Ni catalysts

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  • Asking Google for different applications of electrolysis, interesting results can be noticed: electrolysis and hair removal - about 284 000 000 web pages, water electrolysis - about 7 440 000 web pages and industrial electrolysis - about 2 540 000 results. In this book three most important applications of technological electrolysis are discussed - water electrolysis (hydrogen production), industrial electrolysis and environmental electrolysis.

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  • It has been discovered that many oxides can disperse spontaneously onto the supported surfaceto form a monolayer. When the catalysts are up to the monolayer, the oxide remains on the support as amorphous phase or in other words, it is well dispersed. Above the monolayer, X-ray diffractrograms indicate the presence of crystalline oxide. The monolayer of MeOx/TiO2 catalysts (Me = Mo, Co, Ni) were determined by X-ray Diffraction (XRD). The selective oxidations of hydrocarbon on oxide catalysts are known to proceed by a redox mechanism (Mars-van Krevelen mechanism).

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  • The sensitive to lysis D (SlyD) protein fromEscherichia coliis related to the FK506-binding protein family, and it harbours both peptidyl-prolyl cis–transisomerase (PPIase) and chaperone-like activity, preventing aggre-gation and promoting the correct folding of other proteins. Whereas a functional role of SlyD as a protein-folding catalyst in vivo remains unclear, SlyD has been shown to be an essential component for [Ni–Fe]-hydrogenase metallocentre assembly in bacteria.

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