural resource management.These links are discussed in the context of various landscape types,a diverse set of resources,and a wide range ofmanagement issues.

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  • Let b ≥ 2 be an integer. We prove that the b-ary expansion of every irrational algebraic number cannot have low complexity. Furthermore, we establish that irrational morphic numbers are transcendental, for a wide class of morphisms. In particular, irrational automatic numbers are transcendental. Our main tool is a new, combinatorial transcendence criterion. 1. Introduction Let b ≥ 2 be an integer. The b-ary expansion of every rational number is eventually periodic, but what can be said about the b-ary expansion of an irrational algebraic number? ...

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  • The kissing number problem asks for the maximal number k(n) of equal size nonoverlapping spheres in n-dimensional space that can touch another sphere of the same size. This problem in dimension three was the subject of a famous discussion between Isaac Newton and David Gregory in 1694. In three dimensions the problem was finally solved only in 1953 by Sch¨tte and van der u Waerden. In this paper we present a solution of a long-standing problem about the kissing number in four dimensions. Namely, the equality k(4) = 24 is proved. The proof is based on a modification of...

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  • Asperger Syndrome (AS) has, as Dr. Suzanne Lawton so correctly reminds the reader, baffled Dr. Hans Asperger and baffles parents, children, physicians, and other health care practitioners, researchers, and others to this day. We cannot seem to agree on the cause or even, universally, on the diagnosis, much less the treatment. Auditoriums full of angry, impassioned, sometimes desperate, parents have gathered to berate the apparent lack of concern on the part of governmental institutions regarding mercury-laden vaccine preservatives.

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  • We give a new construction of the moonshine module vertex operator algebra V , which was originally constructed in [FLM2]. We construct it as a framed VOA over the real number field R. We also offer ways to transform a structure of framed VOA into another framed VOA. As applications, we study the five framed VOA structures on VE8 and construct many framed VOAs including V from a small VOA. One of the advantages of our construction is that we are able to construct V as a framed VOA with a positive definite invariant bilinear form and we...

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  • We show that a tensor product of irreducible, finite dimensional representations of a simple Lie algebra over a field of characteristic zero determines the individual constituents uniquely. This is analogous to the uniqueness of prime factorisation of natural numbers. 1. Introduction 1.1. Let g be a simple Lie algebra over C. The main aim of this paper is to prove the following unique factorisation of tensor products of irreducible, finite dimensional representations of g:

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  • We give an upper bound on the number of extensions of a fixed number field of prescribed degree and discriminant ≤ X; these bounds improve on work of Schmidt. We also prove various related results, such as lower bounds for the number of extensions and upper bounds for Galois extensions.

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  • We prove that a type II1 factor M can have at most one Cartan subalgebra A satisfying a combination of rigidity and compact approximation properties. We use this result to show that within the class HT of factors M having such Cartan subalgebras A ⊂ M , the Betti numbers of the standard equivalence relation associated with A ⊂ M ([G2]), are in fact isomorphism invariants for HT the factors M , βn (M ), n ≥ 0. The class HT is closed under amplifications HT HT and tensor products,

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  • For diffeomorphisms of smooth compact finite-dimensional manifolds, we consider the problem of how fast the number of periodic points with period n grows as a function of n. In many familiar cases (e.g., Anosov systems) the growth is exponential, but arbitrarily fast growth is possible; in fact, the first author has shown that arbitrarily fast growth is topologically (Baire) generic for C 2 or smoother diffeomorphisms.

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  • We prove two results. (1) There is an absolute constant D such that for any finite quasisimple group S, given 2D arbitrary automorphisms of S, every element of S is equal to a product of D ‘twisted commutators’ defined by the given automorphisms. (2) Given a natural number q, there exist C = C(q) and M = M (q) such that: if S is a finite quasisimple group with |S/Z(S)| C, βj (j = 1, . . . , M ) are any automorphisms of S, and qj (j = 1, . . . , M ) are...

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  • In this paper, we study the growth of sX(L), the number of simple closed geodesics of length ≤ L on a complete hyperbolic surface X of finite area. We also study the frequencies of different types of simple closed geodesics on X and their relationship with the Weil-Petersson volumes of moduli spaces of bordered Riemann surfaces.

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  • The annual labour of every nation is the fund which originally supplies it with all the necessaries and conveniencies of life which it annually consumes, and which consist always either in the immediate produce of that labour, or in what is purchased with that produce from other nations. According, therefore, as this produce, or what is purchased with it, bears a greater or smaller proportion to the number of those who are to consume it, the nation will be better or worse supplied with all the necessaries and conveniencies for which it has occasion. But this proportion must in...

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  • This paper describes an unsupervised knowledge–lean methodology for automatically determining the number of senses in which an ambiguous word is used in a large corpus. It is based on the use of global criterion functions that assess the quality of a clustering solution.

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  • In this report we present some noncommutative weak and strong laws of large numbers. Two case are considered: a von Neumann algebra with a normal faithful state on it and the algebra of measurable operators with normal faithful trace. 1. Introduction and notations One of the problems occurring in noncommutative probability theory concerns the extension of various results centered around limit theorems to the noncommutative context.

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  • Based on experience with INTELLECT in the areas of quality assurance and customer support, a number of issues in evaluating a natural language database query system, particularly the INTELLECT system, will be discussed. A, I. Corporation offers licenses for customers t o use the INTELLECT software on their computers, to access their databases. We now have a number of customer installations, plus reports from companies that are marketing INTELLECT under agreements with us, so that we can begin to discuss user reactions as possible criteria for evaluating our system. ...

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  • ( 'What you see is what you meant') is a user-interface technique which uses natural language generation (NLG) technology to provide feedback for user interactions. To date, the technology has been applied in a number of demonstrator applications, using customised, nonportable implementations. In this demonstration, we introduce a WYSIWYM library package, designed to be used as a modular component of a larger JAVA-based application.

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  • The notion of mild context-sensitivity was formulated in an attempt to express the formal power which is both necessary and sufficient to define the syntax of natural languages. However, some linguistic phenomena such as Chinese numbers and German word scrambling lie beyond the realm of mildly contextsensitive formalisms. On the other hand, the class of range concatenation grammars provides added power w.r.t, mildly context-sensitive grammars while keeping a polynomial parse time behavior.

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