Neurological perspective

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  • Sleep is a function of the brain. However, the ultimate physiological function of sleep remains enigmatic and unknown despite recent extensive research of this ubiquitous and important brain activity. Sleep intervenes in functions of somatic growth, regeneration, and memory. Sleep is important in medicine because it modulates quality of life, while its disorders provoke family pathology, disturb work routines, alter social activities, and, in general, affect the health of the individual (1).

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  • Pain has been there since man has existed and whatever the method or technique of its relief, if successful will always lead to a special place in the heart of the person receiving it and also to the person delivering it. "Pain in Perspective" takes us into a journey of how it all began and then leads us to understand the various concepts of pain relief today. From musculoskeletal pain to complex shoulder pain and from neurological examination to charting out pain, this book describes new ideas and latest descriptions of pain concepts and their treatment....

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  • Twenty-fi rst-century medicine has been marked by, among other things, the growth of various specialties, each with its unique perspective on any given patient. This is particularly true for patients suffering from acute neurological emergencies where emergency physicians, neurologists, radiologists, and neurosurgeons are often involved in their care.

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  • Once the law goes into effect, individuals who do not have minimal essential coverage will be required to pay a tax penalty. e penalty will be waived if the cost of coverage exceeds 8 percent of family income, if an individual is uninsured for fewer than three months, if an individual’s income is below the federal tax-filing threshold, or if the individual meets other criteria for exemption described in the ACA. New employerresponsibility provisions will apply to firms with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees.

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  • From a system’s perspective, the design of the Sense- Less system is to a large extent governed by constraints that are unique to white spaces. We show that any white space system in which, instead of sensing, devices rely on a third-party entity to learn about white space availability must follow certain design principles. Specifically, we show that in order to achieve sufficiently accurate (i.e., not overly conservative) prediction of white space availability, sophis- ticated and computationally-intensive models must be used.

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  • Among the components of the limbic system, the amygdala is a fascinating structure that is involved in the processes of liking and disliking and in the ways our emotions drive our actions and affect the strength of our memories. Combined with new conceptual breakthroughs, the very latest data obtained by leading world experts in amygdala function that are reviewed in this book have helped to understand how the amygdala contribute to these processes and also to a variety of neurological and neuropsychiatric pathologies....

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  • Presents cutting-edge information on a variety of dementia-causing illnesses. Provides relevant material for professionals working with AIDS patients, substance abusers, stroke or other vascular patients, and other individuals suffering from degenerative illness. Edited by leading experts in geriatric health and dementia.

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  • The literature addressing the topics of decision making and the use of information is multi- disciplinary and spans topics such as management, social science, information technology, and human neurology and psychology. Many more subjects are almost certainly related. Consequently the literature is not cohesive, and each of the subject areas takes its own perspective.

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