Nutritional evaluation

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  • Fruits and vegetables are important constituents of the diet and provide significant quantities of nutrients, especially vitamins, minerals and fiber. Beetroots (Beta vulgaris L.) are a rich source of potent antioxidants and minerals including magnesium, sodium and potassium. It contains betaine, which is important for cardiovascular health. Beetroots are low in calories (about 45 Kcal per 100 g) and have zero cholesterol. The study was conducted to improve the nutritional qualities of cookies with incorporation of different levels of beetroot powder i.e.

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  • In the present study dhokla was prepared by natural and probiotic (L. acidophilus) fermentation with the supplementation of 10, 20 and 30 per cent okara powder. Results of organoleptic evaluation indicated that both naturally and probiotic fermented dhokla supplemented with 10 per cent okara powder were found most acceptable and ‘liked moderately’ by the judges.

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  • In the present investigation, an effort has been made to prepare functionally enriched multigrain bread. The multigrain grain bread was composed of wheat and germinated kodo millet seeds (multigrain flour) in different ratios (30:70, 40:60, 50:50, 60:40 and 70:30). Among these, 50:50 ratio was standardized for further studies. Two sets are formulated i.e. Control and Set A. The nutritional evaluation of this product when compared with the commercial wheat bread was found out to be very rich in proteins, fibers and antioxidants.

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  • Edamame (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) also called vegetable soybean is an import vegetable and well recognized for health and nutritional benefits in the world. Soybean cultivars with large seed size and high sucrose content are desirable in the production of vegetable soybean, which is the food bean harvested at R6 stage and just before turning to yellow colour. However, the farmers in the state cultivating regular soybean for the past two decades but there is no suitable or improved vegetable soybean cultivars in the state of Telangana, India.

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  • The present study was undertaken to study the nutritional composition of different varieties pearl millet. The nutritional evaluation indicated that the moisture content of pearl millet varieties HC-20 (bio-fortified), HHB-67 (improved) and WHC-901 was 7.41, 8.61 and 7.89 per cent, respectively. The protein content of HC-20 (biofortified), HHB-67 improved and WHC-901 were 11.95 g/100g, 12.48 g/100g and 11.81 g/100g, respectively. The crude fibre was higher (1.67%) in HHB-67 (improved) variety. Total mineral content in selected pearl millet varieties indicated that, highest iron (7.

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  • The bun developed from Quality Protein Maize (QPM) was analysed for its nutritional composition, microbial profile and unit cost. The moisture content was found to be 21.46 ± 0.11 per cent, ash content 1.45 ± 0.03 per cent, fat 8.03 ± 0.40 per cent, fibre 0.81 ± 0.13 per cent, protein 1.98 ± 0.11 per cent and the carbohydrate content was observed to be 66.27 ± 0.20 per cent.

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  • The present study was undertaken to study the effect of varying levels of duckweed supplementation on in vitro utilization of concentrate mixtures replacing 1/3 CP of soybean, 2/3 CP and 100% CP of soybean with duckweed. It was found that the net gas production was significantly decreased as the duckweed supplementation level increased in the concentrate ration. It was significantly higher in control and concentrate 2(1/3 duckweed) and significantly lowest in concentrate 4 (100% duckweed).

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  • The present study was undertaken to study the effect of varying levels of Moringa oleifera leaf meal (MOLM) supplementation on in vitro utilization of concentrate mixtures replacing total crude protein of soybean @ 10,20,30,40 and 50%.The net gas production was significantly increased as the moringa supplementation level increased in the concentrate ration. It was significantly higher in 30% moringa based concentrate and significantly lowest in control concentrate.

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  • A simple type of snack was developed out of the mixture of wheat flour, cassava flour and pulverized meat offals. Wheat flour, cassava flour and pulverized dehydrated bovine lung, liver, spleen and bone were mixed together with water to form dough.

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  • Present study was conducted for nutritional evaluation of indigenous plants like Reetha (Sapindus mukoressi), Shikakai (Acacia concinna), Mahua cake (Madhuca indica), Albizia leaves (Albizia lebbeck) and Yucca (Yucca schidigera) leaves, stem and roots and quantification of total saponins in plant extracts.

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  • Waste of certain process can be the input source of other sectors in order to reduce environmental pollution. The research experiment was carried out to investigate the cultivation of oyster mushroom on horticultural waste i.e. apple pomace and wheat straw mixed in the different ratio.

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  • Poor nutrition is a major problem in older Americans. Inadequate intake affects approximately 37 to 40 percent of community-dwelling individuals over 65 years of age (Ryan et al., 1992). In addition, the vast majority of older Americans have chronic conditions in which nutrition interventions have been demonstrated to be effective in improving health and quality-of-life outcomes. Eighty-seven percent of older Americans have either diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidemia, or a combination of these chronic diseases (NCHS, 1997).

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  • Nutritional Status Assessment Full nutritional status assessment is reserved for seriously ill patients and those at very high nutritional risk when the cause of malnutrition is still uncertain after initial clinical evaluation and dietary assessment. It involves multiple dimensions, including documentation of dietary intake, anthropometric measurements, biochemical measurements of blood and urine, clinical examination, health history, and functional status. For further discussion of nutritional assessment, see Chap. 72.

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  • Efficacy of SNS in Different Disease States Efficacy studies have shown that malnourished patients undergoing major thoracoabdominal surgery benefit from SNS. Critical illness requiring ICU care including major burns, major trauma, severe sepsis, closed head injury, and severe pancreatitis [positive CT scan and Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II (APACHE II) 10] all benefit by early SNS, as indicated by reduced mortality and morbidity. In critical illness, initiation of SNS within 24 h of injury or ICU admission is associated with a ~50% reduction in mortality.

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  • This study examined the fatty acid composition and other chemical components of T. pseudonana cultivated as biomass for the production of shrimp seedlings with the aim to evaluate its nutritional values. For the investigation, the microalga was grown under optimal conditions and harvested during log and early stationary phase after 6–8 days of cultivation.

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  • Colostrum is essential to guarantee normal and healthy feeding in newborn ruminants during the first hours. In the present work, Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), as a spectrochemical analytical technique, and principal component analysis (PCA) as a multivariate analysis method were used to evaluate colostrum compared to mature milk of sheep to plan the nutritional strategies for newly born lambs. Samples of colostrum have been collected from thirty-three Barki ewes.

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  • 100 genotypes from germplasm were taken to evaluate oil content, total glucosinolate content, erucic acid, fibre content, phenol and sinigrin. The assayed genotypes contained 38.38- 42.89 % oil, 38.97-113.01 µmole/g glucosinolate, 18.67-47.05 % erucic acid, 1.03-1.93% Phenols, 7.82- 14.58% fibre and sinigrin 9.40-107.34% content using FT-NIR. The objective of this study is to characterize the large population of genotypes with advanced technique e.g. FT-NIR within short time period.

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  • The aim of this study was to determine the antioxidant and antibacterial property of Nelumbo nucifers (lotus) leaf extract. Total phenolic content and DPPH (2,2-diphenyl-1- picrylhydrozyl) scavenging methods were used to evaluate the antioxidant property of crude extract.

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  • The present study was under taken with the view to analyse the physical, nutritional and in-vitro digestibility of raw rice varieties. The results of the study revealed that HB-2 and HKR-48 rice variety had maximum length, breadth, thickness, L/B ratio, seed weight, seed volume, water absorption capacity, bulk density and true density than other varieties and porosity was significantly higher in Permal local variety than other varieties. Moisture, crude protein, crude fat, ash and crude fibre ranged from 9.54 to 10.40, 6.19 to 8.20, 1.70 to 2.62, 0.40 to 1.17 and 0.24 to 0.

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  • The present study was undertaken with the view to evaluate the sensory attributes and proximate composition of rice based traditional food products like dosa, idli, utthapam, khichadi and rice biryani were prepared using different varieties of rice. The four different rice varieties namely permal (control), HB-2, HKR-48 and HKR-128 were selected for the study. The best acceptable variety (HKR-48) with best acceptable food products were selected organoleptically and evaluated for proximate composition.

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