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  • The possibility of financial incentives has also been raised as a potential way of increasing levels of deceased organ donation: for example by the NHS offering to meet funeral expenses for those who sign up in advance to the Organ Donor Register (ODR) and subsequently become organ donors.

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  • While important progress on the MDGs has been made, it has been uneven between and within countries. Gender disparities remain manifested in many sectors with progress differing by region and country. The growing number and diversity of actors, approaches and flows in development cooperation in recent years have also significantly impacted progress on the MDGs and other IADGs.

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  • Reproductive rights advocates have been put in a particularly challenging position because public debate about ART has been dominated by abortion politics. The Religious Right has succeeded in centralizing the discussion on the moral status of the embryo, obscuring a broader set of issues. Put in a defensive position, the reproductive rights movement has, until recently, not had the opportunity to grapple internally with the complexities of ART use, and has tended to fall back on traditional models of individual autonomy and choice. With increasing numbers of U.S.

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  • Similar MHC class II polymorphisms and T cell dysfunc- tions have been implicated in lupus,[127,128] and lower levels of free tryptophan[129] and MHC II protein over expression is also linked to autoimmune attack on beta cells in Type I diabetes (IDDM) [130]. Over expression of the MHC II following failure to select against self-reactive T-cells is also a useful model for rheumatoid arthritis, Graves disease, and Hashimoto's thyroiditis, in which T- cells react to proteins produced in the body, failing to dis- criminate them from invading organisms [131].

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  • He reports that seniors rely on interpersonal sources together with internally- produced print materials for their information needs regarding participation in community clubs and organizations. Seniors sought printed resources for hobby-related information seeking. For answers to medical and financial questions, they tended to look primarily to interpersonal sources. Interpersonal sources include physicians and pharmacists, other professionals, family members and friends.

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  • By far the most common exemption relied upon to avoid registration under the Securities Act is the private placement exemption. Under Section 4(2) of the Securities Act, the obligation to register the offer and sale of securities does not apply to transactions by an issuer not involving a public offering. This simple concept—the private placement—has mushroomed into an entire body of law unto itself. Case after case has made its way through courts as a result of uncertainty with respect to what is meant by “not involving a public offering.

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  • Evidence from many countries on the earnings, unemployment, and occupations of blacks, women, religious groups, immigrants, and others has expanded enormously during the past twenty-five years. This evidence more fully documents the economic position of minorities and how that changes in different environments. However, the evidence has not dispelled some of the controversies over the source of lower incomes of minorities (see Cain’s [1986] good review of both the theoretical literature and empirical analysis.)...

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  • The consolidated results from several questionnaires5 indicated that 6 of the 27 developed countries had fullyimplemented IWRM plans in effect, with another 10 having such plans in place or partially implemented. Only 38% of the 77 developing countries had completed plans (33% of the Asian countries; 38% of the African countries; 43% of the countries in the Americas) while the implementation level varied greatly. Vital information on the efficiency of water use was often ambiguous or lacking.

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  • With the exceptions of EMBASE, Agricola and the Internet, selection of articles from the library databases and the International Journal of Obesity were carried out in dupli- cate by two independent researchers blinded to each other’s selections. The continuously changing nature of the Inter- net impeded a duplicate selection. Because of time con- straints, selection was not carried out in duplicate for Agricola and Embase, which were added after the first search had been conducted. The investigative team settled discrepancies in selection decisions made in the duplicate search.

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  • Economists have long advocated pollution taxes as a policy to improve water quality. One of the reasons water effluent taxes are embraced by economists interested in market-based policies is that sources of water pollution are varied and difficult to assess individually in terms of control costs. In principle, taxes overcome this problem. With a price—the tax—applied to pollution emissions, firms compare the price to their costs of emissions control. If the price is higher than control costs, they reduce emissions rather than pay the tax.

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  • Each generation has unique expectations, experiences, generational history, lifestyles, values, and demographics that influence their buying behaviors. Accordingly, many companies are reaching out to multi-generational consumers and trying to understand and gain the attention of these diverse buyers. Multi-generational marketing is the practice of appealing to the unique needs and behaviors of individuals within more than one specific generational group, with a generation being a group of individuals born and living about the same time [1].

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  • India is a signatory to the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property and the Patent Co-operation Treaty, and it extends reciprocal property arrangements to all countries party to the convention. The convention makes India eligible for the Trademark Law Treaty and the Madrid Agreement on Trademarks. The country also participates in the Bern Convention on Copyrights, the Washington Treaty on Layout of Integrated Circuits, the Budapest Treaty on Deposit of Micro-organisms and the Lisbon Treaty on Geographical Indicators.

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  • In 1994, CDC published the Guidelines for Preventing the Transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Health‑Care Facilities, 1994.

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  • Pesticide exposure to residues on surfaces, eggs and birds are minimal, representing little risk to workers. Once treated, birds are seldom handled by workers until removed from the houses at the end of a production cycle. Frequency of application also plays a role in reducing secondary exposure following premise treatments. Poultry houses are often treated just prior to the introduction of a new flock. In the case of broilers and young turkeys, premise treatments will occur at a minimum of every 7 to 8 weeks.

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  • Adverse selection arises from different borrowers having different probabilities of repayment. Therefore, to maximise expected return, the bank would like to only lend to borrowers with a high probability of repayment. In order to determine who the good borrowers are, the bank can use the interest rate as a screening device. Unfortunately those who are willing to pay high interest rates may be bad borrowers because they perceive their probability of repayment to be low.

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  • Business owners generally agree on the severity of several operating cost areas. “Tele- phone Costs and Services” and “Electricity Costs (Rates)” are illustrative. “Cost of Supplies/ Inventories” is also an operating cost on which there is general agreement among owners across all sub-groups. Another operating cost on which there is substantial consensus, the “Cost of Energy, Except Electricity,” which ranks 8th in agreement. Note, these costs are common to all businesses. They all pay for telephones, energy, and supplies.

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  • The Fiftieth Anniversary Program for Scholars in Medicine was established in 1996 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the admission of women to HMS and to acknowledge the important contributions of women to the Medical School. As part of this celebration, a Fellowship program was established to help junior faculty at the point in their careers when they must teach, do research, compete for grants, publish, or practice (if a clinical faculty member) at the same time they may be assuming increased family or other responsibilities. The program was renamed in 2004 to honor the efforts of Dr.

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