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  • 3 When Humans and Nature Collide Imagine Exponentia, a booming city of the early twenty-first century. A hundred years ago, Exponentia was a town of barely 5,000 residents; today, it has more than 100,000, with most of that growth taking place in just the last half-century.

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  • The principal charge to the Committee on Elementary Particle Physics in the 21st Century was to recommend priorities for the U.S. particle physics program for the next 15 years. Described in the Executive Summary and more fully presented in the Overview, the committee’s considered response is laid out in detail in the main text of this report, which begins by discussing the scientific challenges in particle physics and conveying the current status of the U.S. program and then presents the committee’s consensus on the best way to sustain a competitive and globally relevant U.S.

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  • This book benefited tremendously from the input, support, and feedback of many people, and we greatly appreciate their time and efforts. Armando Carbonell of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy suggested that we write the book, secured support from the Lincoln Institute, and was deeply helpful at every stage of the book’s development. Ann LeRoyer and Lisa Cloutier of the Lincoln Institute provided thoughtful suggestions and were especially helpful in bringing the book to fruition.

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