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  • The Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Guidelines are technical reference documents with general and industry- specific examples of Good International Industry Practice (GIIP) 1. When one or more members of the World Bank Group are involved in a project, these EHS Guidelines are applied as required by their respective policies and standards. These industry sector EHS guidelines are designed to be used together with the General EHS Guidelines document, which provides guidance to users on common EHS issues potentially applicable to all industry sectors.

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  • Recent experience illustrates this point. Consider the fact that the Fed cut interest rates sharply in response to two of the most serious financial crises in recent years: the October 1987 stock market break and the turmoil following the Russian default in 1998. Arguably, in retrospect, interest rate policy remained too easy for too long in both cases.

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  • Under Article 22n paragraph 1 of the Austrian Banking Act, all positions in fi nancial instruments and commodities held for trading purposes are to be assigned to the trading book. Likewise, fi nancial instruments and commodi- ties used to hedge or refi nance specifi c risks in the trading book are also to be assigned to the trading book.

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  • We also demonstrate that optimal portfolios of mutual funds are in°uenced substantially by prior beliefs about both managerial skill and pricing models. For example, consider two investors who both rule out managerial skill but believe strongly in di®erent models: one believes in the CAPM while the other embraces a four-factor model. If either investor is forced to hold the portfolio chosen by the other, the resulting ex ante loss is about 60 basis points per month in certainty equivalent return.

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  • Stand your four buildings in place on the base following our floor plan. Before you stick them down, mark out where you would like to have the windows and doors. Windows would have been rectangular in shape with wooden frames and light green or blue glass. Doors were made from wooden boards, with two supporting planks added horizontally for extra strength. Draw or paint the windows and doors on the walls using a black pen to add detail. Now your buildings are ready, stick them to the main base.

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  • This publication is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), under the terms of the TransLinks Leader with Associates Cooperative Agreement No.EPP-A-00-06-00014-00 to The Wildlife Conservation Society. TransLinks is a partnership of The Wildlife Conservation Society, The Earth Institute, EnterpriseWorks/VITA, Forest Trends and The Land Tenure Center. The contents are the responsibility of EnterpriseWorks/VITA and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States government.

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  • The author concludes by making a number of recommendations to those seeking to implement VLEs in other schools: including the need to choose a VLE suited to the school’s vision and context, consideration of total cost of ownership, developing a collaborative culture within and beyond the school, integration with other information systems, and embedding the system within the school’s culture.

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  • The "efficiency" or "inefficiency" of a mutual fund portfolio, or the extent to which market impact costs and other expenses detract from its overall performance, may be estimated by comparing the fund's performance with some appropriate market index over some long period of time. For mutual funds invested in common stocks, the most commonly used index is the Standard &...

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  • The iconic two-century-old Capitol hill landmark operates under the jurisdiction of the Architect of the Capitol, the agency responsible for historical preservation and incorporating energy-efficiency features. Once the new equipment financed by the bank is installed and operational, annual energy savings are expected to reach 4,637 megawatt hours of electricity and 107,587 million BTus (British thermal units) of steam and chilled water energy. In the first full year alone, the financial savings from this initiative are projected to be $2.3 million.

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  • In spite of the acceptance, in principle, that the task of management is to maximise returns for shareholders, most companies and fund managers still have not adopted value-based management. Accounting earnings rather than cash flows still form the basis for evaluating performance and valuing businesses. The financial press and analysts’ reports consistently focus on short-term earnings, earnings per share and price earnings ratios.

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  • Fashola and colleagues (1996) examined whether Spanish-speaking second-, third-, fifth-, and sixth-grade students would produce more errors consistent with the correct application of Spanish phonological and orthographic rules than would English- speaking students. For example, the correct application of Spanish orthographic rules to the sounds of English words would result in using the letters “i” for the /ee/ sound, “qu” for the /k/ sound and “j” for the /h/ sound.

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  • Human growth is a measure of the physiological processes associated with birth weight, genetics, and environment. Poor environmental factors, including inadequate health care and nutrition can prevent the attainment of one’s full growth potential (Martorell, 1999; Pelletier, 1994; Monckeberg 1992). Health care providers that practice high quality prenatal and child healthcare can directly influence the efficacy of the production of child health inasmuch as their practices have an empirical basis.

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  • Technical notes (on page 331) provide information detailing the specific data sources for key indicators as well as guidance for the interpretation of the statistics. Official United Nations estimates are used for all MDG indicators. These figures are supplemented, as necessary, by additional standard data sources. Information on social and political contexts and policy priorities have been obtained from UNFPA country offices and standard United Nations reports.

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  • In the Appendix, we compare the distributions of deaths by cause and by age for the NDMC and the National Capital Territory of Delhi. The distributions of deaths by cause are similar, with between 20 and 25 percent of all medically certified deaths attributable to causes associated with air pollution (respiratory illnesses and cardiovascular disease). Roughly the same percentage of deaths are attributable to infectious diseases and to perinatal causes. The distribution of deaths by age group differs somewhat between the NDMC and the National Capital Territory.

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  • In developing the school travel model, we eliminated the 217 students who live outside of their school district boundary or are missing variable information, yielding a sample of 1216 used for model development.We calculated distance to school as the shortest road network travel distance, using ArcGIS v.9.2. We weighted the travel survey sample against the Census 2000 population residing in the school district, accounting for differences in race and income (MetroGIS DataFinder, 2009).

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  • Carsharing (or short-term auto use) provides a flexible alternative that meets diverse transportation needs across the globe, while reducing the negative impacts of private vehicle ownership. Although carsharing appeared in Europe between the 1940s and 1980s, it did not become popularized until the early 1990s. For nearly 20 years, there has been growing worldwide participation in carsharing. Today, carsharing operates in approximately 600 cities around the world, in 18 nations, and on four continents. Malaysia is operating a carsharing pilot, with a planned launch in late-2006.

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  • If demagnitizing is required, place a resistance in series with a switch across two of the three phases. A voltmeter should be connected to these phases to monitor voltage (figure 10). Start with approximately 200 ohms resistance and close the switch momentarily with the unit running at rated speed. The measured voltage will drop when the switch is closed and then return to a value less than the original when the switch is opened. If the voltage is still higher than the rated voltage, close the switch again. If the voltage is dropping in very small...

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  • Both sides are right to some extent. But these simplifications- and the resulting polarised debate- do not get us very far. Yet we all share the objective of reducing poverty in a lasting manner, and there is nowadays wide agreement in the development community that the environment is crucial for the sustaining of livelihoods.

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  • The effect of wealth on consumption has been studied extensively in the empirical literature on consumption functions. In this section we provide a brief overview of the findings of these studies. 2 Few studies have examined the relationship between consumption and total wealth for Australia. Tan and Voss (2003) have estimated the marginal propensity to consume (MPC) out of total wealth at 0.04 or, in other words, that long-run annual consumption increases by 4 cents in response to a one dollar increase in wealth. Bertaut (2002) puts this number marginally higher at 0.05.

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  • Between 15 April and 30 June 1997, 31 previously healthy infants and young children in Sarawak died after a short febrile illness against a background of an outbreak of HFMD in the State. Sibu was badly affected during this outbreak as 11 of the death cases were reported from Sibu followed by Sarikei with 7 death cases. Surveillance of HFMD was initiated by Sarawak Health Department during this outbreak of sudden deaths among young children in Sarawak from 6 June 1997. The surveillance was stopped in December 1997. However, in 1998, following a report of...

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