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  • FIRST ON the scene were Larry Dermott and Tim Casey of the State Highway Patrol. They assumed they were witnessing the crash of a new type of Air Force plane and slipped and skidded desperately across the field to within thirty feet of the strange craft, only to discover that the landing had been made without accident. Patrolman Dermott shook his head. "They're gettin' queerer looking every year. Get a load of it—no wheels, no propeller, no cockpit." They left the car and made their way toward the strange egg-shaped vessel. Tim Casey loosened his .38 in its holster and...

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  • The goal of the course is to increase the competence in key areas related to engineering of software qualities and by this establish a common platform and understanding. The latter should in the long run make it easier to perform future cooperation and joint projects. We will also discuss techniques and criteria for reviewing scientific papers and book chapters. The course is divided into a number of sections, where one (or a group of) student(s) is responsible for each section. Each section should be documented in written form......

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  • 518 Making Key Strategic Decisions financing proposals. The board ensures that these proposals are consistent with the adopted strategy. If they are not, the company can drift off course and may get into serious trouble.

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  • This course is about a communication system which is used to transfer information from a source to a destination. Examples of communication systems are telephones, wireless data access, television and many others.How to transmit the information from a source to a destination. How to evaluate the quality of the received information. What kinds of design goals to consider for a specific application. How to trade-off between various parameters (such as bandwidth and power) due to the design limitations and goals.

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  • 'People skills' are now recognised as being THE single most important factor for success in business. Managing Yourself is a practical, easily absorbed and implemented guide to the assessment and then continuous personal improvement of your emotional intelligence. It provides the reader with easily understood and workable models of how they think, feel, relate to others and perform in the workplace. Often your emotions hold you back or deflect you off course. This book shows you how to master your emotions and get the results you deserve.

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  • Ebook Intellectual Property Law: Part 1 presented the following basic content introduction to intellectual property, trade marks, procedure before the patents office, the duration of the registration, the law of passing off, made by a trader in the course of trade, international conventions, the copyright and related rights act 2000, the enforcement of copyright.

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  • I was sixteen. I didn't have the words to explain why I'd downloaded and kept downloading. Why making the film that was in my head was such an all-consuming obsession. I'd read stories of the great directors -- Hitchcock, Lucas, Smith -- and how they worked their arses off, ruined their health, ruined their family lives, just to get that film out of their head and onto the screen. In my mind, I was one of them, someone who had to get this sodding film out of my skull, like, I was filled with holy fire and it would burn me up if I didn't...

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  • In the example of the voting primaries above there are 236 or about 70 billion subsets. Of course, we cannot deal with this many subsets in a practical problem, but fortunately we are usually interested in only a few of the subsets. The most interesting subsets are those which can be defined by means of a simple rule such as “the set of all logical possibilities in which C loses at least two primaries”. It would be diffi- cult to give a simple description for the subset containing the elements {P1, P4, P14, P30, P34}.

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  • Thirty two fourth level students in the Department of Foreign Languages at King Faisal University have participated in the study. They are 22-24 years old. All the subjects of the study were Saudi female college students enrolled in an advanced course, Language Testing, and most of them have successfully passed all the courses of the English program and are left with only one course, Teaching Practice.

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  • “The class focuses on the likely roles that business professionals will have in regard to information systems: end-user, manager, and innovator,” said CIS Department Chairman Dr. Richard Mathieu. “In order to accomplish these goals, the hands-on component of the class focuses on collaboration and workl ow.” After gaining admittance to the College of Business, a CIS stu- dent’s junior campaign begins with a 12-credit integrated course in which students create a business plan.

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  • It’s easy to forget how much you’ve charged on your credit card. Every time you use a credit card, write down how much you have spent and figure out how much you’ll have to pay that month. If you know you won’t be able to pay your balance in full, try to figure out how much you can pay each month and how long it’ll take to pay the balance in full. Pay Off the Card with the Highest Rate If you’ve got unpaid balances on several credit cards, you should first pay down the card that charges...

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  • The global financial crisis of 2007–09 was the result of a cascade of financial shocks that threw many economies off course. The economic damage has been extensive, with few countries spared – even those far from the source of the turmoil. As with many economic events, the impact has varied from country to country, from sector to sector, from firm to firm, and from person to person. China’s growth, for example, never dipped below 6% and Australia’s worst quarter was one with no growth.

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  • “Real” Advertising The expressed intent of the ADDY Awards competition is to recognize and reward creative excellence in the legitimate everyday workplace of advertising. Occasionally, an entry is submitted that appears to have been created outside the conventional agency-to-client-to-media marketing structure; as if the entry was created solely for the purpose of winning an award. This type of work is not accepted.

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  • The Car Driver approached the Level Crossing with the Level Crossing gates open. He stopped the car, in a position he thought to be safe, to check for approaching trains prior to crossing the railway line. While stopped at the Level Crossing, he saw the approaching Train and realised that he was not in a safe position. He then attempted to reverse off the Level Crossing (as shown from the CCTV). However, he did not clear the Level Crossing in time and his car was struck by the Train. The Car Driver did not...

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  • The puzzling thing about most Americans is that they take the law so seriously. I don’t mean they obey the law, nor do I mean that they shouldn’t obey the law. I mean instead that they approach the law with unquestioned reverence. They treat its commands as truths. They register disagreement as problems in themselves, rather than as something the law has missed. Not everyone, of course. But normal sorts are like this. We feel as much entitlement to question the law as we do to question our doctor’s diagnosis of strep throat in our child. ...

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  • Điều này thiên vị chống lại ngắn của thị trường là hoàn toàn dễ hiểu, đặc biệt là một thực tế rằng sự miễn cưỡng phổ biến là thu hút được và tồn tại bằng cách trao đổi khác nhau và quyền hạn mà được. Ví dụ, người ta chỉ có thể ngắn một cổ phiếu nếu nó được giao dịch trên một tín hiệu tích cực. Đó là một quy tắc làm cho quần short off (đầy) vô cùng khó khăn tại các thị trường giảm.

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  • Keeping these trade-offs in mind, we employ the method employed by Ciccarelli and Mojon (2010) to construct a measure of global inflation. We extract the first principal component of the quarter-on-quarter growth rate in seasonally adjusted real GDP across a sample of 46 economies. 2 This methodology requires a balanced panel, which restricts the sample to the period from the first quarter of 1998 to the last quarter for which data are available for all economies, the third quarter of 2010.

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  • Individual and societal health-related decisions about interventions to improve health and prevent disease are based on more than scientific evidence. Social, economic, ethical, environmental, cultural, and political factors may also be considered in implementation decisions. The effectiveness of a health-related strategy can be evaluated by comparing the frequency of the outcome in carefully selected groups of people who were and were not exposed to the strategy.

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  • But they were conscious of the need to head off growing support for deposit guarantees, as one Western State after another joined the march toward mandated insurance schemes. The Republicans' solid majority in the 1909 Congress, combined with the new President's high-profile support, thus assured passage of the Postal Savings Bill of 1910. Among the large industrial countries, only Germany – which during the 19th century had developed an extensive system of municipal savings banks serving a similar purpose – waited longer to establish postal savings....

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  • No one ever gave me directions like this on a golf course before: "Aim at either Microsoft or IBM." I was standing on the first tee at the KGA Golf Club in downtown Bangalore, in southern India, when my playing partner pointed at two shiny glass-and-steel buildings off in the distance, just behind the first green. The Goldman Sachs building wasn't done yet; otherwise he could have pointed that out as well and made it a threesome. HP and Texas Instruments had their offices on the back nine, along the tenth hole. That wasn't all. The tee markers were from......

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