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New financial calculus

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  • The process used to reach this defining point included the coordination of concept development, collection of expert testimony, organization of multi- disciplinary workshops, listening sessions, priority ranking exercises, and team- based action planning. A unique aspect of the process has been the breadth of professional experts involved, from growers to chemists, to biotechnologists, to petroleum-derived material scientists, to marketers of renewable and non- renewable products. Further details are given in the appendices....

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  • To address the first question, we analyzed data from three Education databases and identified schools that provided loans through either the Direct Loan Program or FFELP in each school year from 1994-95 to 2001-02. To address the second question, we surveyed financial aid officials at schools that participated in the Direct Loan Program in 2001-02, of whom 57 percent responded to our survey. 2 We also surveyed schools that had participated in the program for at least one school year from 1994-95 to 2000-01 but did not participate in 2001-02.

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  • It has been transformed from the anatomical match into a burnt match. If you had to draw a burnt match you wouldn't say to yourself, "Okay, this is the anatomy of a match." No, you would say, "This is a match whose anatomy has been burnt and twisted into an agonizing shape. A shape that if I imagine myself being in that state—if I feel what has happened to that match has happened also to me—then this is the feeling that I have to draw, to portray." We must be emotional about our subject whether it has to do with...

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  • Business economics and management You will be offered a broad perspective on what business is about. You will acquire academic knowledge of and insights into the core contents of international business economics and management at an academic level. The fundamentals of business economics, macro-economics, strategic management, marketing, financial management, accounting and logistics will be dealt with. Thereupon, the programme also includes courses in HRM, comparative international management and innovation project management. ...

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  • The Japanese love their landscapes tamed and manicured, more parks than wilderness. 12 They like artfully to prune their pines, cultivate simple flower and rock gardens, arrange a waterfall, attract some geese, walk a path with a geometrically rising curve, look back, and enjoy the moon rising over the temple, silhouetting it all. They are hardly interested in admiring a pristine ecosystem or geological formations.

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  • Every time I put a book online for free, I get emails from readers who want to send me donations for the book. I appreciate their generous spirit, but I'm not interested in cash do- nations, because my publishers are really important to me. They contribute immeasurably to the book, improving it, introducing it to audiences I could never reach, helping me do more with my work. I have no desire to cut them out of the loop. But there has to be some good way to turn that generosity to good use, and I think I've found it....

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  • The data set we received from CIBC has 304,698 observations. Each observation represents a customer and is described by 407 variables, both categorical and numerical. The variable “index” gives the ID of the customer and the variable “target” describes whether the customer had responded to the previous campaign. There are a lot of missing values. Detailed descriptions on the meaning of each variable were not provided. All of the observations had received the direct promotion.

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  • In 1969 President Nixon introduced an NIT called the Family Assis- tance Plan (FAP) that would have replaced the AFDC program. Although it enjoyed widespread initial support, the FAP was subsequently attacked by liberals as being insufficiently generous and by conservatives as being overly expensive and having insufficiently stringent work requirements. Russell Long, then chair of the Senate Finance Committee, opposed the FAP and, as an alternative, designed a proposal targeted at those willing to work.

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  • We present an array of force spectroscopy experiments that aim to identify the role of solvent hydrogen bonds in protein folding and chemical reactions at the single-molecule level. In our experiments we control the strength of hydrogen bonds in the solvent environment by substituting water (H2O) with deuterium oxide (D2O). Using a combination of force protocols, we demonstrate that protein unfolding, protein collapse, protein folding and a chemical reaction are affected in different ways by substituting H2O with D2O.

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  • It’s a treat to be invited to keynote The Money Show again, and a special delight this year. Why? Because we are also here to hold the fifth annual get-together of “the Bogleheads” of the Internet. I understand that the Vanguard Diehards site, originally established in 1998 and readily accessible on the Morningstar website, now attracts an average of 25,000 “unique visitors” (in the contemporary vernacular) each day.

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  • Organic farms extend from market gardens clustered near Australia’s big cities, to dairy farms scattered along the East Coast to vast cattle stations in the outback. But the organic industry in Australia is more than the sum of its farms. It is composed of processing facilities, logistics operations, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, certification organisations and a range of other individuals and organisations.

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  • Despite a well-articulated policy framework and effective use of the SWAp structure to coordinate donor activities through technical working groups, there are difficulties in achieving translation of SRH policy into decentralised operations at district level. While progress with maternal and neonatal mortality rates is encouraging, they remain unacceptably high, and with life expectancy at birth only 54 years for females and 52 years for males, and HIV prevalence at 12% in young pregnant women, the challenges are great.

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  • the Somali people have suffered through decades of poverty, under-investment, conflict, insecurity, displacements and natural disasters. reproductive health suffers considerably in such an environment, as more than in any other field of health, meeting needs depends on a comprehensive, functioning health system. recent survey and health information such as the last MicS in 2006 reaffirm the high levels of need of women in Somalia (high fertility and high maternal mortality - MMr 1,400/100,000 live births) and low levels of access to quality services.

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  • The possibility of unsafe abortion should be reduced through the provision of good quality, affordable and accessible abortion services, within the limits of the law. Quality family planning services also reduce the prevalence of abortion. Women and their communities should be sensitized to the importance of seeking timely care for the symptoms of reproductive tract infection, and for the need to receive clinical care under safe and clean conditions.

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  • A study in Herat province concludes that the extraordinarily high number of deaths of women during pregnancy and childbirth are largely preventable. They are a direct consequence of the very young marriage age for women and girls (according to UNIFEM, 54% of girls under the age of 18 are married),12 poor health and nutrition, too-frequent childbearing, and virtually no access to gynecological and obstetrical services.

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  • The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Atlas is the result of a collaboration between the World Health Organization, the World Psychiatric Association Presidential Global Programme on Child Mental Health and the International Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Allied Professions. Myron Belfer was the overall project manager for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Atlas with the guidance and support of Shekhar Saxena.

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  • Furthermore, Fisher’s estimate and the estimate based on NYSE and Flow of Funds data are very close to that found by Jovanovic and Rousseau (2001). Jovanovic and Rousseau use data from all of the major and minor exchanges, such as the NYSE, the regional exchanges, and the over-the-counter market. They compute estimates of the market value of all domestic corporations comparable to estimates of the Flow of Funds after 1945. (See their appendix for details.

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  • We study weekly portfolio returns from 23 developed markets. We choose to study returns at a weekly frequency to avoid the problems caused by nonsyn- chronous trading around the world at higher frequencies. All returns are U.S. dollar denominated, and we calculate excess returns by subtracting the U.S. weekly T-bill rate, which is obtained from the Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP) riskfree file. 1 Our selection of developed countries matches the countries currently in the Morgan Stanley Developed Country Index. Data for the United States are from Compustat and CRSP.

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  • The first point is that you want to only daytrade stocks that are doing at least 500,000 shares per day. The more,the better. Large overall daily volume in the stock makes it easier for you to get in and get out in rapid fashion which is of the utmost importance when your timeframe for holding the trade is short. If the stock is not trading much, you do not want to be the one holding the bag when you cannot get out because there is just nobody supporting the bid. The second factor when...

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  • RREEF Real Estate’s primary goal is to preserve capital through managing investment risks across economic, market and property factors. We believe that sustainability, environmental quality, and resource consumption present risks that should be managed by the same structure and process as other risks. investment decisions are based on sound research and due diligence information collected and reviewed in a systematic fashion.

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