Nutritive biomass

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  • This paper focuses on an autotrophic cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris, in low nitrogen-content media, using indoor photobioreactors. Nutritional factors, which controlled the Chlorella growth and the chemical composition of cells (i.e., proteins, carbohydrates, lipids), were studied. The moderate feeding of both N and P and/or their starvation in the photobioreactor were investigated in order to induce a high accumulation of lipids into Chorella cells.

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  • 3 Phosphorus Incidental phosphorus fertilization in the form of manures, plant and animal biomass, and other natural materials, such as bones, probably has been practiced since agriculture began. Although specific nutritional benefits were unknown

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  • Taking into consideration the outstanding importance of studying and applying the biological means to remove or mitigate the harmful effects of global pollution on the natural environment, as direct consequences of quantitative expansion and qualitative diversification of persistent and hazardous contaminants, the present book provides useful information regarding New Approaches and Prospective Applications in Environmental Biotechnology.

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  • Because of the primary character of biomass ecosystem production and the comprehensive coverage of carbon/biomass accounts, they play a central role in ecosystem capital accounts. Carbon/ biomass is the primary service expected from the ecosystem, under the constraint of sustainable supply of water (for human use and the ecosystem itself) as well as sustainability of all the regulating (water regulation, assimilation of residuals, habitat regulation, pollination) and socio-cultural services which are produced.

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