Occupational balance

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  • (bq) part 2 book “introduction to occupation - the art and science of living” has contents: occupational transitions - work to retirement, occupational balance and well-being, occupations and places, work, occupation, and leisure, occupational deprivation - understanding limited participation, occupational justice,… and other contents.

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  • part 2 book “measuring occupational performance” has contents: measuring work performance, measuring participation at school, measuring occupational performance in basic activities of daily living, measuring performance in instrumental activities of daily living, measuring time use and occupational balance, measuring social factors,… and other contents.

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  • I am deeply grateful to all the Commissioners for their dedication, their foresight and personal commitment to our common endeavour. It has been a truly wonderful team. The spirit of friendship and open communication, the meeting of minds and the process of learning and sharing, have provided an experience of optimism, something of great value to all of us, and, I believe, to the report and its message. We hope to share with others our learning process, and all that we have experienced together.

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  • It is important to consider the local market situation. Medium-weight hybrids should only be chosen if there is a good market for eggs and meat and a steady supply of good, balanced chicken-feed. If you want to concentrate on selling eggs, consider buying lighter, white layers. In all other situations, the heavier, usually brown breeds would be a bet- ter choice. If you live far from a market and mainly want to produce for home consumption, only selling extra eggs and meat locally, you are best off with a local breed. If you have no experience of raising chickens, it is...

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  • A much cited simile coined by Alan Greenspan (2000) is that bond markets can act like a “spare tyre”, substituting for bank lending as a source of corporate funding at times when banks’ balance sheets are weak and banks are rationing credit. This was the case in the early 1990s in the United States, and there were some signs of it in Hong Kong in the late 1990s, when domestic banks adopted a conservative lending stance as property prices collapsed.3 Conversely, banks may substitute as a source of funds when bond markets dry up, as occurred following the Russian default in 1998....

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  • In the past few decades, the European workforce has seen a substantial rise in the number of employed women. There is an increasing trend in women entering most occupations while still carrying the responsibilities of domestic labor. Professional and domestic demands can be overwhelming and diff cult to balance, thus placing women in a very sensitive yet powerful position.

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