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  • In official statistics, it is not always easy to distinguish independently owned companies. If, for example, employment data is collected at the establishment level then it is likely that these statistics will include a significant proportion of units owned by larger firms. Yet, from a policy viewpoint the characteristics of the owner-managed independent business are substantially different from those of the small subsidiary firm of a large organisation. Such characteristics radically affect SME responses to policy initiatives.

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  • It is hard to find adrenal carcinomas early and they are often quite large when diagnosed. Adrenal carcinomas are often found earlier in children than in adults because adrenal cancers in children more commonly secrete hormones. Children will show outward signs of excess hormone production early. For example they may develop very early signs of puberty due to the sex hormones that sometimes are produced by adrenal cancer. In adults, these tumors may be found early by accident, when a CT scan is done for some other health concern.

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  • The paradox of phallocentrism in aIl its manifestations is that it depends on the image of the castrated woman to give order and meaning to its world. An idea of woman stands as lynch pin to the system: it is her lack that produces the phallus as a symbolic presence, it is her desire to make good the lack that the phallus signifies. Recent writing in Screen about psychoanalysis and the cinema has not sufficiently brought out the importance of the representation of the female form in a symbolic order in which, in the last resort, it speaks castration...

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  • The group formation algorithm deals with message loss by allowing every state in the finite state machine to time out while having a minimal effect on other nodes. For ex- ample, if a master node does not hear back from enough neighbors, it will time out (shown as TO in Figure 2) and transition back into the Need Group state. Nodes that had responded to the master cannot respond to any other master until they hear back from the current one. If they never hear back, they time out and go back to the Need Group state. The algorithm adds some...

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  • In the past two decades a number of investigators have attempted to combine measures of mortality and morbidity in order to address issues of whether Americans are living longer, healthy lives, as well as just longer lives. In general, a life-table approach is used to divide increases in years lived into healthy and unhealthy years. These measures have the same useful characteristics as life-table measures based only on mortality. They can be compared across time and place, and they summarize a large amount of age-specific data.

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  • The most frequently used method in the literature is via indirect estimates from observed expenditure data, building on Pissarides and Weber (1989), who use food expenditure survey data to estimate the underreporting of British self-employed. The consumption-based method- ology has been applied in a host of settings (Lyssiotou, Pashardes and Stengos (2004), Feldman and Slemrod (2007), Gorodnichenko, Martinez-Vazquez and Sabirianova (2009), Braguinsky, Mityakov and Liscovich (2010)).

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  • Information and communication technologies based on the Internet have enabled the emergence of new sorts of communities and communicative practices—phenomena worthy of the attention of anthropological researchers. Despite early assessments of the revolutionary nature of the Internet and the enormous transformations it would bring about, the changes have been less dramatic and more embedded in existing practices and power relations of everyday life.

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  • The report also stated that the Commission had taken a more proactive approach when it comes to enforcement of EU law in recent years and that helps explain the high number of cases. However, the Commission also stated, "Taking non-compliant member states before the European Court of Justice was not the only nor necessarily the most effective way of ensuring compliance because the proceedings are time consuming (two years on average).

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  • Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). The EITC is a refundable tax credit -- primarily for low-income working families with children – that has lifted more children out of poverty than any other single program or category of programs. 13 According to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, the EITC kept an estimated 3.4 million women and girls above the poverty line in 2010. This tax credit enables a newly employed single mother of two to supplement her earnings as soon as she starts work. If this mother earns $20,000 a year, she stands to...

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  • The appropriate time to start contraception depends on the contraceptive method and may also depend on medical and social factors. Traditionally, initiation of hormonal and intrauterine methods of contraception has been delayed until the onset of the next menstrual period in order to avoid inadvertent use during pregnancy. Starting early in the cycle also avoids the need for additional contraception. The manufacturers’ Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs) vary in their advice on contraceptive start dates and the need for additional contraception.

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  • I am committed to ensuring that middle class families have a secure retirement. That is why I have been holding a series of hearings in the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions to highlight the state of retirement security and better understand how we can improve the system. This report summarizes the key findings from those hearings and includes two bold proposals to address the retirement crisis.

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  • Targeting households and firms: influencing location choices. The demand side of balanced urban development involves measures to influence where households and firms choose to locate in an urban area. Although they are not yet well established, particularly in the developing countries, policies to influence location choices have led to some interesting experiments, including a “reverse” zoning scheme in the Netherlands (the “ABC” policy) and a mortgage instrument based on “location efficiency” in the United States.

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  • The increased rates of obesity have become a public health concern because obesity is associated with chronic disease and adverse health outcomes (Institute of Medicine 2005). Furthermore, because obesity is now a characteristic of populations and not only of individuals, researchers, government health organizations, and advocacy groups characterize obesity as an epidemic (Institute of Medicine 2005, 2006a; World Health Organization 2003).

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  • This paper explores the intersection of two issues that often are thought of separately: the need for sustained economic recovery in the United States, and the status of women’s entrepreneurship. Despite recent gains, women still lag behind men on key measures of startup activity, and their firms tend not to grow or prosper nearly as much. Typically, this is seen as a ―women’s‖ issue. It is framed as a problem to be dealt with for the benefit of women, in the interest of gender equality. In fact, it is an economic issue that affects everyone. ...

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  • Putting these additional factors together would increase the total cost of BAU climate change to the equivalent of around a 20% reduction in consumption per head, now and into the future. In summary, analyses that take into account the full ranges of both impacts and possible outcomes - that is, that employ the basic economics of risk - suggest that BAU climate change will reduce welfare by an amount equivalent to a reduction in consumption per head of between 5 and 20%. Taking account of the increasing scientific evidence of greater risks, of aversion to the...

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  • The development of the Cambodian rubber industry during the past two years has been noticeably positive due to the substantial and continuous rise in prices of natural rubber. In 2007 and 2008, total harvested areas and natural rubber production increased by 30 per cent and 12 per cent, respectively. Additionally, the outcome of the divestment by the Government of Cambodia of its state-run rubber plantations has also been impressive. As of early 2009, the seven state-run plantations had already been privatized, discharging more weight of the public sector onto the private sector.

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  • Both of the old world and new world camels belong to the subfamily Camelinae of the family Camelidae in the suborder Tylopoda of the order Artiodactyla. Camels are even- toed ungulates but differ from most others of their order in having soft, padded feet. They are generally referred to as special ruminants or occasionally as pseudoruminants because of their ruminating habits. Camels do not belong to the same suborder as the other major meat and milk producing domestic herbivores.

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  • The central idea of evidence-based education—that education policy and practice ought to be fashioned based on what is known from rigorous research—offers a compelling way to approach reform efforts. Recent federal trends reflect a growing enthusiasm for such change. Most visibly, the No Child Left Behind Act requires that “scientifically based [education] research” drive the use of federal education funds at the state and local levels. This emphasis is also reflected in a number of government and nongovernment initiatives across the country.

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  • With all of this in hand, I was ready to open up my practice. I made business cards and I am in the process of putting together a website. Upon Loretta’s suggestion, I am also planning on joining the Professional Women’s Association of Rome (PWA) which is a wonderful way to network and make new friends. Another organization that will be helpful to join is the American International Club of Rome which many expatriates belong to. My work as a Counselor, Coach and Consultant is very rewarding. I meet with people and serve as a personal coach to...

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  • In most tropical countries, there are local duck breeds that have been selected to suit local conditions. They may not perform as well as improved breeds, but they do have the ability to survive and produce well under local extensive and semi-intensive systems. Setioko (1997) described three Indonesian ducks: Tegal, Alabio and Bali. Improved genotypes have been introduced and have either been crossed with local ducks or remained reasonably pure. There was some concern about the ability of the improved genotypes to survive under traditional farming systems.

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