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  • The C# community is very different in 2010 than it was in 2004 when the first edition of Effective C# was published. There are many more developers using C#. A large contingent of the C# community is now seeing C# as their first professional language. They aren’t approaching C# with a set of ingrained habits formed using a different language. The community has a much broader range of experience. New graduates all the way to professionals with decades of experience are using C#.

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  • .Corporate Finance DeMYSTiFieD® .DeMYSTiFieD® Series Accounting Demystified Advanced Statistics Demystified Algebra Demystified Alternative Energy Demystified ASP.NET 2.

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  • A major feature of the .NET Framework common language runtime is that the runtime automatically handles the allocation and release of an object’s memory resources. In most cases, automatic memory management enhances code quality and developer productivity without negatively impacting expressiveness or performance.

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  • Health disparities in the United States correlating with race, ethnicity, language, economic status and other demographic factors have been documented by numerous researchers. According to the CDC, populations experiencing health disparities are growing as U.S. demographics change. The future of American health depends on understanding, addressing, reducing, and eliminating these disparities.

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  • In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Capacity, capacity management, matching capacity and demand, capacity planning process, resource planning, inputs to capacity planning, managing demand, tactics for managing demand, approaches to capacity expansion, breakeven analysis, decision tree and capacity expansion, net present value, capacity planning issues.

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  • Lecture 19 - Capacity Management and Planning (Revision). The contents of this chapter include all of the following: Capacity, capacity management, matching capacity and demand, capacity planning process, resource planning, inputs to capacity planning, managing demand, tactics for managing demand, approaches to capacity expansion, breakeven analysis, decision tree and capacity expansion, net present value, capacity planning issues.

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  • The net result is that a resource’s authorisation system is able to use user credentials built from preexisting attributes issued by any participating organisation, in order to determine a user’s access rights to the various resources, without requiring credentials to be issued that are based on federation specific attributes. The model significantly simplifies the authorisation management process for the resource holding organisation.

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  • A team of well-known Microsoft MVPs joins forces in this fully updated resource, providing you with in-depth coverage of development tools in the latest iteration of the immensely popular SharePoint. From building solutions to building custom workflow and content management applications, this book shares field-tested best practices on all aspect of SharePoint 2013 development.

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  • Introducing the Microsoft .NET Platform in use, these objects will always have a reference count greater than zero, so unless they are implicitly deconstructed, their memory may never be recovered. For a C or C++ programmer—accustomed to ensuring that objects are properly destroyed, essentially managing memory on their own—this sounds perfectly normal, and a good reason for not trusting anyone else to take care of managing resources. However, in the .NET environment, Microsoft is striving to make developing software easier. Later in this chapter, we cover a how .

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  • Anil Desai, MCITP, MCSE, MCSD, MCDBA, is an independent consultant and writer based in Austin, Texas. He specializes in implementing and managing solutions based on a wide range of Microsoft technologies. He has worked extensively with Microsoft’s server products and the Microsoft .NET development platform and has managed environments that support thousands of virtual machines. He is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

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  • Cài đặt IIS 7.0 Sử dụng Server Manager Server Manager cung cấp một giao diện điều khiển duy nhất để thực hiện tất cả các chức năng hành chính trên Windows Server 2008. Khi bạn lần đầu tiên đăng nhập vào. Bạn cũng có thể muốn cô lập một ứng dụng dựa trên loại ứng dụng. Ví dụ, bạn có thể muốn bể ứng dụng khác nhau cho ASP và ASP.NET.

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  • Although substantial economic development and improvement of health services have occurred, Asia is a heterogeneous and resource-constrained continent. Over half of the 50 million people with epilepsy worldwide are estimated to live in Asia (Mac et al., 2007). There are some biological differences in epilepsy between Asia and the West, mainly related to the young average age and smaller physique among Asians. This probably partly explains the smaller doses of antiepileptic drugs found effective in some trials involving Asians (Yang et al., 2007).

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  • In this chapter, we'll show you how to create an Ogre 3D Windows application in Visual Studio 2010 using the Win32 API, the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC), and the .NET framework. We'll show you how to configure your project settings to support Ogre, and how to integrate Ogre into each type of application. We'll also create a custom Ogre plugin and a custom resource manager

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  • PDS, food price policies, food subsidies, food safety net, food for work programme. Food quality. Measurement of poverty. Poverty alleviation and development strategies.

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  • A special case of the npv approach, known as the Hotelling valuation principle (see Miller and Upton, 1985 ), avoids the diYculties of forecasting future net revenues and then discounting them back to the present. This approach makes the strong and generally unrealistic assumption that the unit value of a resource grows at exactly the same rate as the appropriate discount rate.

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  • Despite the reprimand, the program manager contracted with consultants to meet with state legislators and testify in favor of legislation even though he did not have the authority to do so. The Executive Director stated in an interview that he was not aware of these activities or that the program manager was not complying with the terms of the reprimand further demonstrating he was not providing adequate oversight of the program manager.

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  • Asset management industry provides services and investment products to diverse clients such as individuals, corporations, government pension funds, provident and pension funds with various investment goals. Moreover, asset management plays an important role in saving and investment activities. Asset management services ranging from private investment fund for high net worth investors, provident and pension funds for the systematic long term investment and mutual funds for individuals with constraints in time, information, investment knowledge, and market sentiments.

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  • The Oracle Internet Directory (OID) was introduced with Oracle8i. OID serves the same function as Oracle Names in that it gives users a way to connect to an Oracle Server without having a client-side configuration file. However, OID differs from Oracle Names in that it is an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) direc- tory; it does not merely support the Oracle-only Oracle Net protocol. Oracle Connection Manager Each connection to the database takes up valuable network resources, which can impact the overall performance of a database application.

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  • What does a typical BCS network look like? Most installations today have a dedicated BCS network with centralized control via an operator’s terminal in the facility manager’s office. There is no Internet (or LAN) connection, and thus no IT threat. However, the trend today is toward greater connectivity to enable new services, convenience, and savings on infrastructure costs. Newer buildings have network connections to the Inter- net. But even so, most BCS networks still have few resources that are of value to the typical “hacker”. ...

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  • Africa is still undergoing a process of economic stabilization, and many countries are facing specific issues of post-conflict reconstruction that call for emergency social funds interven- tions. The region already has the largest concentration of social funds, with the AGETIP agen- cies of West Africa regrouped within AFRICATIP. The social funds of Eastern and Southern Africa will develop their own network to be called Social Funds NET.

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