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  • This book is for users of Office 2010 who want to get to the heart of the program without wasting time. Don’t look in this book to find out how the different programs in the Office suite work. Look in this book to find out how you can get your work done better and faster with these programs. I show you everything you need to make the most of the different Office programs. On the way, you have a laugh or two.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'tricks of the microsoft office 2007 gurus - que 2007', công nghệ thông tin, tin học văn phòng phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Whether you're new to Microsoft Office or updating from older versions, this is the perfect resource to get you quickly up to speed on Office 2010. Every application is covered, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Publisher. Full-color screenshots and numbered steps clearly explain dozens of features and functions-while quick shortcuts, tips, and tricks help you save time and boost productivity. You'll also find great new ways to access and use some Office apps right from the Web.

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  • you know your way around a spreadsheet—so now dig into Excel 2003 and really put your data to work! This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and handy workarounds in concise, fast-answer format. It’s all muscle and no fluff. Discover the best and fastest ways to perform everyday tasks, and challenge yourself to new levels of Excel mastery!

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  • Are you looking for a quick and simple reference guide to help you navigate Red Hat® Linux™ systems? Look no further! Global Knowledge and Red Hat have assembled these 10 Tips and Tricks from Red Hat Certified Engineers® (RHCEs) to give you an edge on managing these systems. Have you ever needed to completely wipe out critical data from a hard drive? As we all know, mkfs doesn’t erase a lot. (You already knew this, right?) mkfs and its variants (e.g., mkfs.ext3 and mke2fs) only get rid of a few important data structures on the filesystem, but the data is...

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  • Includes the latest information on security problems in Word and how to prevent them. Offers tips for formatting for black and white versus color printers Explains when to use Word for publishing to the Web and when to depend on FrontPage.

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  • Are you looking for a quick and simple reference guide to help you navigate Red Hat® LinuxTM systems? Look no further. Global Knowledge and Red Hat have assembled a second set of Tips and Tricks written by Red Hat Certified Engineers® (RHCEs) to give you an edge on managing these systems: 1. If a file has a link count greater than 1, is there a simpler way to find out what other file names are hard-linked to it? 2. Which interface is eth0? 3. Quick-and-dirty automounts 4. How can I make dd give me a progress report? 5. Tar vs. Star—The battle of xattrs 6. New default...

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  • Microsoft Office 2007 is the latest-and-greatest version of a long line of versions, starting (not surprisingly) with Version 1. Not that this is the 2,007th version. Somewhere along the way Microsoft switched from using sequential numbers for versions to using years.With Microsoft’s popular Excel 2007 spreadsheet program, you can enter, manipulate, and analyze data in ways that would be impossible, cumbersome, or error prone for you to do manually. This part gives you the basics you need to get up and......

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  • c n nh n Esc m t h p tho R , hi n th l K K T T T nl T n c n. Lưu ý: N Key Tip v i m t Tab ho c m t l a h p tho c. Di chuyển bằng phím mũi t n N b T P Key Tip b A di chuy : P gi (t Office) P di chuy n ti c c a Mic / i. O di chuy ch R MŨI TÊN TRÁI chuy T M / m ti n b so v i ỉ duy , MŨI TÊN PHẢI chuy n qua...

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  • Professional (MVP) focused on creating solutions for information workers with SharePoint, Office, and related .NET technologies. He is the author of ten books on Microsoft technologies. When not writing about technology, Scot can often be found presenting to audiences ranging from developers to C-level executives. Scot is a former naval submarine officer and graduate of the Virginia Military Institute. Scot can be reached at

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  • John Walkenbach's name is synonymous with excellence in computer books that decipher complex technical topics. Known as "Mr. Spreadsheet," Walkenbach shows you how to maximize the power of all the new features of Excel 2010. An authoritative reference, this perennial bestseller proves itself indispensable no matter your level of skill, from Excel beginners and intermediate users to power users and potential power users everywhere.

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  • Tinh chỉnh các thông số trong option của Word (2003) a- View: Thiết lập các thông tin mang tính chất hiển thị trên môi trường cửa sổ làm việc chính: - Starup Taskpane: bỏ chọn để cửa sổ làm việc rộng rãi hơn - Status Bar: hiển thị thanh trạng thái khi chương trình khởi động - Screen tips: hiển thị những mẫu giới thiệu trên màn hình làm việc,bỏ chọn - Aninated text: Chọn, cho phép thể hiện hiệu ứng của Font trong văn bản. - Hozi.../Verti...

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  • Whether you work for a Fortune 500 company, a small company, a government agency, or a non-profit organization, if you're reading this introduction is that you can use Microsoft Excel at work your daily. Your job may be related to the synthesis, reporting, and analysis of data. It may also be related to the construction of analytical models to help employers tangloi your margins, reduce costs, manage operations more efficiently.

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  • John Walkenbach's name is synonymous with excellence in computer books that decipher complex technical topics. Known as "Mr. Spreadsheet," Walkenbach provides you with clear explanations on all the methods you can use to maximize the power of Excel with formulas within the frameworks of all the new features of Excel 2010. You'll learn how to create financial formulas, maximize the power of array formulas, develop custom worksheet functions with VBA, debug formulas, and much more.

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  • Excel 2010 delivers new and exciting slice-and-dice capabilities. The Slicer feature provides you with a rich visualization of your PivotTable® view so you can...

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  • The Check Point VPN-1 Edge appliance is a unified threat management (UTM) appliance that enables secure high-speed Internet access from the office. Developed by SofaWare Technologies, an affiliate of Check Point Software Technologies, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, the VPN-1 Edge appliance incorporates the X and W product families. Both product families include models with and without an integrated ADSL modem, and the X family includes an industrial model especially designed for use and durability in extreme environments.

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  • • Sea Go to sea (thủy thủ đi biển) to be at the sea (hành khách/ thuỷ thủ đi trên biển) Go to the sea / be at the sea = to go to/ be at the seaside : đi tắm biển, nghỉ mát. We can live by / near the sea. • Work and office. Work (nơi làm việc) được sử dụng không có the ở trước. Go to work. nhưng office lại phải có the. Go to the office. Ví dụ: He is at / in the office. Nếu to be in office (không có the) nghĩa là đang giữ chức. To be out of office - thôi giữ chức...

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  • One of the major goals of this book is to demystify the jargon of networks so that the reader gains a working familiarity with common networking terminology and acronyms. In addition, this books explains not only how to choose and configure network hardware but also provides practical information about the types of network devices and software needed to make it all work. Tips and direction on how to manage an Ethernet network are also provided.

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  • Study Tips This product will provide you questions and answers along with detailed explanations carefully compiled and written by our experts. Try to understand the concepts behind the questions instead of cramming the questions. Go through the entire document at least twice so that you make sure that you are not missing anything.

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  • Welcome to Career Secrets Exposed. This EBook has been written to provide you with a number of useful tips on managing your career. On average, based on a 40 hour week, we spend close to 2000 hours a year at work! This is a huge amount of time and you need to be sure that you are getting the most out of your job in terms of satisfaction, money and a balanced lifestyle. Alternatively, if you’re not happy with your job, then it’s time to start looking for alternative solutions. Career Secrets Exposed is the 3rd EBook written by Gavin Redelman,...

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