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  • etBeans has several features that greatly simplify Java EE development, but with many features and great flexibility, Java developers can become overwhelmed by the options available in NetBeans. This book provides step-by-step recipes that show you how to take control of the environment and make use of these features to make your enterprise Java application development more efficient and productive than ever before, so that you can concentrate on the important parts of your application.

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  • 1.Download Netbean(6.7 trở lên) tại địa chỉ sau: http://n / 2. Mở NB IDE, bạn vào Tool | Plugin từ thanh menu sau đó chọn tab Setting từ hộp thoại xuất hiện.

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  • The NetBeans Platform is the world's only modular Swing application framework, used by very large organizations in mission-critical scenarios, such as at Boeing and Northrop Grumman, as well as in the financial sector and in the oil/gas industry. For these large customers in enterprises who are increasingly interested in Maven and OSGi, the book will have particular relevance.

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  • Rhawi Dantas is a Brazilian Software Engineer, more specifically from Recife, with severeal years of experience in the Java platform. He has mainly focused on Web/Server developmen and hsa contributed to projects ranging from mobile/server integration, different customization of IDEs and development of CRMs. He currently works at with Java Web development. He graduated as Bachelor in Information Systems and at that time he had the opportunity to work as a tutor for the University with Object Oriented Programming subject.

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  • Bây giờ chúng ta đã tạo ra dự án web mẫu của chúng tôi, cho phép có một cái nhìn vào cấu trúc dự án và xem những gì các tập tin đã được tạo ra. NetBeans đã tạo ra một Web NetBeans tiêu chuẩn cấu trúc thư mục dự án với các tiêu chuẩn xây dựng, nbproject, src, kiểm tra và thư mục web. mỗi

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