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Neuroblastoma and whole

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  • This is initially report of autologous stem cell transpant for high risk neuroblastoma. Even only two patients, the results showed that stem cell transplant was safe and effective. We are continuing to implement for more case with high risk neuroblastoma and will have better report with a bigger number.

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  • Generation of heating water. Cogeneration systems capture excess heat from the engine, which can be used to generate heating water that can then be utilized by local or district heating systems to cover their basic heat requirements. Peak heat demand can be covered through the combined use of a buffer and a peak boiler. Due to varying heat demands during the year, multi-engine- installations are the preferred solution for district heating systems. Steam production and drying processes.

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  • None of the newer evidence altered the priority given to metformin cited in the previous guideline. Although the specific cardioprotective effects of metformin suggested by the UKPDS study were open to challenge from some of the very recent studies, this was not on the basis of strong outcome data. Large observational studies from Canada and Scotland111,112 appeared to support the widespread advantage of metformin over sulfonylureas, but the A Diabetes Outcome Progression Trial (ADOPT) study did not.

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  • Benefits of Volunteers Cited by Nine in Ten Charities. We asked charities about the extent to which volunteers provide certain kinds of benefits to their organization and whether benefits are provided to a great or moderate extent. The results are presented in figure 6 below. We learned that charities are generally enthusiastic about the benefits volunteers provide. A majority of charities cited five of the six items as beneficial to a great extent.

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  • In February of 2011, the Melman boys were at it again opening Paris Club and Studio Paris in Chicago’s River North neighborhood solidifying the already known truth that they too had a knack for opening and operating hot new restaurants. The menu, created by Chef Jean Joho is approachable French dining in a casual urban setting. Upstairs is Studio Paris, one of Chicago’s hottest nightlife destinations.

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  • There is a new method of rendering that was recently developed. It is called radiosity. It does something all the other rendering methods don't do: it figures out the relationship in the scene of all the objects present. For example, in real life, if you take a bright colored ball and put it into a white room, the walls of the room are going to reflect a little bit of color from the ball, making them look a little reddish for example. This is not possible in raytracing, since it does not bounce rays off of matte objects, such as a wall. You can compare the above...

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  • Each chapter is also available individually, at no cost and for unrestricted use, at, so that designers can adapt and republish these standards as part of their own proposals and conditions for clients. AIGA’s position is consistent with practices upheld by designers around the globe.

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  • Experience seems to demonstrate that trade liberalisation and an increase in foreign trade do enable a better allocation of resources and more economic growth. Nevertheless, for that growth also to lead to more development, understood as poverty reduction in its different aspects, according to Steinberg there have to be additional conditions. Many of them are concerned with the existence of a national development strategy that facilitates a pro-poor distribution of growth.

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  • Basic concepts of production function. Historical background and characteristics of different forms of production functions- linear, quadratic, square-root, Spillman, cubic, semi-log, Cobb-Douglas, trascedental, CES, VES and Leontief. Static and dynamic production functions and their applications. Frontier production functions. Dualities between production, cost and profit functions. Derivation of output supply and factor demand functions from production and profit functions. Optimisation and resource allocation. Multiple product relationships. Production possibility curves.

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  • Database users connect to the database by establishing a network connection. You can also link database servers via network connections. Oracle provides a number of features to establish connections between users and the database and/or between database servers, as described in the following sections. Oracle Net Oracle’s network interface, Oracle Net, was formerly known as Net8 when used in Oracle8, and SQL*Net when used with Oracle7 and previous versions of Oracle.

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  • As we look at this sublime work of some thousand years ago, we see a rigid ceramic: terracotta. Yet the lips seem as tender as a mother's lips today. The opposites of hard and soft were made one by the artist. Don't we need to see people are trying to put these opposites together in themselves, to be fair to them? Men have seen women as soft, as comforts against a cold world, but need to see a woman as logical, practical, determined, also, in order to be fair to her. A woman often sees a man as only tough and unfeeling. That he may also...

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  • Ten incorrect diagrams were created by randomly changing the origin or destination of one relationship per diagram. The layouts of the incorrect diagrams were visually comparable to those of the correct diagrams: as we did not intend to analyse the responses to the incorrect diagrams, their layout was not important.

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  • The first section laid out a theory of media that recognized the cathartic and escapist function of motion picture entertainment but deplored the photoplay that “tends to degrade human beings.” Italicized references to “moral importance” and capitalized imperatives that “the motion picture has special Moral obligations” animate every line of the text.

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  • This discourse participates, in turn, in a broader discourse of accumulation, the irrevocable flow of advertisements interwoven with the Oscar show itself. While these high-priced advertisements—ads during Oscar telecasts, like Superbowl ads, are often themselves celebrated as elaborately produced showcases—are for a variety of products, their metonymic linkage to the film history montage overdetermines the montage’s celebration of spectatorship as accumulation and consumption.

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  • The main reasons why some companies fail in the apparel and footwear industry includes relying on a single product line, market segment, or sales channel. In order to survive, companies must constantly come up with new designs, new product line extensions, or even new product lines. These products may be developed either internally or externally through acquiring other companies and/or licensing agreements. An advantage of acquisitions include eliminating competitors and at the same time increasing product lines and market share.

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  • Even in developed countries where routine registration of deaths is in place, maternal deaths may be underreported, due to misclassification of ICD-10 coding, and identification of the true numbers of maternal deaths may require additional special investigations into the causes of death (Appendix 1). A specific example of such an investigation is the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal Deaths (CEMD), a system established in England and Wales in 1928 (11).

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  • Amplify: Use your social media activity to create awareness for and amplify your content housed in other places. This can go for teasing some aspect of your latest blog post on Twitter or in your Facebook status, creating full-blown events on Eventful or Meetup, or pointing to mentions of your firm in the media. If you publish a biweekly newsletter, in addition to sending it to your subscribers, archive it online and Tweet about it too. You can also add social features to your newsletter to make it very easy for others to retweet (tweetmeme button) and share on social...

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  • In return for providing this proven success package, the franchiser expects a franchise fee as well as a share in the day-to-day profits of the business by means of a royalty (normally, anywhere from 2% on the gross sales revenue to 50% of the net depending on the nature of the business and the degree of involvement required of the franchiser).

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  • Mixed layers grew to depths of 2,500 to 4,000 meters, with a rapid period of growth beginning shortly before noon and lasting for several hours. Significant differences between the mixed-layer temperatures in the basin and outside the basin were observed. Data analyses and models provide evidence that the circulations are highly complex and that relatively weak upper-level synoptic systems had an impact on the local and regional thermally driven flows in the area.

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  • In view of the new challenges raised by recent trends on ETF markets, ETF providers and investors should review the risk management strategies of ETFs, especially in areas such as counterparty risk and collateral management, as well as assessing their exposure to market and funding liquidity risks. Furthermore, ETF providers should consider enhancing the level of transparency they offer to investors on the entire range of ETF products, especially the more complex ones.

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