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  • As the world of politics and public affairs has gradually changed beyond recognition over the past two decades, journalism too has been transformed. Yet the study of news and journalism often seems stuck with ideas and debates which have lost much of their critical purchase. Journalism is at a crossroads: it needs to reaffirm core values and rediscover key activities, almost certainly in new forms, or it risks losing its distinctive character as well as its commercial basis.

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  • The most spectacular changes in the recent decades have been a radical change in bleaching technology, that minimised the use of chlorine and greatly reduced or avoided altogether the emissions of dioxins (Reinstaller, 2005), and the increase in the use of re- cycled paper as an input in the paper production process. Although less spectacular and more gradually, the pulp and paper industry in Europe has also improved its performance in other environmental dimensions (Berkhout, 2005).

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  • The purpose of a preface in our view is rather unashamedly to sell the book—to communicate the message of the book succinctly and either to motivate the reader to explore its content or to leave the reader feeling that just maybe he or she is losing out if the book’s theme does not fire their imagination.

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  • DIGITAL IMAGERY Digital images have a predominant position among multimedia data types. Unlike video and audio, which are mostly used by the entertainment and news industry, images are central to a wide variety of fields ranging from art history to medicine, including astronomy, oil exploration, and weather forecasting. Digital imagery plays a valuable role in numerous human activities, such as law enforcement, agriculture and forestry management, earth science, urban planning, as well as sports, newscasting, and entertainment....

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  • Welcome to a new year of opportunity! It’s true, that previous years in the industry have been tough, but with a stabilising marketplace, cutting-edge developments and a great team, KRONE is confident 2004 will be one of our best yet as we continue to seek out new opportunities and build on our achievements of 2003.

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  • At the conclusion of what has been a challenge year in the IT&T industry KRONE Australia has maintained our position as market leader, continually developing leading adge products for the global market.

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  • Due to their low aqueous solubilities, the PCBs and PAHs lay on the surface of soils and waters. PCBs and PAHs adsorb strongly to the organic fraction of soils (Girvin & Scott, 1997; Hiller et al., 2011). Soils contaminated with PCBs and PAHs are transported directly or indirectly by rivers to the water reservoir and are subsequently converted into the bed sediments. Therefore, soils could be considered as the primary sinks for these organic contaminants. PCBs and PAHs are persistent in the environment, resistant to degradation process, and accumulate in food chain.

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  • The U.S. newspaper industry is suffering through what could be its worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Advertising revenues have plummeted due in part to the severe economic downturn, while readership habits have changed as consumers turn to the Internet for free news and information. Some major newspaper chains are burdened by heavy debt loads.

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  • Contents: Think in paper – The future of paper begins at Voith Paper. News from the Divisions: LEIPA-Schwedt PM 4 – LWC production line of the new generation; Maxau PM 6 – A challenging project and its implementation; Bohui BM 1 – A benchmark in China for the paper industry worldwide; Innovative Trends in Automation. Paper Culture: Deep-frozen, dried – and saved.

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  • The Documentary Film Makers Handbook features incisive and helpful interviews with dozens of industry professionals, on subjects as diverse as interview techniques, the NBC News Archive, music rights, setting up your own company, the Film Arts Foundation, pitching your proposal, the Sundance Documentary Fund, the Documentary Channel, the British Film Council, camera hire, filmmaking ethics, working with kids, editing your documentary, and DVD distribution.

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  • Written premium is commonly used in the property/casualty insurance industry as a measure of business growth. Therefore, an understanding of the components of written premium is necessary to evaluate growth correctly. Absent this understanding, a user of written premium information may misinterpret the true growth rate of an insurer, especially during periods of rapid change (such as a change in processing systems or transition to a different type of business.) In the simplest case, the policy premium is known and fixed in advance once the policy is sold.

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  • In 2007, the National Conference of State Legislatures Foundation for State Legislatures joined with the NCSL Criminal Justice and Transportation programs in an Auto Theft Prevention Partner’s Project. Like other Foundation for State Legislatures’ projects, it was designed as a partnership between selected state lawmakers, legislative staff and Foundation members. The work group assembled for the project learned from federal, state and local government officials and the insurance and auto industries to identify and discuss best practices....

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  • Newspapers can provide more detailed coverage of statistical releases. A headline in a major daily newspaper often sets the agenda for television and radio coverage. The scope of these traditional media channels has been further extended through financial news agencies which serve as important intermediaries in the information industry and through the Internet news sites associated with most major media channels, whether print, radio or television.

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  • Despite the uncertainty of the time, we are looking forward to a year of challenges and triumphs. In keeping with the New Year, we have introduced some changes to the Network News magazine. Network News will be quarterly, with issues released in March, June, September and December. Our aim is to continue to provide you with the most up-to-date industry information and changes to our innovative new product solutions.

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  • In the IT&T industry there is always the expectation to develop innovative solutions, to get to the market sooner, to get ahead of the pack etc. At KRONE Australia we continually aim to achieve this, and this quarter has been no different.

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  • As the worldwide leader in telecommunications infrastructure, KRONE has a knack for making the impossible, possible. At the IEEE 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard working group meeting, this proved to be the case when KRONE introduced the industry’s first augmented Category 6 cable. This cable comprised the necessary characteristics to enable 10 Gigabit Ethernet to be implemented over unshielded twisted pair (UTP) to the full 100 metres required for structured cabling systems.

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  • If there’s something you can count on in the IT industry, it’s change. Driven by constant innovation and an ever evolving marketplace, the IT industry stands still for no one. Successful companies thrive on change using experience, ingenuity and determination to stay ahead of the pack.

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  • Northern China has long-standing water scarcity problems. In September 2008, after four-plus years of construction on a $2 billion 191-mile waterway, the city of Beijing began receiving water from the less populated southern regions of China. While the North-South pipeline will briefly ease the region’s water shortages, the Chinese government’s official news agency recently said the capital’s water supply could again reach a crisis point as early as 2010 due to population growth and rising domestic water consumption.

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  • The extent to which the national statistical organization can communicate effectively with and through the media has an enormous impact on how well it can achieve these objectives. Thus, it is in the best interest of the national statistical organization to build a strong working relationship with the media, to promote the news value of its latest releases and to make it easy for the media to report on them in an accurate, timely and informative manner.

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  • In spite of an expanding variety of ways to get news, a sizable minority of young people continues to go newsless on a typical day. Fully 29% of those younger than 25 say they got no news yesterday either from digital news platforms, including cell phones and social networks, or traditional news platforms. That is little changed from 33% in 2010. Older Americans are less likely to go newsless: 19% of those between 25 and 39, and smaller percentages of older age groups, say they got no news yesterday. These figures have changed little over the years. ...

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