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  • Even the possibility that the legal basis for a stable, functional marketplace for computer software might be threatened is enough to create alarm in the industry, … one of the few high-tech industries in which U. S. firms still enjoy a commanding position in international trade.

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  • Microsoft® Access® 2010 is all about simplicity, with ready-to-go templates that get you started and powerful tools that stay relevant as your data grows. Access empowers you to make the most of your information—even if you’re not a database expert—with few barriers and a small learning curve. With seamless connections to variety of data sources, along with tools to help you collect your information, collaboration happens the way it should. No expensive backend required.

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  • Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) grew out of a need to write enterprise software based on Office technology. The book chooses to satisfy this need from a practical perspective. Therefore, the book is focused on delivering practical solutions for those seeking to port existing functionality to VSTO. Where necessary, however, the book injects a healthy dose of theory so that developers can learn to think and feel in this new technology.

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  • If you are one of the millions of people worldwide who rely on Microsoft® Word to create documents for business, school, or personal projects, you might have some expectations for what you’ll find in this new version. Whether you want faster, more convenient ways to accomplish everyday tasks or new technologies that help take your results to a new level, Microsoft Word 2010 has the tools you need.

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  • If you use Microsoft Excel 2010 or Microsoft Excel 2007, you already know how simple it can be to build spreadsheets and to model or analyze virtually any type of data.

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  • Whether you need a few slides to share with colleagues, classmates or friends, or an award-winning presentation, you want your ideas to jump off the screen. Fortunately, PowerPoint 2010 delivers the features you need to create great-looking, dynamic presentations that help you captivate your audience and express yourself effectively.

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  • File Transfer Protocol or FTP is one of the original core protocols of the Internet and was first documented in 1971. It was designed to provide the functionality to exchanges files over the Internet and is specified in RFC 959. 1 It is still currently used for a number of purposes, including running user and anonymously authenticated FTP servers for the provision of files and applications for download. For example, it is utilized by software vendors to provide updates or patches to clients.

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  • Efrontier has teamed with TokyoPop to release Manga Studio 3.0, manga and comic-book creation software for aspiring and professional artists. The software includes the tools to create manga-style comics without the use of other graphic software. Some of the features included in Manga Studio 3.0 are a large selection of screen tones, single-click special effects, drag-and-drop tools, word balloons, and fl oating palettes. Once the manga or comic artwork is completed, it can be printed from any computer, sent to a service bureau for publishing, formatted for the Web, or exported for coloring.

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  • This module provides students with the knowledge and skills required to use Group Policy to deploy software. At the end of this module, students will be able to: Describe how to manage software deployment by using Group Policy. Describe how Windows® Installer is used for software installation and maintenance. Use Group Policy to deploy software. Use Group Policy to configure software deployment. Use Group Policy to maintain software. Troubleshoot common problems with software deployment. Apply best practices for deploying software....

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  • Acknowledgments The folks on the Microsoft Access development team provided invaluable technical support as I worked with the beta software and tried to figure out some of the challenging technical details in Microsoft Office Access 2003. Special thanks to Bill Ramos, Mike Wachal, Tim Getsch, and Clint Covington. You guys make an author’s job so much easier. But any errors or omissions in this book are ultimately mine.

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  • Picture this - the trade press is all abuzz with warnings of a new killer virus, Child of Chernobyl. Recall that Chernobyl struck on April 26, 1999. In Korea alone, it affected as many as a million computers, causing more than $250 million in damages. The boss has just come down with a magazine article in hand and has told you to drop everything.

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  • Now make the transition easier InDesign ever with Adobe InDesign CS PageMaker Edition, designed specifically for PageMaker users. PageMaker Edition includes Adobe InDesign CS software, plus a Adobe PageMaker Plug-in package,

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  • The logs contained in this document are divided in four categories. The categories are router, firewall, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and miscellaneous. These logs are meet to be used as reference to identify the type of software that generated a log model and if necessary, how they can be interpreted.

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  • With Windows Vista® finally shipping, customers who want to upgrade or migrate to Windows Vista have a number of choices and decisions to make. Before you decide, you need to know if it will work with your current system’s hardware and software. Bear in mind that a great majority of the “upgrades” to Windows Vista will come from:

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  • Chapter 6 - Using computers in the office. After completing this chapter, you should be able to: List and describe common types of computers, identify computer hardware and software components and explain functions of each, describe the types of computer software commonly used in the medical office.

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  • Chapter 6 - Using computers in the office. After studying this chapter you will be able to understand: List and describe common types of computers, identify computer hardware and software components and explain functions of each, describe the types of computer software commonly used in the medical office, discuss how to select computer equipment for the medical office,...

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  • To follow the steps in this white paper, you will need to configure five computers in a specific topology. Each computer in the lab has specific hardware and operating system requirements, which are specified in the subsections below. To set up this test lab, you will need the following hardware and software:

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  • When faced with a new software tool, most of us learn what we need to address our immediate problem, and then armed with 10% of the tools that are available we attempt to solve all future problems. In my discussions with colleagues, I have found that the spreadsheet is the quintessence of this effect. Almost everybody has Microsoft® Excel on their computer, yet few use it for anything but the most mundane tasks, rather like a sophisticated, but unwieldy calculator.

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