Neuropsychiatric manifestations

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  • This study compares the depicted reality the films present to audiences with previous addiction cinema and with real-world economic and cultural conditions. Since films privilege certain viewpoints through representational strategies and by leaving out alternatives, I also examine the ideologies of the films and issues of textual silence. The study offers a critique of these issues in the spirit of other well-known ideological film studies, such as Ryan and Kellner's (1988) Camera Politica....

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  • In community-dwelling elders, the relation between dietary quality, social support and living arrangements is controversial. Some studies have found positive relations,21,65,68,70,78-80 whereas others have found diet quality to be unaffected by a poor social network.81 It has been suggested that geographical isolation has an adverse effect on nutritional status among the elderly.

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  • Official statistics must be interpreted with care, as changes at the margins of firm size categories may strongly affect size distribution and with that the picture of the role of SMEs in an economy. Wherever possible, data should be collected on a (sub-national) regional basis as the differences in birth rates and growth within an economy, and indeed within a locality or region, may be as substantial as between countries.

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  • This document provides system requirements developed and adopted by the National Association of Theatre Owners. This document may be revised by NATO. It is intended solely as information for system providers, product developers, and standards committees and other organizations in standardization and certification efforts. NATO shall not be liable for any exemplary, incidental, proximate or consequential damages or expenses arising from the use of this document. This document is an authorized and approved publication of NATO.

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  • Viruses are obligate parasites which depend on living cells to multiply. Their ability to deliver stable RNA and DNA into cells has determined their use in gene therapy. In 1983 Mann et al. developed one of the first retroviral gene therapy vectors for delivery in vitro (Mann, Mulligan et al. 1983). This development was followed by many successfully gene therapy trials of retroviruses (Anderson, Blaese et al. 1990; Levine and Friedmann 1991; Blaese, Culver et al. 1993). Now, retrovirual vectors are implemented in nearly 22.2% of clinical trials (http://www.wiley.

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  • Earlier this year, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission reported to its state legislature that WHP has been effective in reducing unplanned births and has saved the state millions of dollars due to the reduction in Medicaid costs associated with those births. It estimated that over 8,000 births were averted in 2011, yielding $54 million in net savings (federal plus state), including more than $23 million in state savings.

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  • These capital requirements were notable because, for the first time, regulatory minimum capital requirements could be based on the output of banks’ internal risk measurement models. The market risk capital requirements thus stood in sharp contrast to previous regulatory capital regimes, which were based on broad, uniform regulatory measures of risk exposure.

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  • There are no recent statistics determining the size and scope of the inbound incentive travel market. The last estimates were provided in a report commissioned by the British Tourist Authority and partners in 1996, which calculated the value of inbound and domestic incentive travel (excluding air travel) to be in the region of £165 million per year. The fact that hotels do not differentiate between conference and incentive travel group bookings, makes it difficult to track occupancy levels.

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  • There can be many different variations in how car-sharing is organized. This depends in part on who is in charge or bears responsibility (a cooperative, a private firm, a municipal government, or whatever). In addition, car-sharing organizations can be classified as being either open or closed. A closed car-sharing organization has a set of vehicles used by a limited group of persons, such as the employees of a firm or of a municipal authority. An open car- sharing organization, in contrast, is one that in principle anyone can belong to.

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  • Municipal water accounts for less than a tenth of human water use, but clean drinking water is a critical need. Today, half of the world’s population live in towns and cities and one‐third of this urban population live without clean drinking water. These billion have‐nots are unevenly distributed across the globe: 700 million city dwellers in Asia, 150 million in Africa, and 120 million in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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  • Now that we’ve reviewed the building blocks for money market funds, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. Imagine you’ve been given the task of managing a large multibillion-dollar money market fund. What would you do? Let’s give it a try.We’ll assume that the fund is a taxable general purpose money market mutual fund. Your responsibility to investors means that you will to do everything you can to maintain the stable $1.00 NAV and to assure liquidity any time a shareholder wants to withdraw cash—while providing a competitive yield.

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  • In Mozambique, Pathfinder is going beyond traditional maternal and child health to ensure the survival of children into adulthood. In addition to their traditional role distributing family planning information and products, CHWs have begun distributing water-purification solution and insecticide-treated bed nets for malaria prevention to pregnant women and mothers of children under five. They are promoting exclusive breast-feeding to the age of six-months, iron and folate supplements for pregnant women, growth monitoring, deworming, and proper nutrition.

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  • Technological improvements might also involve the adoption and use of alternative fuel or alternative propulsion vehicles. In developing countries, the most commonly discussed alternative vehicle strategies include compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), alcohol-based fuels, and electric propulsion or hybrid -electric vehicles in certain applications. Other alternative fuels showing potential long -term promise in the transport sector include hydrogen fuel cells and various synthetic fuels for use in compression-ignition engines.

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  • The marketing funnel is a broken metaphor that overlooks the complexity social media introduces into the buying process. As consumers’ trust in traditional media diminishes, marketers need a new approach. We propose a new metric, engagement, that includes four components: involvement, interaction, intimacy, and influence. Each of these is built from data collected from online and offline data sources.

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  • The European Environment Agency Aug. 18 released a report predicting increasingly severe weather problems in Europe over the next generation as a result of rising temperatures, calling the 1997 Kyoto Protocol the best first step to reversing some of the effects of the trend. The report, Impacts of Europe's changing climate: An indicator- based assessment, which is in line with much of the previous research into the subject, showed that temperatures were rising in Europe faster than they are rising worldwide.

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  • Over the last decade, the consumption of poultry products in developing countries has grown by 5.8 percent per annum, faster than that of human population growth, and has created a great increase in demand. Family poultry has the potential to satisfy at least part of this demand through increased productivity and reduced wastage and losses, yet still represent essentially low-input production systems.

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  • Operation costing is used in situations where products have some common charac- teristics and some individual characteristics. Shoes, for example, have common character- istics in that all styles involve cutting and sewing that can be done on a repetitive basis, using the same equipment and following the same basic procedures. Shoes also have individual characteristics—some are made of expensive leathers and others may be made using inexpensive synthetic materials.

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  • The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) is the responsible authority under the state Water Pollution Control Act for an effective water quality compliance program for dairies. Over the last 7 years, dairies have become well informed about good management practices to protect the state’s surface and ground water and to manage their operations to meet state and federal livestock water quality rules. The WSDA Livestock Nutrient Management Program’s goal is to educate farmers about nutrient management and protecting waters of the state.

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  • Pneumoperitoneum is rare following blunt abdominal injury but can indicate bowel perforation. Soft-tissue windows are used at first, they can detect large amounts of Pneumoperitoneum who appear black (Figure 3.). Smaller collections are attempted on lung windows, followed by bone windows. When detected on CT, it is not specific for bowel injury because air tracking from thoracic injuries can collect in the abdomen. Following penetrating abdominal injury, Pneumoperitoneum detected on CT is likely to indicate bowel perforation and prompts laparotomy in most cases. ...

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  • The standard requires the land be able to support a range of activities similar to its previous use before oil sands development. There are 420 square kilometers (162 square miles) of land that has been disturbed by oil sands activity—which is just over half of the area of the City of Edmonton, or one third the area of the City of Los Angeles. As of March 2008, approximately 65 square kilometers (25 square miles) are undergoing active reclamation. Industry must submit reclamation plans for approval to the Alberta government, which then issues a final certificate once work...

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