Non-woven fabrics

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  • Polyester (polyethylene terephthalate) is one of the most widely used polymers in textiles. Despite all the advantages of this polymer, its low thermal resistance limits its use in filters and protective textiles. On the other hand, polyester nonwovens are used in many products as wipes, filters, and padding. The surface properties of polyester nonwovens are often not perfect for a specific application and need to be modified. Different ways, including coating, have been developed to modify their surface properties.

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  • The present study deals with the development of nonwoven material using needle punching technique from Ficus glomerata fibres. The fibres used for development of nonwoven material were obtained from retting of Ficus glomerata stems and then scoured by using sodium hydroxide. The prepared nonwoven was tested for its physical properties such as fabric thickness, fabric weight, tensile strength, tearing strength, elongation, abrasion resistance and air permeability.

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  • The effects of process parameter such as the applied voltage, tip–collector distance and the solution flow rate on the fiber generation and morphology of final fiber were optimized. Nanofibers morphology and structure were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM), respectively. The prepared fibers had a smooth surface and fine morphology.

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  • "Nonwoven fabrics" content presentation: Raw materials, classificaion of Nonwoven, production steps for different methods, types of webs and their forming techniques, nonwoven fabric bonding techniques,... Invite you to consult.

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  • Part 1 of the document Handbook of technical textiles content presentation: Technical textiles market – an overview; technical fibres; technical yarns; technical fabric structures – 1. Woven fabrics; technical fabric structures – 1. Woven fabrics; technical fabric structures – 3. Nonwoven fabrics;... Invite you to consult.

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