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  • This book isn't an introduction to object-oriented technology or design. Many books already do a good job of that. This book assumes you are reasonably proficient in at least one object-oriented programming language, and you should have some experience in object-oriented design as well. You definitely shouldn't have to rush to the nearest dictionary the moment we mention "types" and "polymorphism," or "interface" as opposed to "implementation” inheritance.

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  • The complete or partial works included in this volume were scanned, transcribed, or typed from the originals, from copies of the originals, or from translations. In our search for classics in public health, we found that some works were reprinted several times, had updated versions of the originals or new editions with introductions or commentary, and appeared in different formats in a variety of places. We also found that some works were translated by different individuals, leading to discrepancies in the editions.

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  • The authors of the articles, while they mention a number of the elements in the dust, think of it as a “liming” material rather than a broad-spectrum remineralization material. Significantly, they observe: “Use of cement kiln dusts for soil liming is not a new idea, but it seems to have received little attention and the relative merits of the dust and of conventional liming materials have not been well studied.

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  • We mentioned compounds of calcium, lithium, and strontium without specifying which compounds we were talking about. This may have given you the impression that only the spectrum of one of the elements in a compound can be observed. It is true that the flame of your alcohol burner is hot enough to produce the spectra of sodium, lithium, calcium, copper, and a few other elements, but that is not hot enough to produce the other spectra of elements, such as oxygen and chlorine. However, if we heat a sample of a compound to a sufficiently high temperature (for example,...

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  • From my everyday experience and observation I can stand that grades are very good indicators of knowledge. For several reasons that I will mention bellow I believe that grades encourage students to learn.

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  • Some people think that fiction books have no use at all. They claim that people should read about real events that took place, real people, and established facts. I have to totally disagree with this statement. From my everyday experience and observation I can stand that fiction, miracles and fairy tails are required in our life. For several reasons, which I will mention below, I believe that fiction books play an essential role in our life.

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  • 4 How erosion effects agriculture In Chapter 2 a few examples have been given as to how erosion can be observed in the field. Sooner or later, all the changes observed have consequences for agriculture. To mention one example: small rills, unlike gullies, can still be ploughed by the farmer.

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  • Herein, we describe a novel method that addresses the above-mentioned problems, namely, a semi-intact cell assay coupled with green fluorescence protein (GFP)-visualization techniques. By using the semi-intact cell system, we can observe the morphological changes that occur in “preexisting” organelles during mitosis more easily, and, at the same time, can investigate the effects of exogenously added antibodies, drugs, and recombinant proteins on the process.

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  • Chapter 17Tropical Rain Forests as Old-Growth Forests In the context of this book, we may begin by making the general observation that many rain forests are par excellence old growth forests. They have the diagnostic characteristics mentioned in the companion chapter

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  • Using the gradient method, element concentrations within the lichen are usually observed to increase as the distance to the suspected source decreases. Gough and Erdman (1977) used linear regression to evaluate the relationship between distance from a coal fired power plant and metal levels in Xanthoparmelia chlorochroa. However, as Puckett (1988) points out, concentrations of many elements will not reach zero at large distances from pollution sources because they have essential nutritional roles or are normal components of the lichen when growing in its natural environment.

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  • This prediction is, of course, dependent on the assumption that sales follow a random walk. For example, if sales followed a simple autoregressive process, with the variable expense assumption earnings would follow a similar process. The preceding analysis shows that a very simple model of the firm that assumes sales follow a random walk and allows only for accounts receivable, accounts payable and inventory accruals can generate the basic time series properties observed for operating cash flows, earnings, and accruals.

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  • This little book is prepared with the thought of helping young botanists and teachers. Unless the reader has followed in detail, by actual experience, some of the modes of plant dispersion, he can have little idea of the fascination it affords, or the rich rewards in store for patient investigation. A brief list of contributions to the subject is given; but, with very few exceptions, the statements here made, unless otherwise mentioned in the text, are the results of observations by the author. I am under obligations for suggestions by my colleague, Prof. W. B. ...

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  • When searching the history of antiphospholipid antibodies one must meet cornerstone in Graham Hughes’s descriptions of antiphospholipid syndrome in his “Prosser-White Oration” to the British Society of Dermatology in 1983 (Hughes GRV; 1984). The main points of his lecture can be found in different publications (Hughes GRV; 1984, Hughes GRV; 1999, Khamastha MA; 2000) and they are still truthful although they have been expressed almost thirty years ago.

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  • The General Meeting adopts only resolutions placed in the agenda. Valid resolutions in respect of matters which were not mentioned on the agenda in the convocation letter or which have not been published in the same manner and with due observance of the period set for convocation, can only be taken by unanimous votes in a meeting where the entire issued capital is represented. Resolutions are passed by an absolute majority of the votes cast, unless the Dutch law or the Articles of Association prescribe a greater majority. The agenda contains such business as may be placed...

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