Objectives and challenges

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  • This special issue of the Knowledge Management & E-Learning: an international journal(KM&EL) aims to stimulate interest in the web based issues in both teaching and learning, expose natural collaboration among the authors and readers, inform the larger research community of the interest and importance of this area and create a forum for evaluating innovations and challenges. We intend to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in developing and enhancing web-based learning environment.

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  • The paper investigates the perceptions of English as Foreign Language teachers and learners towards those ESP courses including their objectives, teaching and learning practices as well as the successes and challenges of those courses. Observations, questionnaires, and interviews were conducted with 90 third-year students who had taken ESP courses and 5 teachers who had taught these courses.

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  • The objective of this study is provide an overview of the issues and challenges for electricity distribution service quality and customer satisfaction in Indian electricity distribution sector.

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  • There are many distinct pleasures associated with computer programming. Craftsmanship has its quiet rewards, the satisfaction that comes from building a useful object and making it work. Excitement arrives with the flash of insight that cracks a previously intractable problem. The spiritual quest for elegance can turn the hacker into an artist. There are pleasures in parsimony, in squeezing the last drop of performance out of clever algorithms and tight coding.

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  • With global populations on the rise and the increasing threat associated with climate change, the need for the development of low emission energy resources is clear. Geothermal energy, which originates from the underground heat of the earth (Sankaran, 2002), has the advantage of being a low-emission, baseload energy resource. Unlike other alternative energy resources, geothermal energy production does not fluctuate with time of day or season.

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  • An important part of evaluating the auditor’s objectivity and professional skepticism is for the audit committee to gauge the frankness and informative nature of responses to open-ended questions put to the lead audit engagement partner (and members of the audit engagement team as appropriate).

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  • The paper supplies some questions about the development tendency of Vietnam’s rural tourism based on experiences learned from other countries, on its potentials, on the orientation of Vietnam Communist Party and Government; and some solutions are suggested accordingly.

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  • This study focuses on the impact of empowering leadership and challenges work environment on both sale employee’s creativity and innovative work behavior in the Vietnamese banking industry. An empirical test, a structural equation model comprising a sample of 319 sale employees in 15 banks, indicates a strong relationship between sales staff creativity and innovative work behavior. Moreover, the findings indicate that both an empowering leadership and a challenging work environment can trigger sale employees’ creativity.

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  • Object Based classification involves grouping of pixels based on spatial relationships like similar colour, tone, Shape with surrounding pixels. Object-based information extraction depends on spectrum character and geometry and structure information. Object based classification interprets an image that is represented not only by a single pixels, but also in meaningful image objects and their mutual relationships. In this study has been attempted mapping of coconut growing areas for Kozhikode taluk, Kerala.

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  • The aim of this paper is to find out how natural resources are able to strengthen economic recovery after the conflict while at the same time maintaining peace. Natural resources in the form of coal mining are a new arena for former rebels to create greater economic opportunities after the conflict.

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  • Prepare for Exam 70-410—and help demonstrate your real-world mastery of Windows Server 2012 core infrastructure services. Exam 70-410 is one of three required exams for the new MCSA: Windows Server 2008 certification from Microsoft. Organized by exam objectives, and featuring challenging, what-if scenarios, this Exam Ref focuses on the critical skills and knowledge needed to implement and configure Windows Server 2012 core services in an enterprise environment.

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  • This book challenged me more than any other book I've written. I felt that I needed to bolster my opinions with those of other respected programmers and consultants. I asked for many opinions, and published some of the responses. Thanks to Mike Clark, Matt Raible, Andrew Hunt, Ramnivas Laddad, Brett McLaughlin, and Eitan Suez for answering my questions.

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  • In all different areas in biomedical engineering, the ultimate objectives in research and education are to improve the quality life, reduce the impact of disease on the everyday life of individuals, and provide an appropriate infrastructure to promote and enhance the interaction of biomedical engineering researchers. This book is prepared in two volumes to introduce recent advances in different areas of biomedical engineering such as biomaterials, cellular engineering, biomedical devices, nanotechnology, and biomechanics.

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  • Neighborhoods may influence late-life health through a number of pathways (see Figure 1). The IOM (1991) disablement framework, which distinguishes among disease, functional limitation, and disability, serves as the starting point for this framework. We extend the IOM framework to include mortality and self-rated general health status, which are both influenced by disease, functional limitation, and disability, as well as the variety of individual and neighborhood factors that influence health in general.

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  • The rationale for selecting three cardinal symptoms is based on their high sensitivity and their relatively high specificity for ABRS, especially when considering the time interval of persistence for 10 days or longer. 36-38 Purulent nasal drainage predicts presence of bacteria on antral aspi- ration when reported as purulent rhinorrhea by the patient, when manifest as postnasal drip or purulent discharge in the posterior pharynx, or when observed in the nasal cavity or near the sinus ostium. 39,40 Purulent rhinorrhea also predicts radiographic evidence of ABRS.

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  • Measure against your business objectives, Average CPM by Media Type, Direct Response Marketing is designed to generate an immediate response from consumers, Characteristics of most Direct Response Marketers,... as the main contents of the document "Conversion Funnel check-in". As the main contents of the document.

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  • There is an important lesson that may be inferred from Jason's book. From his descriptions of project management methodologies it is clear that what Jason has in mind is the "project life cycle" or, as we prefer to call it, the "project life span". After all, the project life span is defined as: "The complete set of time periods through which a project passes sequentially in a logical and orderly manner". Further, a project may be defined as: "A process or undertaking that encompasses an entire set of activities having . . . well defined objectives" and a process...

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  • The entire format, name, route and length of your event depends solely on what you want to achieve. You’re in charge of how complex or simple you want to make it. There are masses of different types of walking event, ranging from fun walks and sponsored charity walks, to courses with measured distances and long distance challenges. A promoted walking event can be very attractive to people who are unused to walking or to exploring the countryside, since they know they can’t get lost, they can go at their own pace, they may meet new friends, learn more...

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  • We propose a novel approach to constraint-based type inference based on coinductive logic. Constraint generation corresponds to translation into a conjunction of Horn clauses P, and constraint satisfaction is defined in terms of the coinductive Herbrand model of P. We illustrate the approach by formally defining this translation for a small object-oriented language similar to Featherweight Java, where type annotations in field and method declarations can be omitted.

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  • To address these objectives, we collected data and analyzed changes in companies’ choice of auditors and in audit fees, computed concentration ratios and other measures of concentration. We developed an econometric model to evaluate how various factors, including the level of market concentration, could explain fees that public companies paid to their auditors. To obtain the views of public companies and accounting firms on audit competition and challenges, we conducted two surveys.

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