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  • This course provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to configure and administer a complex network. The course is designed to provide you with an advanced skill set and abilities to handle more challenging network situations than were presented in the NetWare 5TM Administration course. The NetWare® 5 Advanced Administration course is intended for network administrators who have completed the NetWare 5 Administration course and Networking Technologies course.

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  • Course Setup Read this section before you set up the instructor and student workstations and servers. Classroom setup can take several hours. Allow adequate time to set up the hardware and software, and to test the setup. As part of your testing, complete the exercises to ensure that students can complete the exercises without unexpected problems.

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  • Craig is a writer, editor, and networker whose computing experience began in the days of teletypes and paper tape. After making the move from minicomputers to PCs, he worked as an administrator of Novell NetWare networks and as a PC support technician while operating a freelance desktop publishing business.

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