New perovskites

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  • The book "Polycrystalline Materials - Theoretical and Practical Aspects" is focused on contemporary investigations of plastic deformation, strength and grain-scale approaches, methods of synthesis, structurals, properties, and application of some polycrystalline materials. It is intended for students, post-graduate students, and scientists in the field of polycrystalline materials.

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  • In addition to ventilation, indoor temperature and humidity conditions, which can change both diurnally and seasonally, have the potential to substantially affect the emissions of VOCs from building materials and alter occupant exposure. In large-scale chamber experiments with new carpet systems, sheet vinyl flooring and wall paint, the air temperature was increased from 23 o C to about 30 o C over a period of 60 h (Hodgson, 1999).

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  • The discovery of superconductivity in copper oxide perovskite (1) has opened a new era of research in superconducting materials. This class of materials not only show high-temperature superconductivity but also show properties that are different from classical superconductors. This offers a great challenge to understanding the basic phenomenon that causes superconductivity in these materials and to developing the appropriate preparation methods so that these can be exploited for a wide range of applications.

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