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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Negligible heat strain in armored vehicle officers wearing personal body armor

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  • BEING CONSCIOUS of the need to preserve the human environment in general and the marine environment in particular, RECOGNIZING that deliberate, negligent or accidental release of oil and other harmful substances from ships constitutes a serious source of pollution, RECOGNIZING ALSO the importance of the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil, 1954, as being the first multilateral instrument to be concluded with the prime objective of protecting the environment, and appreciating the significant contribution which that Convention has made in preserving the ...

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  • This paper examines the incidence of taxation in Vietnam, using data from the Living Standards Survey of 1997-98 and an input-output matrix for 1997. The tax system in 1998 was slightly progressive, taking the equivalent of 7.8% of spending for households in the lowest, and 10.3% from households in the highest, expenditure quintile. The replacement of the turnover tax by a VAT in January 1999 made the system marginally more progressive, while the falling importance of taxes on trade has had a negligible effect on the overall incidence of the tax system.......

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  • IMPEDANCE MATCHING NETWORKS One of the most critical requirements in the design of high-frequency electronic circuits is that the maximum possible signal energy is transferred at each point. In other words, the signal should propagate in a forward direction with a negligible echo (ideally, zero). Echo signal not only reduces the power available but also deteriorates the signal quality due to the presence of multiple re¯ections. As noted in the preceding chapter, impedance can be transformed to a new value by adjusting the turn ratio of a transformer that couples it with the circuit.

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  • Average depth model has a variety of applications in hydraulic engineering, especially in applications that flow depth is much smaller than the width of the flow. In this method the vertical variation is negligible and the hydraulic variables average integrated from channel bed to the surface free for the vertical axis. in equations arising management, pure hydrostatic pressure is assumed that not really valid in the case of flow in the bed is curved and can not be described curvature effects of the bed.

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  • And what about outside the UK? BPP Learning Media strives to make our materials available at prices students can afford by local printing arrangements, pricing policies and partnerships which are clearly listed on our website. A tiny minority ignore this and indulge in criminal activity by illegally photocopying our material or supporting organisations that do. If they act illegally and unethically in one area, can you really trust them?

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  • My interest in the relationship between tort law and the implementation of international human rights standards, particularly the European Convention on Human Rights, was prompted by a series of cases decided in the last decade that challenged the English courts to make public authorities accountable for their actions. Perhaps the most notable was the House of Lords’ decision in X v.

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  • Remaining Funds, which account for €147 billion of shares/units in issue, consist primarily of mixed funds, but also include real estate and other unclassified funds. This category has performed positively in Q1 2012, second only to equity funds in terms of revaluations, with asset growth of €8.9 billion or 6.4 per cent. Remaining funds were the strongest performing category in Q4 2011, and despite a continued resilient performance, the category attracted negligible net new investment of €0.1 billion. ...

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  • WHAT THE LAW REQUIRES OF THE THEARTOFTHEENGINEER 2229 15.1.1 Modeling for the Real World 2229 75. 1 .2 The Safety Factor 2230 PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY 75.2.1 Liability of an Employee 75.2.2 Liability of a Business THE LAWS OF PRODUCT LIABILITY 75.3.1 Definition 75.3.2 Negligence 75.3.3 Strict Liability 75.3.4 Express Warranty and Misrepresentation THE NATURE OF PRODUCT DEFECTS 75.4.1 Production or Manufacturing Flaws 75.4.2 Design Flaws 75.4.3 Instructions and Warnings 2230 2231 2233 2235 2235 2236 2236 2236 2237 2237 2238 2238 ...

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  • PART 2 Mercury Concentrations in Field Collections of Abiotic Materials, Plants, and Animals © 2006 by Taylor & Francis Group, LLC CHAPTER 5 Mercury Concentrations in Abiotic Materials Mercury burdens in sediments and other nonbiological materials are estimated to have increased up to five times prehuman levels, primarily as a result of anthropogenic activities (USNAS, 1978). Maximum increases are reported in freshwater and estuarine sediments and in freshwater lakes and rivers, but estimated increases in oceanic waters and terrestrial soils have been negligible (USNAS, 1978).

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  • The elderly in India often end up in a state of deprivation and negligence as there is no proper social security system as in the West (OASIS, 1999). The majority of the elderly work in the informal sector with low levels of wages and deficient working conditions and this has also put the aged in a state of deprivation, vulnerability and distress in old age in terms of both health and economic security (Helpage International, 2002). Empirical studies by different researchers have shown a gradual decline in the standard of life of the aged with high...

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  • It could be argued that the prevailing sense of interest rate predictability at the time of the “conundrum” combined with a banking system willing to take huge duration exposures would have made a policy of bond sales ineffective. But it should be remembered that this sense of interest rate predictability was itself deliberately nurtured by the Federal Reserve policy of a “measured pace” in increasing the Federal funds rate. The Federal Reserve was anxious to avoid a bond market collapse similar to the one that took place around the early 1994 tightening.

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  • The security of many public-key cryptosystems relies on the apparent intractability of the computational problems studied in this chapter. In a cryptographic setting, it is prudent to make the assumption that the adversary is very powerful. Thus, informally speaking, a computational problem is said to be easy or tractable if it can be solved in (expected)1 polynomial time, at least for a non-negligible fraction of all possible inputs.

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  • This installation was developed and manufactured only for use in basic and further training in the fields of automation and communications. The training company and/or the training staff must ensure that the trainees observe the safety precautions described in the accompanying manuals. Furthermore this manual describes setup and possible uses of the singular stations. It contains all information and data required for commissioning, maintenance and operation.

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  • The belief that children will take care of the parents in the old age is eroding in India where the family size has been cut down as a result of the demographic process (Dandelkar, 1996). The situation in the urban areas shows a rejection of older people by the next generation and this is spreading to rural areas (Desai, 1985). In the nuclear family regime, the position of the aged becomes more vulnerable and is treated as a burden to the family (Nayar, 1992). The social negligence of the aged occurs due to cultural, social and economic relations within the...

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  • In October 2005, an Angelina County, Texas, court held a woman accountable in an automobile crash that resulted in the death of her 1-month-old son who was not properly restrained in the vehicle. The woman forgot the child’s car seat and let a friend hold the child in her lap while a 14-year-old, unlicensed, uninsured driver drove the vehicle. The car slammed into an oncoming pickup truck and rolled over, killing the boy. The woman pleaded guilty to negligent homicide charges and was sentenced to a deferred three-year prison sentence and is required to attend...

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  • Child Abuse The Forensic Investigation.Michael Ward, MD Chief Medical Examiner Greenville, South Carolina...Child Abuse.• The physical, sexual, or mental injury, exploitation or negligent treatment of a child under the age of 18 years, by a person

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  • Qi and the carryover Q2 flows so that Tu = 7\. It is further assumed that there is no energy generation and negligible heat transfer. Hence, for the unloaded portion of the film, QiTt + Q2^T2 = (Q2 + Q1)(T1) Next an energy balance is performed on the active portion of the lubricating film (Fig. 28.6). The energy generation rate is taken to be Fj UIJ, and the conduction heat loss to the shaft and bearing are taken to be a portion of the heat generation rate, or XFj UIJ. Accordingly, PGiCT1 - (?QsaC*Ta + PQ2CT2) + fl"^*7 =O (28.13)...

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  • Having been longtime observers of the mental health profession, we have come to know the value and benefits that its professionals offer to consumers of their services. Unfortunately, many of the consumers whom professionals take into therapy try to do them harm in return. With a proliferation of licensing boards and other regulatory authorities, consumers have easier and more numerous options to seek redress for perceived malevolent and negligent acts.

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  • The impact assessment concludes that a 'strict liability' standard obliging depositaries to return instruments lost in custody irrespective of fault or negligence is both conducive to ensuring a high level of investor protection and to achieving a uniform standard across the EU.

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