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  • The growth of migration from Turkey began during the 1960s and 1970s with Germany as the primary destination of these emigrants, as it was for many Portuguese. The Turkish Government soon became aware of the importance of remittances as a source of foreign exchange and intensified its efforts to send more national workers abroad (Sayari, 1986). Turkey is a major recipient of migrant remittances, which represent almost 17 per cent of Turkey’s exports of merchandise and far surpass any ODA and FDI that the country receives. Remittances have become a key focus of the Turkish ...

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  • A large body of literature shows that resource-rich countries tend to have higher rates of autocracy and confrontation, lower rates of economic stability and growth as well as less developed human capital. On top of that, many studies are wary of the crowding-out effect of natural resource dependence by the rich-resource countries on human capital development. It is of great interest to determine how Malaysia as an oil abundance country manages its natural resource wealth to develop the human capital of this country.

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  • This revolution helped the US to turn itself from an importer of gas to an exporter of gas. Thus, it is important to discuss the current shale gas scenario, its prospects as well as its scope for growth in the future Indian energy market. Thus, the country needs to focus on the development of shale oil and shale gas resources as they have the potential to significantly contribute to the gas supply at a relatively low cost.

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  • The recent boom has focused world attention on the GCC economies—not only as exporters of oil and gas, but as investment destinations with major infrastructure projects, booming tourism and financial services sectors. As US economic growth has slowed, GCC investors have begun to diversify their assets more widely, making investments in Asia, Africa and within the Gulf region itself.

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  • The impact of a rise in oil prices differs significantly across countries, and depends upon factors such as the oil (and gas) intensity of output, the speed of reaction of the wage-price system, the role of expectations2, the response of the monetary authorities, the export exposure to oil producing markets and the speed at which oil revenues are recycled back into the global trading system. In terms of inflation, the negative effects of higher oil prices tend to be felt less acutely in the Euro Area than the US as the Euro Area is...

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