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  • The Delaware River Basin Commission is a regulatory body that was established in 1961 by a congressional compact. It includes a division engineer from the US Army Corps of Engineers and representatives from New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware who are appointed individually by the executive office in each state [21]. Any decision of the Commission involves the approval of all members. The Commission has full water resource management authority, including water allocations and diversions.

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  • Although there are many potential productive features, in this grammar we have only introduced the main and most obvious ones. If we find that this approach is popular with teachers and learners, it may be possible gradually to shift the whole perspective away from grammar as a list of arbitrary problems, and towards grammar as a means of free expression.

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  • . The TOEFL test is administered in more than 180 countries, making it the most accessible test in the world. Internet-based testing makes it possible to expand greatly the number of test centers and increase access.

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  • With the resources provided by communication technologies, E-learning has been employed in multiple universities, as well as in wide range of training centers and schools. This book presents a structured collection of chapters, dealing with the subject and stressing the importance of E-learning. It shows the evolution of E-learning, with discussion about tools, methodologies, improvements and new possibilities for long-distance learning.

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  • This is because IT uses primers based on allele sequences of functionally characterized genes, and thus specific banding patterns corresponding to plant phenotypes can be identified (Cernák, 2008; Cernák et al., 2008; Gizaw, 2011). However, development of such markers depends on the availability of robust genomic databases holding several target sequences for IT marker development. Functional gene characterization criteria might be limiting factors, since it is not possible to establish gene functions in a molecular ecological sense for all genes.

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  • I first met Tracy Anderson in 2006 on a busy afternoon in New York City. I had heard about her from a mutual friend who had raved that Tracy had changed her body and her life, and I was curious to see what lay in store. Never could I have imagined when she opened the door, tiny and blonde and smiling, how much of an impact she would have, not only on my physical body, but also on the road that lay ahead. She promptly stripped me down and sized me up. I was still a good 15 pounds over the weight I like to be...

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  • How shall we assess the structural change hypothesis as the basis for inner-city urban poverty? It certainly seems plausible. One has only to walk the former industrial district of any large, older city, from New York to San Francisco, to see its physical manifesta- tions. Yet some nagging problems remain.

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  • This volume of stories, composed of historical incidents, or material connected with the history of New Jersey, is not intended to be a record, even in a condensed form, of the rise and progress of the State. The stories are arranged chronologically, but there has been no attempt to give a complete and continuous account of events or epochs. The material for the stories has been collected from many sources; and the selections have been made with regard to the interest, the instructiveness, and as far as possible the novelty, of the matter chosen. There has been a constant...

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  • Ibbotson’s earlier work (with numerous co-authors) has documented the past returns of the major asset classes, thus revealing the payoffs received for taking various types of risk, and has presented an approach to forecasting future asset class returns. The asset classes that Ibbotson and his associates are best known for studying are stocks, bonds, bills, and consumer goods (inflation).

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  • Another important benefit is associated with the creation of multidimensional network effects due to the new possibilities of product creation in the clouds, that is between companies exploiting in different ways the potentialities of cloud com- puting through the same platform or different ones. This is related to another new possibility, the rapid adoption of changes: it is not uncommon, that applications in the clouds are modified on a daily base (to accommodate new requirements, or en- able new economic venues), which is impossible with on-premise solutions.

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  • The Policy Paper outlines the kind of devices that are currently available and their stage of development. It also presents fi gures illustrating the life-saving potential and cost-effectiveness of each new technology and the state of advancement of acceptance by policymakers, manufacturers and consumers. Efforts made by car-manufacturers to ensure the safe use of their products with respect to issues such as speed, seat-belts and alcohol are also discussed.

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  • This paper categorically rejects the possibility of considering a wordto-word conversion as a translation. A true translation is unattainable, even by the human agent, let alone by mechanical means. However, a crude practical translation is probably achievable. The present paper deals with a scheme for the syntactic integration of Russian sentences.

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  • We propose a new specifically designed method for paraphrase generation based on Monte-Carlo sampling and show how this algorithm is suitable for its task. Moreover, the basic algorithm presented here leaves a lot of opportunities for future improvement. In particular, our algorithm does not constraint the scoring function in opposite to Viterbi based decoders. It is now possible to use some global features in paraphrase scoring functions. This algorithm opens new outlooks for paraphrase generation and other natural language processing applications like statistical machine translation.

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  • he combination of the new information and communication technologies (ICTs) and radio is opening up a range of possibilities for communication in the developing world. Broadcasters who used to have to travel for hours to find a public library to research a programme, now have instant access to the internet, whilst national,

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  • This framework and tool helps regional leaders prioritize public investments in economic development. For a region to prosper, a relatively small number of well-placed public investments can unlock the region’s strongest economic potential. They can open up and leverage new possibilities for private sector investment, the key driver of any region’s success. Leaders in successful regions think and act strategically, but they do not necessarily follow lockstep a traditional strategic planning process. Instead, they improvise within a clear strategic framework.

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  • As the long-term sustainability of our current financial models are brought into question, stock exchanges are well positioned to restore confidence in the market in the short-term and could, through improved ESG disclosure, drive market efficiency as better managed companies are rewarded. Furthermore, the growing sustainable investment market presents new opportunities for stock exchanges in the form of new products and services for responsible investors.

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  • Finally, the Working Group recognizes that full voluntary industry adoption of the principles may only be possible through phased implementation over a reasonable period of time. As part of its Report to Congress, the Working Group will discuss incremental adoption of the proposed principles and a suggested time frame for full implementation of these principles in the marketplace. The Working Group does not intend to propose a specific process for such phased implementation.

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  • Early breast cancer is subdivided into two major categories, in situ disease, mainly in the form of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), and invasive cancer. Both are heterogeneous processes with very variable appearances, biology and clinical behaviour. Over recent years there have been important developments in the investigation and management of breast cancer including new types of chemotherapy, and biological and hormonal agents. There is some evidence of practice variation across the country and of inconsistent availability of certain treatments and procedures.

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  • Given the substantial findings in the area of control and cancer, it is important to explore the construct of control in greater depth. It has been argued (Shapiro, Schwartz, &Astin, 1996) that the relationship between control and health is not a simple linear one: “control is good, and the more control one has the better.”Acceptance (positive yielding) is a unique feature of control that is often overlooked in Western psychology (Shapiro & Astin, 1998), and yet, the literature demonstrates that acceptance is a crucial component in gaining an optimal sense of control.

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  • Tuberculosis (TB) is not as common as it was many years ago in the United States; consequently, clinicians do not always consider the possibility of TB disease when evaluating patients who have symptoms. As a result, the diagnosis of TB disease may be delayed or even overlooked, and the patient may remain ill and possibly infectious for a prolonged period. Not all persons with TB disease have symptoms; however, most persons with TB disease have one or more symptoms that lead them to seek medical care. All persons with symptoms of TB disease, or either a positive tuberculin skin test (TST)...

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