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  • Orion Network Performance Monitor (Orion NPM) delivers comprehensive fault and network performance management that scales with rapid network growth and expands with your network monitoring needs, allowing you to collect and view availability and realtime and historical statistics directly from your web browser. While monitoring, collecting, and analyzing data from routers, switches, firewalls, servers, and any other SNMP-enabled devices, Orion NPM successfully offers you a simple-to-use, scalable network monitoring solution for IT professionals juggling any size network....

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  • Since the seminal study of Leland, Taqqu, Willinger, and Wilson [41], which set the groundwork for considering self-similarity an important notion in the understanding of network traffic including the modeling and analysis of network performance, an explosion of work has ensued investigating the multifaceted nature of this phenomenon.

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  • Establishing a network performance baseline requires collecting key performance data from the ports and devices that are essential to network operation.1 Gather symptoms - Troubleshooting begins with the process of gathering and documenting symptoms from the network, end systems, and users. Stage 2 Isolate the problem - The problem is not truly isolated until a single problem, or a set of related problems, is identified.

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  • Load balancing improves network performance by distributing traffic efficiently so that individual servers are not overwhelmed by sudden fluctuations in activity. Server Load Balancing is a guide to this critical component of high availability, clustering, and fault tolerance, all of which provide the infrastructure for reliable Internet sites and large corporate networks.

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  • Network Operating Systems and Windows Server 2003-Based Networking Discuss the functions and features of a network operating system Define the requirements for a Windows Server 2003 network environment Describe how Windows Server 2003 fits into an enterprise-wide network Perform a simple Windows Server 2003 installation Manage simple user, group, and rights parameters in Windows Server 2003 Understand how Windows Server 2003 integrates with other popular network operating systems

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  • Upon completing this module, you will be able to: Use the command-line interface to accurately determine network operational status and network performance Manage operating system image files to maintain an accessible operating system file and according to best practices, given a network topology Use Cisco IOS commands to manage device configuration files to reduce device downtime and according to best practices Execute an add, move, or change so that the network functions in accordance with the new requirement, given a new network requirement...

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  • As network operators add new capacity, technologies and equipment to their networks, they often find themselves with older network elements that no longer meet their needs. Additionally, as some operators grow through acquisition, they sometimes find themselves with duplicated facilities that add unnecessary capital and operating expenditures. And other operators are faced with asset disaggregation or divestiture as the result of changing business models.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Wireless Sensor Networks: Performance Analysis in Indoor Scenarios

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  • Module 6: Managing and monitoring domain name system. This module provides you with the knowledge and skills to manage and monitor DNS servers to ensure that they are functioning properly and to optimize network performance.

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  • Module 6: Managing and monitoring domain name system. This module provides you with the knowledge and skills to manage and monitor DNS servers to ensure that they are functioning properly and to optimize network performance.

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  • Learning objectives of this chapter include: Identify the devices and protocols used in a small network; explain how a small network serves as the basis of larger networks; explain the need for basic security measures on network devices; identify security vulnerabilities and general mitigation techniques;...

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  • Configure a router to propagate a default route in an EIGRP network, modify EIGRP interface settings to improve network performance, configure EIGRP authentication to ensure secure routing updates, explain the process and tools used to troubleshoot an EIGRP network, troubleshoot neighbor adjacency issues in an EIGRP network, troubleshoot missing route entries in an EIGRP routing table.

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  • Networks, particularly large networks, are often divided into smaller subnetworks, or subnets. Subnets can improve network performance and control. A subnet address extends the network portion, and is created by borrowing bits from the original host portion and designating them as the subnet field,...

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  • Chapter 12 - Network design. In this chapter, the following content will be discussed: Introduction: traditional network design, building block network design; needs analysis; technology design; cost assessment; designing for network performance.

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  • Mục đích của chương này là cung cấp cho chúng ta những khái niệm cơ bản nhất về giao thức quản lí mạng đơn giản SNMP, các thành phần, chức năng và phương thức hoạt động của giao thức. Phần đầu chương giới thiệu tổng quan về SNMP, cấu trúc và đặc điểm cũng như hoạt động của giao thức này. Sau đó giới thiệu các phiên bản sau của SNMP và phân tích được những khác biệt của các phiên bản sau với phiên bản SNMP đầu tiên....

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  • The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is a reference tool for understanding data communications between any two networked systems. It divides the communications processes into seven layers. Each layer both performs specific functions to support the layers above it and offers services to the layers below it. The three lowest layers focus on passing traffic through the network to an end system. The top four layers come into play in the end system to complete the process.

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  • Limit network traffic to increase network performance. For example, if corporate policy does not allow video traffic on the network, ACLs that block video traffic could be configured and applied. This would greatly reduce the network load and increase network performance. 2. Provide traffic flow control. ACLs can restrict the delivery of routing updates. If updates are not required because of network conditions, bandwidth is preserved. 3. Provide a basic level of security for network access.

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  • Your role as a Cisco Certified Design Associate is to be a network design consultant. You will act like an architect, building comprehensive designs that solve your customer's internetworking problems and provide the required functionality, performance, and scalability. In the same way that an architect designs a building or house for a client, you will develop blueprints for an overall internetwork design, as well as components plans for various pieces of the internetwork.

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  • This volume contains the proceedings of the Seventh Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop (Med-Hoc-Net'2008), celebrated in Palma de Mallorca (llles Balears, Spain) during June 25-27, 2008. This IFIP TC6 Workshop was organized by the Universitat de les Illes Balears in cooperation with the Asociaci6n de Tdcnicos de lnform~tica and sponsored by the following Working Groups: WG6.3 (Performance of Computer Networks) and WG6.8 (Mobile and Wireless Communications).

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  • Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide is an aid for people responsible for the operation, maintenance, and performance of Oracle. This book describes detailed ways to enhance Oracle performance by writing and tuning SQL properly, using performance tools, and optimizing instance performance. It also explains how to create an initial database for good performance and includes performance-related reference information. This book could be useful for database administrators, application designers, and programmers.

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