Numerical forecasting

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  • This book covers 27 articles in the applications of artificial neural networks (ANN) in various disciplines which includes business, chemical technology, computing, engineering, environmental science, science and nanotechnology. They modeled the ANN with verification in different areas. They demonstrated that the ANN is very useful model and the ANN could be applied in problem solving and machine learning. This book is suitable for all professionals and scientists in understanding how ANN is applied in various areas....

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  • Toe erosion, especially in stormy conditions, is one of the common mechanism causing the failure and instability of the sea dikes and revetments. The erosion intensity becomes more serious at the beaches which is under the impacts of typhoons. Reliable forecasts about the intensity of toe erosion of sea dikes in stormy conditions have important ecnomomic and technical meaning in the design and construction of sea dikes.

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  • CHAPTER 2 Analyzing Crystal Ball Forecasts In this chapter, using an example of accumulating funds for retirement, we see the graphical and numerical summaries of forecasts that Crystal Ball provides automatically. This chapter serves as a review of elementary statistical analysis, focused on the standard output built into Crystal Ball.

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  • DIGITAL IMAGERY Digital images have a predominant position among multimedia data types. Unlike video and audio, which are mostly used by the entertainment and news industry, images are central to a wide variety of fields ranging from art history to medicine, including astronomy, oil exploration, and weather forecasting. Digital imagery plays a valuable role in numerous human activities, such as law enforcement, agriculture and forestry management, earth science, urban planning, as well as sports, newscasting, and entertainment....

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  • Chapter 33 EVALUATING THE PREDICTIVE ACCURACY OF MODELS Contents 1. Introduction 2. Numerical solution of nonlinear models 3. Evaluation of ex ante forecasts 4. Evaluation of ex post forecasts 5. An alternative method for evaluating predictive accuracy 6. Conclusion References

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  • Ibbotson’s earlier work (with numerous co-authors) has documented the past returns of the major asset classes, thus revealing the payoffs received for taking various types of risk, and has presented an approach to forecasting future asset class returns. The asset classes that Ibbotson and his associates are best known for studying are stocks, bonds, bills, and consumer goods (inflation).

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  • We directly test our contracting arguments' and simple model's that earnings by itself is a better forecast of future operating cash flows than current operating cash flows by itself. The test uses earnings and cash flows individually as forecasts of one-to three-yearahead operating cash flows. Since this test does not require estimation of any parameters, all forecasts are out of sample. We also test the proposition that the forecasting superiority of current earnings relative to current operating cash flows increases with the operating cash cycle, 8.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Better business decisions from data - Statistical analysis for professional success" has contents: Relationships with numerical data, relationships with descriptive data, multivariate data, forecasting from known distributions, control charts,...and other contents.

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