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  • In the current five-year plan (1991-1995), China plans to place greatest efforts on developing infrastructure, particularly thermoelectric and hydropower installations, new railway systems, large deep-sea ports, a national phone network, and food processing and chemical plants. Local governments also have their own blue prints for local construction besides the central government integrative plan. For example, Guangxi province has 24 new and rebuilt major projects in 1992.

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  • This paper presents the design philosophy and initial design decisions of Herald: a highly scalable global event notification system that is being designed and built at Microsoft Research. Herald is a distributed system designed to transparently scale in all respects, including numbers of subscribers and publishers, numbers of event subscription points, and event delivery rates. Event delivery can occur within a single machine, within a local network or Intranet, and throughout the Internet.

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  • Most of the world’s work is done through organizations—groups of people who work together to accomplish one or more objectives. In doing its work, an organization uses resources—labor, materials, various services, buildings, and equipment. These resources need to be financed, or paid for. To work effectively, the people in an organization need information about the amounts of these resources, the means of financing them, and the results achieved through using them. Parties outside the organization need similar information to make judgments about the organization.

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  • Sympathetic nerve stimulation induces vasoconstriction and consequent decreases nasal airway resistance. Parasympathetic nerve stimulation on the other hand, promotes secretion from nasal airway glands and nasal congestion. The nasal mucosa also contains nerves of the non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic (NANC)- system. Neuropeptides from the latter nerves (substance P, neurokinin A and K, and calcitonin gene-related peptide) are suspected to play a role in vasodilatation, mucus secretion, plasma extravasation, neurogenic inflammation, and mast cell nerve interactions.

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  • A broad-based transformation of Ontario’s power system is well underway, revolutionizing the way electricity is generated, delivered, managed and even consumed in Ontario. Many of the changes at play are more profound and occurring faster than expected. The increasing investment in new renewable generation is accompanied by the expansion and enhancement of the transmission and distribution systems, the retirement of Ontario’s coal generating fleet, and the development of a ‘smart grid’ for Ontario.

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  • To learn the white space availability at a given location, the database could use one of two schemes: use spectrum measurements for that location, or compute spectrum availabil- ity using RF propagation models. The former, a data-driven approach, requires extensive wardriving measurements at low sensitivity thresholds and may take a long time to be complete. Furthermore, the measurements will have to be repeated when- ever the primary user’s transmission characteristics, such as transmit power, antenna height, license terms, etc., change.

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  • When we consider cost-avoidance, we need to be aware of those costs that aren’t immediately obvious. Among such costs are the notification laws that many states have passed which require any business, including small businesses, to notify, in a specified manner, all persons whose data might have been exposed in a security breach (hacker incident, malicious code incident, an employee doing an unauthorized release of information, etc). The average estimated cost for these notifications and associated security breach costs is well over $130.00 per person.

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  • The present CCS is the result of a comprehensive analysis of the dynamics in the health sector, including recent national achievements, current and emerging needs and development challenges, government policies and plans, as well as activities of other health development partners. It is aimed at improving the health status of the Mozambican population, through the Primary Health Care approach, but in the context of a major shortage of human resources for health as well as a lack of an adequate and functional health system.

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  • Phiên kết nối này được duy trì bằng việc gửi các thông điệp keep-alive 19 byte mỗi 60 giây (mặc định). Có 4 loại thông điệp BGP là open (mở phiên kết nối), update (thông báo hoặc rút lại một đường đi), notification (thông báo lỗi), keep-alive (duy trì phiên kết nối)

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  • The key QO staff listed above has the authority to identify quality problems and to recommend, provide, and verify implementation of solutions. If there is evidence that the QMP is not being followed, all QO staff have the authority to stop work until the appropriate quality procedures are implemented. For the QO to stop work, the DQAM or CQAM must notify the Executive Committee and WSDOT verbally, followed by written notice within 24 hours. The notification shall identify the reason for stopping the work.

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  • Intelligence functions—before, during, and after an event—are critical for event security. In addition to drawing on local and state intelligence resources, many law enforcement agencies receive support from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) and Field Intelligence Groups (FIG). he Secret Service may also assist with intelligence on dangerous subjects who have threatened public oicials. With respect to intelligence functions during events, the guidelines report briely discusses practices related to intelligence gathering, communication, and management (e.g.

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  • he race to become the Greenest City in the world is both a friendly and ierce competition. It’s friendly because when one city succeeds, we all beneit from the shared knowledge and improved health of our planet, as well as the new opportunities that emerge in the green economy. he race is a ierce one because the stakes are so high. In fact, the kind of change needed for all of us to thrive in healthy and prosperous communities requires a world full of Greenest Cities. here are four key ingredients required for us to succeed: vision, leadership, action, and...

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  • The gap between marketing and sales teams has been around since the two functions were created and is usually just accepted as an irreparable inconvenience in many busi- nesses. Sales thinks only they are worried about the quarter; Marketing thinks they are the only ones who think strategically. Sales wonder why they have to generate all their own leads; Marketing complains that sales ignores or criticizes everything they generate. Sales thinks marketing is lightweight and easy; Marketing thinks salespeople will say anything to get a deal. It is time for this fighting to stop.

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  • The human voice is still the best way to communicate. And with the KX-TVM50 and KX-TVM200, Panasonic introduces two feature-packed voice processing systems (VPS) designed for efficient communication. The KX-TVM50 and KX-TVM200 each offer automated attendant, automatic call routing, and message notification, and each can be customized to your needs. Other new features include e-mail notification when a caller leaves a message, and the capability to attach voice messages to e-mail messages, easier operation using the LCD on Proprietary Telephones (PT).

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  • The impact of the crisis further increases the market failure – also driven by increased risk aversion on the supply side of microfinance - and underlines the need for public support for this emerging sector in Europe. In addition to the fundamental structural problems of the microfinance sector in Europe, public intervention has largely been justified and substantiated with positive externalities, i.e. that social and financial inclusion generates attractive economic and social returns.

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  • So you just got a brand new Mac with Mac OS X Mountain Lion installed, or maybe you’ve just upgraded from OS X Lion. Now what? You have this brand new operating system that looks intimidating, overwhelming and confusing! You think to yourself, or maybe even post on Twitter of Facebook, “How the heck do I use this thing?” Have no fear! I’m here to help, and honestly, Mountain Lion is not as bad as you may think. Sure it will take some getting used to, but after a couple of weeks you’ll be a Mountain Lion pro – using...

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  • The letter of intention to audit is issued in the post to the organisation selected for inspection. In addition, an electronic notification may also be sent via email provided that a valid e-mail address for the compliance officer/regulatory function is to hand. The letter of intention to audit will specify a date for the inspection to take place and request that the data controller contact the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner to confirm whether the date is agreeable.

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  • The lead agency must also coordinate with other agencies and review security plans for infrastructure and utilities that could threaten event security (local water supply, water treatment facilities, electricity supply, communications grid, sewer system, computer systems, etc.). At some special events, manhole covers have been welded shut near the event venues. Often, newspaper dispensers and public trash cans are removed before an event (they can be hiding places for bombs and can be used as missiles to harm law enforcement or destroy property). When such measures...

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  • The IsolatedStorage classes are all in the System.IO.IsolatedStorage namespace. IsolatedStorageFile. Represents an isolated storage area containing files and directories. IsolatedFileStream. Exposes a file stream access to a file stored within isolated storage

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  • In this paper, we distinguish the risk of credit spread changes, if no default occurs, and the risk of the default event itself. We use credit spread data of many different firms and historical default rates to estimate the size of the default jump risk premium, along with the risk prices of credit spread changes. We show that, in order to fully explain the size of expected excess corporate bond returns, an economically and statistically significant default jump risk premium is necessary, on top of the risk premia that are due to the risk of credit spread changes....

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