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  • Textbooks on radio antennas and propagation have changed little over the last 50 years. Invariably they base themselves on the famous electromagnetic equations described by James Clerk Max- well, a great nineteenth-century genius of theoretical physics (Torrance, 1982). Maxwell's equations brilliantly encompassed all the electromagnetic phenomena known by his time (except photo- electric long-wave cut-off, which remained ...

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  • The word robot is commonly defined as a mechanical device capable of performing human tasks, or behaving in a human-like manner. No argument here. The description certainly fits. But to the robotics experimenter, “robot” has a completely different meaning. A robot is a special brew of motors, solenoids, wires, and assorted electronic odds and ends, a marriage of mechanical and electronic gizmos.

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  • One sure way to boost your odds of becoming successful is to have a mindset geared toward wealth and prosperity. Why? Because the actions you take on a daily basis – right down to the amount of effort you put toward your goals – stem directly from your state of mind. Believing you can accomplish something is the first step in actually doing it. Unfortunately many of us pay little attention to our mindset, and end up creating a whole lot of struggle and difficulty for ourselves in the process! The good news is that creating a wealth and prosperity...

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  • Odds and ends, Knick-knack, Bric-a-brac.

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  • There is a peculiar charm about the relics found in an old home--a home from which many generations of fledglings have flown. As each milestone in family history is passed some once common object of use or ornament is dropped by the way. Such interesting mementoes of past generations accumulate, and in course of time the older ones become curios. It is to create greater interest in these old-world odds and ends--some of trifling value to an outsider, others of great intrinsic worth--that this book has been written. ...

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  • Evolution tinkers with odds and ends, but the resulting systems look like circuits designed according to good engineering princi-ples. This talk will discuss several design principles, and how they can be used to make sense of complex transcription and signal-ling networks in cells.

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  • This chapter includes contents: Different notations of transition diagrams, languages of strings of even length, Odd length, starting with b, ending in a (with different FAs), beginning with a, not beginning with b, beginning with and ending in same letters

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  • Thus, mutual funds, while going by a variety of names, are fairly comparable around the globe. 8 In this paper, we contrast mutual funds with other ways in which households might save and invest in financial assets, which we characterize broadly as “do-it-yourself (DIY)” and “opaque financial intermediaries.” Whereas a mutual fund is defined as a pooled diversified investment vehicle, “do-it- yourself” investments are direct investments by households in primary securities (bonds, stocks or cash).

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  • Chapter 9 Odds, ends and profits. You're almost there! If you never learn a winning market tactic other than those I've already taught you, you're going to do very well in the market - as long as you faithfully apply my techniques

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  • This chapter includes contents: RE, Recursive definition of RE, defining languages by RE, { x}*, { x}+, {a+b}*, language of strings having exactly one aa, Language of strings of even length, language of strings of odd length, RE defines unique language (as Remark), language of strings having at least one a, language of strings havgin at least one a and one b, Language of strings starting with aa and ending in bb, Language of strings starting with and ending in different letters.

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  • This paper settles a problem raised at the end of the seventies by J.L. Alperin [Al1], E.C. Dade [Da] and J.F. Carlson [Ca1], namely the classification of torsion endo-trivial modules for a finite p-group over a field of characteristic p. Our results also imply, at least when p is odd, the complete classification of torsion endo-permutation modules. We refer to [CaTh] and [BoTh] for an overview of the problem and its importance in the representation theory of finite groups.

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